Can Vitamin B17 Supplements Cure Cancer?

Updated on January 16th, 2020
vitamin b17 benefits

B17 is an overhyped vitamin as it has a connection to curing cancer. Although the USA banned it in the ’80s like an antidote for cancer treatment, some alternative medical practitioners use this vitamin, also known as Amygdalin, as a cure for cancer. People often link the deficiency of vitamin B17 to cancer.

This vitamin is available in seeds of plants like apricots and apples. As it is a natural cyanide producing source, it is called nitriloside and is considered a popular supplement. Let us learn more about the health benefits of Vitamin B17.

A Brief on Laetrile

  • Laetrile is mistakenly called as vitamin B17. Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr in 1952, invented this patented drug.
  • Laetrile was labeled as a vitamin, but is not considered as a medicine. It is also classified as a nutritional supplement. It is so that the strict federal laws for marketing drugs, and do not apply to supplements.

Vitamin B17 Benefits That You Must Know

1. Hypertension

Vitamin B 17 benefits(1) your body by controlling the blood pressure levels of your body. High blood pressure, if not controlled, can become fatal and lead to a brain hemorrhage, stroke, or coronary artery disease.

Other than maintaining a healthy diet and taking medicines, supplementing yourself with Vitamin B 17 regulates hypertension due to thiocyanate, which plays a useful role in controlling hypertension.

2. Boosts Immunity

boosts immunity
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Specific vitamins play a vital role in boosting the immunity of the body. Vitamin B 17 benefits as being a source of one such vitamin that helps in building immunity. The most valuable part of this vitamin is that it carries the potential to increase white blood cells(2) which helps in improving the immunity. A body with proper protection is protected from many deadly diseases, bacterial and viral infections like common flu as well.

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3. Antioxidant

Some researchers have stated that Vitamin B 17 is known to mix well with other potent antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E to break down and get rid of the toxic and harmful cells from the body.

It benefits in acting as a natural detox process for the body through this procedure. Antioxidants help to fight against the free radicals in the body that cause damage to the cells.

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4. Pain Reliever

It benefits in reducing pain. It has analgesic properties that reduce symptoms of pain associated with various diseases and conditions, for example, arthritis, post-surgery, injury pain.

Taking Vitamin B 17 supplements benefits your body in more ways than you can imagine. It works as an effective pain reliever.

5. Vitamin B 17 for Cancer

One of the most debatable yet talked about the benefits of Vitamin B 17 is its link to cancer. Vitamin B 17 deficiency may increase your risk of cancer. As it belongs to B complex vitamins, a component called Amygladin is present that boosts the production of white blood cells.

If you want to reduce the growth of tumors and metastasis of cancer, it is essential to increase the antioxidant intake that restricts the growth of cancer cells and simultaneously also increases Vitamin B 17 supplements that will end up producing more white blood cells.

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Foods high in Vitamin B 17

The benefits of Vitamin B 17 were figured out by the seeds that have traditionally been heard to bring down the spreading of cancer, for example, apricot seeds, strawberry seeds, and almonds.

1. Seeds


The tiny seeds of grapes, berries, pomegranates, flax seeds, raspberries are loaded with Vitamin B 17 benefits. Buckwheat seeds, millet seeds, and squash seeds contain adequate amounts of this vitamin.

2. Berries

Some berries are a rich source of Vitamin B 17, for example, elderberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and wild berries.

3. Grains

If you increase the consumption of barley, buckwheat, sorghum, and millet other than the nutrition it has to offer, you will get your required dosage of Vitamin B 17.

4. Nuts

Almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts are a rich source of Vitamin B 17.

5. Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus leaves

Spinach leaves and eucalyptus leaves contain moderate amounts of Vitamin B 17.


  • In the 1970s, Laetrile was considered an alternative to treat cancer. But the FDA has banned it in many states. Laetrile has many side effects and must be mentioned that no evidence shows its ability to treat cancer.


Laetrile has many known side-effects.

  1.  It may include symptoms of
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Liver damage
    • Oxygen deprivation that leads to bluish skin
    • Causes Liver damage
    • Low blood pressure
    • Ptosis
  2. They may get worsened if laetrile is taken as a pill instead of an injection.
  3. You must avoid taking Vitamin C supplements while taking laetrile as it may increase toxicity.
  4. Carrots, beans, sprouts, and celery may enhance the effects of laetrile.

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Bottom Line

Laetrile is a controversial treatment for cancer. FDA banned it as there was no evidence that it could treat cancer and may lead to cyanide poisoning. It comes with a risk that may even be fatal, and hence you must avoid.


1. Does Cassava Contain Vitamin B17?

You may find Vitamin B 17 in the kernels and is also used as a medication to beat Cancer. The B 17 tablets are available with apricot seed extract in the US and Australia.

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2. Is Chocolate Good for a Cancer Patient?

There is no concluding evidence to prove that chocolate is good for cancer. Some have reported saying that adding chocolate to diet every day may lower the risk of cancer, while others show that eating chocolate puts you at a risk of cancer. But evidence shows eating chocolate prevents heart disease.

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