How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Tags Removal

Updated on December 18th, 2019
skin tags

Are those clingy skin tags restricting you from wearing your favorite dress? Skin tags are unwanted and undesirable. But these ugly skin growths happen to affect us at some point in life. Skin tags are ubiquitous. Nearly twenty-five percent of people will develop skin tags after they reach fifty years of age. Also, these ugly skin growths are more familiar with people suffering from diabetes and obesity.

This article will give you a detailed remedial solution to skin tags through apple cider vinegar. Get to know the step by step procedure of using apple cider vinegar for skin tags removal and get back your smooth skin. The process is easy and is very useful too. You can easily employ it and get away with those tiny growths that mar your beauty.

  1. Why Do You Get Skin Tags
  2. Skin Tags and Other Skin Growth
  3. Other Ways
  4. Caution

An In-depth Analysis of a Skin Tag

A skin tag is a tiny, non-cancerous skin-colored flap that hangs to your body from a stalk. Skin tags can grow in any part of your body. These unwanted skin growths comprise of blood vessels and a protein fiber called Collagen. Skin tags(1) commonly surface on your body due to friction. It is this friction that stimulates the skin to produce extra cells.

Most Prominent Areas of Spotting a Skin Tag

Skin Tag on Back

Although you will find, that skin tags are more likely to develop in the body areas which rub often or those areas of high friction. The most prominent areas where you can find a skin tag include:

  • Neck
  • Breasts
  • Underarms
  • Eyelids
  • Groin
  • Stomach
  • Chest

Skin tags are harmless and also painless, but they are undoubtedly benign and irritating. They often cause people to hold back wearing their favorite dress or force sufferers to use chemical-based heavy make-up to hide them. Read this article on apple cider vinegar for skin tags and remove them from your life.

It is always advisable to take the help of an expert if the skin growth is strange and is undergoing continuous changes in color, size, or shape. These skin growths sometimes point towards early signs of pre-cancerous issues.

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Why do you get skin tags?

There are no specific reasons for the growth of skin tags on your body. These ugly growths occur in areas where your skin is in continuous contact or rubbing state with your clothing or other skin parts.

However, apart from the friction factor, several other triggers too lead to the formation of skin tags. These factors include:

  • Sudden changes in hormones during pregnancy
  • Presence of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  • Genetics can also be a strong reason for skin tags
  • Resistance from insulin which appears in case of people with diabetes

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Apple cider vinegar for skin tags

Difference between a skin tag and other skin growths

Your body sometimes possesses certain skin growths. Not all skin growths are skin tags. It is always advisable to consult your dermatologist and get to know the difference between skin tags and other skin growths. The doctor can diagnose your condition in a better way by merely looking at your skin.

Very often, people get confused between a skin tag and a mole, wart, and harmless skin growth. With the help of your doctor, you can easily differentiate between a skin tag and other harmless/harmful skin growths. Sometimes, your doctor might perform a biopsy to make sure the extension is not cancerous. In the biopsy, your doctor will remove the skin tag or other skin growths and send it to a laboratory for further analysis. After finding the results, the doctor will follow up with further treatment.

Apple cider vinegar for skin tag removal

Apple cider vinegar is a miraculous home remedy which is full of health benefits. The strong-smelling vinegar is a favorite ingredient for multiple health issue treatments. Using apple cider vinegar for skin tags removal is easy. Follow the given steps:

Clean the skin tag thoroughly

  • Always clean the area of skin tag with some hot water and with good antibacterial soap. It will help you to get away with the threat of the attack from any germs.

Dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar

Cotton balls to clean skin tags
  • Now, take a clean cotton ball. Make sure that the size of the cotton ball is enough to cover your skin tag easily.
  • Soak it thoroughly in the apple cider vinegar to make the cotton ball fully immersed in the vinegar.

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  • Keep the soaked cotton ball on the affected area. Be sure to cover the skin tag with the cotton ball completely.
  • Also, be sure that a portion of the soggy cotton comes in contact with the stalk of the skin tag. It is the part which will give you relief from the skin tag.
  • Now place a bandage or a piece of medical tape over the saturated cotton ball. It will provide the cotton ball an extra safety and will hold it in its place.

Leave the bandage intact for a night

  • After placing the bandage on the skin tag, go to sleep with the cotton ball in place.
  • You can follow the process in the morning also, but there are high chances that you might accidentally knock off the cotton ball.
  • Be sure that the cotton ball stays at its place undisturbed for about six to eight hours. It will give the vinegar a chance to act upon the skin tag stem.

Remove and rinse

  • In the morning, you can remove the bandage and the cotton ball. After taking it off, clean the affected area with water. Be sure that you are using hot water only. You can also use soap to remove the vinegar smell.
  • You will see that the tag has begun to fall off from your skin(2). But be careful while washing with water and soap. Do not try to pick out any piece of skin tag which is not falling apart. Do not apply any external pressure.

Repeat until the problem is solved

  • You can repeat the process every night for a couple of weeks or until the skin tag falls apart on its own.
  • With a continuous application of apple cider vinegar, the skin tag will slowly change its color and begins to become small.
  • Don’t try to rip it away with your hands. Be patient and wait till it comes off on its own naturally.
  • However, don’t repeat the process, if the skin tag doesn’t fall even after the application of apple cider vinegar for four continuous weeks.

The use of apple cider vinegar for skin tag removal is convenient and useful. But one should pay heed to all the steps carefully.

Other Helpful Ways To Get Away With Skin Tags

Skin tag on shoulder

Skin tags are painless, and so people usually don’t pay any heed towards them. However,in some instances, their inappropriate location makes them rub against your other skin parts more frequently. In these cases, the skin tags become pink and irritate the sufferer. In the rarest of the rare cases, the skin tag curbs to its base and loses its color, turning into black or red. Apple cider vinegar for skin tags removal is one of the best remedies.

You can reach out to your doctor, to remove skin tags from your skin quickly. A doctor usually removes the skin tag(3) by:

  • Cutting it with scissors or another sharp tool
  • Freezing the skin tags with liquid nitrogen
  • Burn them with the help of an electric current

Skin tag removal does not require any anesthetic application on the affected area. However, to avoid any casualty a doctor applies an anesthetic cream on the area. It helps to reduce pain in case of removal of a large skin tag or case of removal of multiple skin tags at once.

In the case of freezing or burning of skin tags by your doctor, it takes some days to heal. Removing a skin tag doesn’t guarantee that you will not get another skin tag. People develop skin tags at different parts of their body after treating a skin tag on some other part of their body.

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A Note of Caution

skin tags on face

The process concerning skin tag removal does not require a lot of risks. However, on removal, the skin tags often bleed. This condition requires proper monitoring and care. Only in some cases of skin tag removal, you might find heavy bleeding from the affected area. An occurrence of an infection after surgery is also a rare case in skin tag surgery.

When using apple cider vinegar for skin tag removal be very careful. Pay extra attention about the hygiene and the amount of apple cider vinegar you are using. Some people are allergic to apple cider vinegar. Such people should strictly avoid using apple cider vinegar for skin tag issues.

However, removing a skin tag at home is a risky process as it is difficult to maintain a sterile environment at your house. It increases the risk of excessive bleeding and infection on the wound.

Skin tags are common and usually do not require any removal. You can live with them for your whole life without having any pain or bleeding. Sometimes, these skin tags appear on the noticeable parts of your body. No one wants to have an ugly mark on their body. It is always advisable to reach out to a doctor for help to remove a skin tag especially if the size of skin tag is massive.

After reading this article, you are now well aware of the fact that apple cider vinegar for skin tags removal is also an excellent remedy for making a skin tag to fall off. The wonderful vinegar is a low-cost therapeutic remedy for your skin tag. Follow the steps given in the article to use apple cider vinegar for skin tags and get rid of them in no time. This solution will work tremendously well in providing you smooth skin by removing all those clingy, ugly skin tags from your skin. So use apple cider vinegar to get away with skin tags and bring your smile back.

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