Are You Suffering from Heartburn? Try These Teas

Updated on January 16th, 2020
tea for heartburn

Caffeine-free tea for heartburn is the best solution one can ever find. The beverages like coffee, cola, and acidic juices top the “do not have” list. Similarly, consuming caffeine-free tea works as a wonder for your heartburn by easing the discomfort caused. Herbal and organic teas work effectively by increasing your metabolism and soothing the pain.

Heartburn is a prevalent problem which gets triggered when stomach acid backs up to the esophagus. The significant reasons for heartburn are lack of digestion, timely food, and proper physical exercise. Stress can also be a leading factor.

There are many other conditions which can trigger heartburn such as late-night eating habits, spicy food, etc. However, some quick can easily relieve the discomfort. Teas! yes. Ginger and Chamomile tea can help.

Is Tea Good For Heartburn

Tea benefits

There are different types of natural and herbal teas. They help to soothe your stomach problems by avoiding gas formation and improving the metabolism. There are different kinds of herbal tea such as chamomile, rose, etc. which help effectively in reducing your heartburn.

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  1. Ginger tea for heartburn is an excellent solution when you have a poor digestive process. Ginger helps in getting rid of indigestion and constipation.
  2. Chamomile tea for heartburn helps a lot to soothe symptoms like nausea. It is a perfect home remedy when your heartburn is severe.
  3. Licorice for heartburn is beneficial. It increases the mucus coating of the esophagus lining and helps to reduce the irritating effects of stomach acid.

Poor digestion is a leading contributor to heartburns. Resorting to organic and herbal teas helps relieve heartburn triggers. Ginger and chamomile teas are very helpful in easing nausea and pain to a great extent.

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Side Effects of Having Tea for Heartburn

Women with Heartburn

Some teas contain caffeine in them, which increases acid reflux. It can trigger the heartburns very quickly. So, it should be avoided at large. You should also avoid all caffeinated drinks(1) like coffee, cola, citric juices, and more.

The primary reasons for heartburn are indigestion, stress, lifestyle, and spicy food. Having meals at the proper time and avoiding stress are the primary things you can do to control heartburns. There are many home remedies, such as herbal or organic tea that gives relief from most of your symptoms quickly. So have a warm cup of tea whenever you have heartburns.

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Short Term and Long Term Solutions

Drinking tea, along with medication, can give you better results. You have to make changes in your lifestyle to get long term results. Have food on time, drink plenty of water, and include physical exercise to avoid indigestion, gas formation, and heartburns. The studies(2) show that there is a potential in tea to give you relief from symptoms as well as discomfort. Several anecdotes have claimed that tea has significantly reduced heartburn symptoms to a great extent.

There are many positive features of having tea for heartburn. The only thing you need to keep in mind while selecting is that it should be caffeine-free. You should also make a note for not choosing the tea, which is having intense flavors like mint, pepper, and many others. Herbal and natural teas are very much helpful in reducing the symptoms of heartburn by improving the digestion and easing the symptoms of heartburn. This makes it an excellent solution to treat those burps!

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1. Which teas aggravate heartburn?

There are some teas, which can aggravate heartburn like caffeine tea. Avoid caffeine teas and go with natural, herbal teas which can soothe with your symptoms and gives you a lot of relief. They also help a lot to provide you digestion.

2. Is green tea good for heartburn?

Though green tea helps a lot in digestion, it has a large amount of caffeine in it. So avoid it when you have heartburn symptoms.

3. Is peppermint tea good for heartburn?

Peppermint tea has a potent flavor, which can irritate your acid reflux. So, do not have peppermint tea for heartburns.

4. Which foods help relieve Acid Reflux Symptoms

Apart from teas and lifestyle changes, you can try simple home remedies like low-acid fruits that can help with acid reflux by coating the esophageal lining, yogurt, oats, vegetables, etc.

5. How can I get rid of acid reflux fast?

Try these tips to get rid of acid reflux fast.

  • Wear loose.
  • Have ginger
  • Have Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Elevate your upper body.
  • Chew gum to help dilute acid.
  • Take licorice supplements.
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