Importance of Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags

Updated on March 2nd, 2020
Tea Tree Oil For skin tags

Extra care for the skin has become the priority as pollution levels are getting worse. Skin conditions can be genetic or due to unclean conditions. One such disease is skin tags, which are free extensions of the skin that perturb daily life with their existence. The best solution is Tea tree oil for skin tags to treat naturally.

What are Skin Tags

They can look like extra-parts of the skin or a small formation that can cause no harm initially, but if kept for long without treatment, it can make your skin look bad and also lead to discoloration of some parts of the skin where tag-formations have taken place.

Although harmless, they can be very annoying, and you find yourself plucking at them. Middle-aged or overweight people are usually prone to them, and it can affect all, barring no discrimination.

They can sometimes fall off spontaneously, but not always. The medical name for these is ‘acrochordonn’. It is said they are formed when rubbing of skin takes place, and the most common ones are skin tags on the neck, as well as skin tags on eyelids.


The primary causes of skin tags are: –

  • Viral Infection
  • High Blood Sugar (Diabetes)
  • Obesity
  • Friction with Clothing
  • Hormonal Changes

Risk factors

There are various factors that can put you at a risk of getting a skin tag:

  1. Age
  2. Weight
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Genetic predisposition
  5. Sex steroid imbalance.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

teatree oil
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Tea Tree Oil is predominantly used to treat skin tags, and it can be a very effective method to get rid of them. The oil is also known as Melaleuca Oil or Tea Tree Oil and is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree, native to Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. The usage of this oil has proved to be useful for dandruff, nail fungus, acne or even Athlete’s foot. It is a natural extract that is almost yellow.

Why Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags?

There aren’t many treatments for skin tags, and Tea tree oil(1) is known to be an effective method for removal of the same. Sometimes cumbersome and time-consuming, it is useful nevertheless, and something that needs to be done for those who are suffering from a high number of skin tags or have been ailing for a long time.

The oil has components that can lead to skin purification and not only heals the external part but has known to be able to seep through to the interiors if ingested the right way. The ingestion of this oil if done right can be significant and has – if not immediate – but rather soon results.

How to Use

  • Drab it onto the skin – Wrap the cotton ball in Tea tree oil and apply it onto the section where skin tags are predominantly formed and leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.
    Leaving the cotton ball on the skin tag can lead to the formation suppresses due to the components of the oil. Since skin tags are not too hard in nature, they can be easily gotten rid of with this method effectively.
  • Use a Vaporizer – since Tea tree oil has impressive effects on the skin. Buy a vaporizer yourself or visit a parlor where there is a vaporizer being used. Get your beautician to apply the oil with care and then use the vaporizer so that the oil seeps into the ulterior regions of the skin and hope that it heals your ailments.
  • Use a soft brush – Apply drops of Tea tree oil onto the brush and then caress it onto the wound or skin tags or a substantial amount of time for it to gain efficiency and cause heal.

How to Make

Buying Tea tree oil is safer and lesser time-consuming, but for purists who are interested in investing time in the process, there is a long, tedious way to make it at home involving distillation and other such processes such as boiling.

1) Gather Tea leaves and a regular pot

2) Make sure the Tea leaves are separated from the soil and get a clean batch to make the oil

3) Start boiling water in the pot and bring the tea leaves to boil

4) Boil them for a while, waiting for it to get steamed and for the oil to get extracted from the tea leaves

5) Put the mixture in a big useable jar

6) Use a syringe to pull out the oil from the mixture and then pour it into a small medicine bottle that can be used to drip the oil out, when needed.

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Precautions & Side Effects

It is hard to imagine something so potent as an essential oil to have downsides, but as with everything in life, there are a few to use the oil as well. They are –

  • In some individuals, applying Tea Tree oil can lead to swelling and irritation of the skin, leading to discolored areas.
  • If ingested orally, it can be very unsafe and leads to confusion, dizziness, inability to walk and in severe cases, it can lead to coma as well.
  • It can lead to several allergies, and it is better to consult your medical expert before ingesting or using Tea tree oil.
  • If applied to the scalp for dandruff removal, it can cause extreme itchiness and leave your scalp very oily and with the undesirable foul smell.
  • If ingested in the nose for Nasal Polyps, it could lead to running nose or burn the interiors, only a bad thing as that can cause uneasiness in breathing.
  • It can also cause inflammations of the mouth if someone has ingested it with the ingestion to get rid of plaque and also muscle tremors in some individuals with no or less resistance to the use of essential oils.

Do’s and Don’ts –

  • Make sure to extract the Tea tree oil accurately, if done wrong it could be less-effective and also be harmful with a lot of side-effects.
  • While grabbing the tea oil onto your skin, don’t leave it on for too long as I could lead to persistent itching and also bad rashes.
  • Never ingest the oil orally as it could lead to diarrhea or other such undesired health complications.

Other Home Remedies

  • Soak bags in warm water and put them on your tags to warm the liquid in them to reduce, don’t overheat the water or this could lead to breakage of these skin tags and then lead to oozing out of the fluid, which can only spread further tags.
  • Lime extract converted into a hard substance-using solid coconut oil can be used to avoid further growth of these extended growths.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Use a cotton swab and dip it in the vinegar and then go onto dab the skin warts with this liquid for a substantial time, can help in reducing the size of the tags.
  • Don’t throw your Banana Peels – Cover the skin tags with a banana peel and then wrap a bandage around it. Do this nightly to get the tags to fall off in a week or two.
  • Garlic – Use crushed garlic and wrap it around the skin tag and leave it on in the nights, to get rid of the skin tags.

Bottom Line

All that said and done, skin tags can be very irritating, and this can be done away with, using the methods mentioned above and mainly the usage of Tea tree oil, which helps in good riddance of the skin tags.

But it must be said that it has to be done with some care, to avoid the hemorrhage of given side-effects that come along with the usage of Tea tree oil. To avoid side effects, follow the procedures word-to-word and voila! You’ve cleaned, tag-free skin that is longing to look attractive to other people and most importantly, yourself.

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