8 Home Remedies to Relieve Gas and Reduce Bloating

Updated on July 31st, 2019

Bloating is one of the most common problems that people around the world face. It is a condition where your stomach feels swollen right after eating food. The leading cause of bloating is the production of excess gas in the stomach and abnormal movement of the muscles located in the digestive area in the body.

It is believed that in America alone, around 16 to 30 percent of people experience bloating.

Even though most people believe that bloating is a result of a severe medical ailment, it is a myth. Bloating and the formation of gas in the stomach could be caused by something as simple as an improper diet or diet containing gassy substances such as consumption of sodas.

In this article, we decided to compile a list of the best home remedies that you could use to get instant relief from bloating and related ailments such as abdominal pain.

These home remedies have been used since time immemorial and have also been verily proved by various studies conducted in reputed institutions around the world.

Besides, we also answer some relevant queries that people might have concerning bloating and its cure.

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Home Remedies to Cure Bloating

The home remedies for bloating that are prescribed below can relieve you from digestive disorders very effectively. The natural properties of these remedial ingredients are beneficial and are great facilitators of pacing up the digestive process and reducing the production of unnecessary gas in the stomach.

1. Water Intake

Water Intake women

Consuming enough water during the day is an excellent home remedy to prevent the signs and symptoms of bloating. Water helps you get rid of constipation that may be a significant cause of your stomach is bloated. Studies show that drinking enough water can enormously help improve the bowel movement that can be consequential in reducing signs of bloating.

In case you experience bloating due to the consumption of too much salt or due to premenstrual syndrome, then consuming water can surely help you wash out excess fluids present in the body and make you feel light and comfortable.

Experts believe that performing physical activity with consuming water can go a long way in reducing bloating in addition to improving gut health.

How to consume?

Depending on your daily activity and age, aim for around 8-10 glasses of water each day. You can also talk to your doctor about how much water is ideal for consumption, keeping in mind your physical requirements.

2. Walks

Another excellent home remedy that can help relieve any uneasiness in the stomach is walking or related physical activity.

Even though you might feel groggy after a full meal and might want to take a nap, it is strongly advised that you walk for 15-20 minutes right after having your food so that the food goes down the digestive tract without hindrance and excess gas, if any, is passed out.

In this regard, walking, calisthenics, or jogging can be of great help. Studies conducted by several academicians reveal that physical activity is a great way to reduce signs of bloating without having to consume any medicines to cure the same.

It was also suggested that people looking to seek relief from excess gas in their stomach should limit the total amount they spend during the day lying on their back or in a horizontal position.

However, in case your symptoms do not go away or continue to occur in bouts, or if the severity increases, consult a doctor immediately for medical aid.

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3. Essential Oils

essential oils in bottle

Essential oils are simply the fragrant and the liquid essence of plants, roots, and herbs that are known to have medicinal qualities. They serve as an excellent home remedy to prevent bloating.

You would be surprised to know that essential oils have been used since ages as a traditional medicine to cure stomach disorders naturally. By using these oils via oral consumption or by applying them topically, you can help prevent any irritation or even inflammation that may cause bloating.

While shopping for such essential oils, ensure that you choose the right one in the sense that you are well aware as to whether you are buying a pure version or a diluted one.

Essential oils contain several medicinal compounds that relax the muscle lining and, therefore, aid in easing abdominal pain caused due to bloating. Also, they prevent diseases such as ulcers in the stomach that may trigger bloating.

Varieties of essential oils may include chamomile, peppermint, cardamom, ginger, etc.

How to consume?

A great and easy way to consume essential oils is to inhale them via a diffuser or apply them topically. Additionally, you can also consume certain essential oils like chamomile or ginger by adding them to your tea or regular diet depending on your oil.

Ensure that you know about the correct usage and dosage of every essential oil that you are consuming to prevent any potential side effects.

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4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is yet another natural home remedy to prevent bloating. Apple cider vinegar is often known as the single panacea to cure a variety of diseases, including stomach disorders.

Apple cider vinegar acts as a detox agent and also helps to break down complex fats easily, thus improving bowel movement. The good bacteria in the stomach begin to improve digestion, and it also improves gut health.

How to consume?

They are a myriad of ways to inculcate apple cider vinegar into your regular healthy diet. While some people consume shots of apple cider vinegar directly, others choose to mix it with water or other liquids.

To gain the maximum benefit of apple cider vinegar for bloating, a tablespoon of it twice a day can do the trick.

Here are some ways to add apple cider vinegar to your diet .

  • Make apple cider vinegar tea: Add a tablespoon of it to boiling water and consume the same. Add a pinch of lemon to improve the taste and for added benefits of digestion.
  • Salads: You can also add apple cider vinegar to your salad as a dressing. Mix it with olive oil and mix the salad well. A dash of black pepper makes the taste of the salad all the more amazing.
  • Smoothie: People also add apple cider vinegar to their smoothies. A tablespoon of it mixed with a glass of any smoothie can act as a natural home remedy to cure bloating.

5. Massages

Massaging is yet another home remedy to reduce signs and symptoms of bloating. Studies reveal that massaging your stomach can significantly help push stool outside your body, thus relieving bloating and preventing the formation of gas.

Massages are known to be one of the oldest home remedies to cure and prevent bloating. Massaging aids bowel activity and helps push unnecessary substances out of your body. Muscles that support the intestines, as well as the bladder, are to experience the relaxation that is very necessary to relieve bloating related pain.

A study conducted in the year 2016 revealed that performing abdominal massage as a home remedy to cure bloating can reduce the signs of constipation in addition to improving gut health.

Make sure you consult your doctor before using massage therapy in case you are pregnant. If you feel that you do not have a fair idea about the techniques of massaging, you can also consult a therapist and book a session.

How to massage?

Start with the right side of your abdomen and rub in a circular motion as you reach the area near the ribs. Work our way down towards the lower abdomen and back up to your navel. Massage for around 2-3 minutes. Repeat the motion in an anticlockwise direction and perform the massage for a total of 10 minutes.

Pro tip: Massaging your stomach using essential oils can give you an added benefit since the same is known to have medicinal properties.

6. Lemon Water and Baking Soda

The juice of lemons, combined with baking soda helps in the creation of carbon dioxide that aids digestion. The mixture is an excellent home remedy to ease bloating, as well as flatulence. The antacids present in baking soda help relieve abdominal distress. Lemon, too, is known to affect digestion positively.

How to consume?

Make sure that you do not consume a lot of baking soda since the sodium present in it can harm the body. Adding only half a tablespoon in some lemon juice can help release the excess gas in the body.

Lemon Water and Baking Soda is the most preferred remedy for bloating

7. Green Tea

green tea benefits

Green tea is remedies to cure for bloating.  You would be surprised to know that green tea is known as the best teas to get rid of trapped winds inside the stomach. It contains certain exclusive compounds such as flavonoids that help reduce inflammation in the stomach and aid in digestion. Drinking a full cup of green tea after meals twice a day can do wonders for your body. Green tea is a natural diuretic and is an excellent home remedy to cure stomach disorders.

How to consume?

Drinking a full cup of green tea after meals twice a day is an outstanding practice to relieve bloating and indigestion. However, remember that green tea contains caffeine and take care not to consume it in excess since it might do more harm than good to your body.

8. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds help in preventing bloating, cramps in the stomach, and act as a diuretic. Fennel is known to cure gastrointestinal disorders and helps improve the metabolism in the body. This home remedy also contains anti-inflammatory properties that go a long way in reducing the pain in the stomach that results from bloating.

How to consume?

Fennel seeds can be consumed in a variety of ways. You can either consume a few seeds of it regularly or in the form of fennel tea. Interestingly, the benefits of fennel can also be extracted through essential oils.

As long as bloating is not a result of any serious medical condition, the home remedies mentioned above can serve a great way to cure the signs and symptoms of bloating.

These remedies can be easily availed can show positive results in only a few usages. An excellent digestive process not only increases the appetite and maintains a healthy body but also keeps ailments at bay.

It is, therefore, in the best interests of your body to ensure that you take appropriate measures to cure stomach disorders and discomforts to tread the path of healthy living.


Check some FAQs concerning bloating and their home remedies.

1.  Can bloating be a severe medical condition?

More often than not, bloating is a result of the consumption of gassy food, consuming food at irregular intervals, or after long hours of starvation. It is a common ailment and can be cured using simple home remedies. However, if symptoms persist, do not hesitate to visit a doctor and seek medical advice.

2. Can bloating result in loss of appetite?

Yes, bloating indicates the production of excess gas in the stomach that makes the belly feel uncomfortable. These gases hinder the digestive process and restrict the body from consuming any more food, thus resulting in loss of appetite.

3. Do home remedies to cure bloating have any side effects?

Ideally, there are no potential side effects that may result from the application of home remedies, as mentioned in the above section. However, in case the symptoms of gas and bloating persist, it is best to seek medical assistance than taking things in your own hands.

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