Tea as an Effective Antimicrobial for UTI

Updated on January 3rd, 2020
tea for uti

UTI is typically treated with antibiotics. Most of the woman are prone to UTI. Tea for UTI helps not only to reduce the infection but also reduces swelling and gives relief from pain and discomfort. There are many kinds of organic teas and herbal teas, which can help to provide much assistance from UTI symptoms like nausea. The infection is prevalent after the forties and can be handled well.

Focus on Fluid Intake

Here are some tips that can help to give relief from UTI symptoms and also flush out the infection from the bladder through urine.

  • Focus more on your fluid intake.
  • Keep a check on consumption of alcohol and other beverages such as Cola which can grease urine production.
  • Drink Fluids more in the morning, evenings but not at the nights.

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Tea for UTI

There are many kinds of teas, which can help to ease your symptoms. There are different kinds of teas, such as herbal tea, green tea, parsley tea, banaba tea, and many more.

1. Green Tea for UTI

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is especially most helpful, as it also increases your water intake. The only thing you must understand, and keep in mind is that you cannot have more than 2 to 4 cups of tea every day. If you are pregnant, do not exceed two cups.

2. Parsley Tea for UTI

Parsley Tea is the best solution for pregnant women and others too. It gives fantastic of relief from the symptoms like nausea, tiredness, and offers a fresh feel.

3. Herbal Tea for UTI

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea is the best option for people with other conditions like diabetes. It helps to give relief from UTI symptoms and also help to cure different problems.

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4. Banaba Tea for UTI

Banaba Tea is the choice of many people due to its amazing results. It helps you to get fresh and eases your UTI symptoms. It also helps a lot in flushing out the infection from the bladder.

These are the best teas for UTI, and you can have other kinds of teas also.

What Does Tea Do for You

Each ingredient of the tea can battle your pain and discomfort. It helps to improve your immunity. They all fight together to protect the cause, gives relief from symptoms, and helps to prevent UTI from getting back. The following properties are being shown by different kinds of teas.

  • There is antibacterial that is that can kill bacteria that causes the infection.
  • They are diuretic, which means they can flush your urinary system.
  • They are analgesic means they can give a lot of relief from pain and discomfort.
  • They have anti-inflammatory property means they can help in reducing swelling.
  • They also have a very refreshing taste and comes in different kinds of wraps.

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Side Effects of Having Tea

Tea benefits

Though there are many kinds of significant results of tea, to reduce the symptoms of UTI, it is not advisable to have in more quantity. Especially if you are pregnant or you are having other complications, you should not exceed the limit of two cups a day. Tea has caffeine in it, which can cause frequent urination. This becomes a huge problem when you have an infection. Moreover, pregnant women are not advised to take more than two milligrams of caffeine per day. Have small sips of tea, whenever you feel inconvenient.

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Short Term vs. Long Term Solutions

Taking antibiotic and drinking a lot of water can help to give relief for the infection in the short term. The long-term solutions are using clean bathrooms and keeping the vaginal area clean. Green tea can help to reduce the pains, discomfort very quickly. Many studies(1) have been conducted on the efficacy of teas for UTI. The studies(2) show that tea provides relief from symptoms of UTI as well as an infection. Though there is no scientific proof for, there are many patients who are experiencing a lot of difference.

There are some lifestyle strategies to ease the problems. Focusing on your fluids and food can help your condition become better very soon. Do not take spicy food as it can irritate your internal system. Do not take the bladder irritants such as chocolates, carbonated drinks, tomato-based products, spicy foods, alcohol, and certain kinds of acidic fruits. Identifying your pattern by schedule your urinating habits and stick to the plans. Try to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, with exercises like Kegel. Manage your medications well, maintain your weight, and be active.


1. Is Green Tea Good to Consume in Pregnancy?

You can have any tea during pregnancy. However, you should not have too much tea. Kindly talk to your doctor as to how much is recommended.

2. Can We Drink Green Tea on an Empty Stomach

It is not advisable to take the tea, in large quantities on an empty stomach. Minimal amounts do not show any side effects. But always have at least a sip of water, before consuming your tea.

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