Unravel the 5 Essential Oils That You Could Use to Treat BV

Updated on April 16th, 2020
Essential Oils For BV

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection in vagina due to bacteria overgrowth. Naturally, the vagina consists of both good and bad bacteria. When it comes to bacterial vaginosis, it contains an excess of harmful bacteria. It creates an imbalance in the vaginal environment.

Women usually suffer from bacterial vaginosis. For treating and preventing bv, home remedies are the best. Some of them might be more effective as compared to others. These treatments do not have any side effects as a prescribed medication can cause.

In the US, 21.2 million women or 29.2% of the total population who belong to age group 14–49, participated in NHANES 2001–2004(1). In that survey, most women (84%) were found to have bacterial vaginosis.

You can go for home remedies such as essential oils for BV. The home remedies do not have side effects that prescribed medication may have.

5 Essential Oil Recipes for BV

Essential Oils

DIY Thyme Essential Oil Recipe

Take virgin coconut oil (1 cup), macerated oil (4 tablespoons), and thyme essential oil (6 drops). You also need to add goldenseal herb powder (two tablespoons), and turmeric powder (1 tablespoon).  Add ten drops of each essential oil such as rose geranium, palmarosa(2), and tea tree to prepare the mixture.

At room temperature, virgin coconut oil is present in a solid-state. So, you need to melt the coconut oil in a double boiler and remove it from the stove. Pour calendula infused oil as well as the herbal powders to it. Stir till you find no lumps in the mixture and then mix the essential oils into this mixture. Stir it for around a minute and transfer it into vaginal suppository molds.

You need to keep the suppositories in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and it will be ready for use. You can take it out from the molds and store it in a glass jar and keep it in a refrigerator. You need to utilize one suppository every night for around a week. As goldenseal and turmeric can leave behind yellow stains on the fabric, use the sanitary pad for catching the lipid drops, which may leak out of the vaginal cavity.

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DIY Tea Tree Oil Recipe

Tea tree oil consists of powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties, which help in treating bacterial vaginosis.

Dilute this oil with a carrier oil such as sweet almond, olive, or coconut oil. You can go for an oil that you know you do not have an allergy with that oil. Add 5 to 10 tea tree oil drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil. Always use tea tree oil after mixing with a carrier oil because it can burn your tender skin.

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DIY Lavender Oil Recipe

oil drop

You require 15 ml of jojoba oil, 15 ml of cocoa or kokum butter or coconut oil (virgin), five drops of tea tree, lavender, and helichrysum essential oil, and four drops of clary sage essential oil.

Firstly, melt the coconut oil or plant butter in a double boiler and take it off from the heat. Add it in the other oils and stir it well for around 2-3 minutes. Let the mixture cool for 4 to 5 minutes. At this point, the combination will be in a semi-liquid state and turn hazy. You need to stir it again for 1-2 minutes.

Pour the mixture in a bright-colored glass jar and utilize it as an antibacterial ointment. You may apply this ointment on the vulva or the region around the opening of vaginal, but do not apply this ointment in the inner side of the vagina. You must wash the hands before using the cream or any anything around or in the pubic area. You can utilize a fresh toothpick for removing as much ointment as you required, rather than dipping the finger into the jar.

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DIY Clary Sage Essential Oil Recipe

You need one tablespoon of buttermilk or 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, half a  cup of salt, three drops of clary sage and rose geranium essential oil, and two drops of thyme essential oil.

Add the oils in the yogurt or buttermilk and keep it aside. Then fill the sitz tub with warm or luke water (not too hot) for soaking the private parts and insert the salt to it. You need to stir it till the crystals get dissolved then add the oil and yogurt blend.

Whisk water for dispersing the oils as well as soaking the vulvovaginal area in the water for around 15 minutes. After completing this procedure, clean the area with a dry cloth. Always wear a clean pair of panties (cotton). Take a sitz bath once a day, it is more beneficial if you take it in the night. You may need to repeat this procedure for a few days alternatively.

DIY Palmarosa Essential Oil Recipe

Spoon and OIl

For preparing it, you need two tablespoons of plain yogurt, one drop of palmarosa, turmeric, and lavender essential oil (each).

It is the perfect remedy for women who are suffering from recurrent bacterial vaginosis or have a health condition, which makes them even more vulnerable. It is quite simple to prepare this essential oil combination. You need to whisk the yogurt till it turns into a creamy lotion-like mixture. Pour the oils to the mix, i.e., whisked yogurt and stir it appropriately for another minute.

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You need to soak a tampon in this mixture and insert it in the vagina. Keep tampon in for around 2 hours then take it out. Do not wash the vaginal or area around it immediately after taking the treatment. Use the suppository for seven days to re-balance vaginal bacteria. It is necessary to use once a day, and in case, you are utilizing it as a preventative measure, you can use it once a week.

Bacterial vaginosis is simply the increase in harmful bacteria or can say imbalance of the vaginal environment. By using essential oils, you can treat BV quickly, and there are no side effects if you appropriately use them. With the combination of oral and topical probiotic treatment, you can not only treat bacterial vaginosis but also decrease the risk of recurrence. However, the best thing is that the friendly bacteria in the gut and vagina also helps in keeping the heart and stomach healthy. So, this is a win-win situation for your body!


1. What Are the Preventions Of BV?

For decreasing the chances of getting bacterial vaginosis, utilize water only, avoid contact of your infected area with soap, when you are washing the genital area. Do not douche. Whenever you use the bathroom, wipe appropriately from front to back, like from the vagina to the anus. Beware while having sex, for example, use a condom, wash sex toys after each use. Restrict the number of your sex partner.

2. How long does bacterial vaginosis last?

BV usually clears up in 2 to 3 days when on conventional medicine. However, it takes at least 2 weeks for it to go away without any medication.

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