5 Excellent Snoring Remedies That Help You Sleep Better

Updated on February 4th, 2020

Snoring is a common bedroom issue. About half of the adult population snores and one can do little about it. The harsh snoring noises do not only hamper your quality of sleep, but that of our partner’s too resulting in several sleep disorders or health conditions.

Not only adults but children also snore. While snoring in itself is not big trouble, but it should not be ignored as it may hint towards a severe health condition like sleep apnea, obesity, etc. Thus, snoring should not be ignored. Here are some simple snoring remedies that can help you in getting rid of the trouble easily.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is the harsh sound that occurs when the air flowing through the relaxed tissues of your throat causes them to vibrate. The condition is common but can be bothersome too. At times, the sound produced due to the vibration of the throat tissues can be too loud disturbing the quality of your sleep.

What Causes Snoring?

When you sleep, the muscles of the soft palate of your mouth, tongue, and throat relax, partially blocking your airway. Thus, when the air flows through your throat, it causes the tissues to vibrate producing a harsh noise. The narrower your airway becomes, the airflow gets more forceful resulting in increased vibrations and loud, hoarse noise. Many factors may cause your airway to get narrower causing louder vibrations. Some of the reasons for snoring are:

  • Your weight
  • Anatomy of your mouth
  • Allergies
  • Cold
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Sleeping position
  • Sleep deprivation

Symptoms of snoring

The loud, harsh sound produced while you sleep is the primary sign of snoring. However, other symptoms of snoring that may lead to sleep apnea are:

  • Waking up with a sore throat
  • Morning headaches
  • Excessive sleepiness during the day
  • Irritability
  • Breathing pauses during sleep
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Gasping or choking during your sleep

Natural Remedies for curbing the snoring issue

The inability to breathe while sleeping causes snoring. Studies say that one requires around six to eight hours of sound sleep to stay healthy and active, but in the hectic lifestyle of today, few get the luxury of a sound sleep.

Most of you end up snoring in your bed that may result in severe health conditions. Further, loud snoring affects the sleep of your partner too. Those searching for questions related to how I stop snoring are on the right page. Here are some natural snoring remedies that may help you out in curbing the problem.

1. Foods

Your weight can be a prime reason for your snoring trouble. Hence, you must try to maintain a healthy weight which is possible only when you follow the correct diet.

Further, many other factors may result in loud snores. However, you might be surprised to know that a few modifications in your diet can help resolve your trouble. Incorporate the correct diet and enjoy a peaceful sleep every night.

Foods to eat

Certain foods are anti-inflammatory. These soothe your throat muscles and can help you in sleeping better. Here are foods that you must include in your diet to ease snoring noises.

  • Honey
  • Turmeric
  • Pineapple
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Horseradish
  • Olive oil

Foods to avoid

Eating heavy meals in dinner may contribute to loud snoring. Besides it, certain foods are known to increase the trouble. These include:

  • Milk and dairy products
  • Oily foods
  • Red meat
  • Foods like eggs, beans, etc. that may cause inflammation in throat tissues
  • Alcohol

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Foods like onion serve as excellent snoring remedies for their potent properties. Those having trouble in sleeping due to loud snores should hurry up to their kitchen and bring an onion to see the wonders of it. Here is how you can use onion to curb snoring.

How to use?

  • Take an onion
  • Cut it into four slices
  • Chew one slice of onion before going to the bed
  • Alternatively, you can add it to your dinner

Benefits of onion

The strong and pungent smelling onion is a fantastic food that can provide you great relief from harsh snoring sound easily at home. It dries out your nose, thus preventing congestion that may result in snoring. Further, it is also known to reduce swelling in the tonsils that can cause sleep apnea.


Do not consume onion in excessive amount as it may result in several other health issues.

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2. Herbal treatments


Snoring can create a lot of trouble for you. While one may associate the problem with men only, women snoring while seeping is common too. If it has become much bothersome and you wish to clear it, then try this sage tea remedy. It is one of the most effective snoring(1) solutions that you must try.

How to use?

  • Boil a cup of water
  • Add two teaspoons of dried sage in the boiling water
  • Let the mixture cool
  • After that, take in small sips of the concoction and swish your mouth with it
  • Repeat the process until the cup is empty
  • Do this for seven days and see a noticeable difference in your snoring

Benefits of sage

Sage is an excellent herbal snoring treatment. It relaxes your throat muscles and reduces the inflammation in your nose and throat which may cause hindrance in airflow.


Check the sage concoction before sipping it. The mixture should not be too hot.

Green tea

green tea
Image: Shutterstock

Green tea packed with antioxidants and brimming with active components is one of the best snoring remedies. It can help treat snoring and sleep apnea in adults.

How to use?

  • Boil a cup of water
  • Pour it over green tea infusion, or you can place a tea bag too
  • Let it stay for at least seven minutes
  • Drink it before you hit the bed

Benefits of Green tea

Green tea has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the muscles of your nose and throat thus reducing the vibrations that cause loud snores. It also helps in improving the quality of your sleep and effectively treats a sore throat from snoring.

3. Essential oils

Essential oils are potent plant extracts that can treat various ailment and health conditions. These are widely used in aromatherapy which is increasingly becoming popular for its effective results. Those suffering from snoring and other sleep troubles can use essential oils to get rid of it. Here are some of the best essential oils for snoring treatment.

Thyme Essential Oil

thyme essential oil

Thyme Essential Oil is one of the best snoring remedies which gives you quick escape from the harsh snoring sound. It can also help treat the baby snoring trouble. While you may think that newborn snoring or snoring in children is common, it is not so.

Persistent snoring over weeks might lead to several health issues; hence you must watch your child’s sleeping habits. If the snores are consistent, then try using thyme essential oil remedy.

How to use?

  • Take a few drops of thyme essential oil and dilute them with a carrier oil
  • Apply the oil on the bottom of the big toes


  • You can also put the essential oil in your room diffuser
  • Place it at least 30 minutes before you go to bed to ensure easy breathing

Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential is an excellent remedy for an adult as well as infant snoring. If your snores cause trouble while sleeping or wake you up several times while you are asleep, then you must try thyme essential oil. Its strong aroma soothes your nervous system and eases various respiratory issues thus promoting deeper, uninterrupted sleep.


You must dilute thyme essential oil with a carrier oil before its topical application.

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Eucalyptus Essential oil

snoring remedies

Essential oils are the most effective home remedies for snoring. If you have sinus troubles or congestion issues that result in loud snores, then pick eucalyptus essential oil. It can help you get rid of snoring abuse.

How to use?

  • Take a bowl and add to it boiling water
  • After that, pour three to five drops of eucalyptus essential oil
  • Cover your head with a clean towel
  • Lean your face towards the bowl so that the steam from the water can be easily inhaled
  • Breathe in the steam deeply for about four to six minutes
  • Alternatively, you can add it to your diffuser

Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is a natural decongestant that can quickly open the blocked airways that are causing trouble while you are asleep. It is one of the best snoring remedies and is also used to treat congestion due to cold. Further, its pleasing aroma completely energizes you.


Eucalyptus essential oil is generally safe for children as well as adults.  However, while using the remedy, you must not bend your face too close to the bowl.

Marjoram Essential oil

There are several medications available in the market to treat snoring; however their effect is temporary. Hence, if you wish to get rid of annoying snoring noises permanently, then use Marjoram essential oil. It is an effective remedy for those looking for how to fix their snoring trouble.

How to use?

  • Add marjoram essential oil to your diffuser
  • Let the diffuser work for two hours and then switch it off
  • Enjoy the pleasing aroma of Marjoram Essential Oil that ensures a sound and deep sleep

Benefits of Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram essential oil is popularly used in traditional medicine to reduce snoring. It can help clear the sinuses that may cause snoring. Further, it has potent antioxidant and stimulant properties that can cure sleep apnea which is one of the common causes of snoring.


Marjoram essential oil is one of the known remedies for treating snoring. However, its effectiveness varies from person to person. One may get relieved from snoring within a day of using the oil while for others it may take around six weeks to curb sound. Hence, you must remain patient while using the remedy.

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Other Essential Oils that serve as excellent snoring remedies

Some other essential oils that may help treat snoring are:

  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Clove Essential Oil
  • Fennel Essential Oil

4. Home remedies

Nasal Spray

There are many nasal sprays and nasal strips for snoring available in the market which claim to curb snoring immediately. However, if you wish to get rid of it naturally, then here we get you a nasal spray remedy that you can easily make at home and get rid of the harsh noise easily.

How to use?

  • Add one-fourth teaspoon of salt in half a cup of boiling water
  • Let it cool
  • After that, pour the mixture in a clean drip bottle
  • Put two to three drops of the solution every night before you hit your bed

Benefits of nasal spray

This salt solution is highly effective in opening congestion that may have caused snoring. It breaks down the phlegm present in your nasal cavity and clears the air passage.


You must change the solution every five days. Using an old solution may further damage your nose.

5. Natural treatments

Mouth Exercise

The prime reason behind snoring is the blockage in the airway caused by the throat muscles or your tongue that drops into the throat while you are asleep. To prevent it, you can strengthen your muscles by doing some mouth exercises daily.

How to do?

  • Close your mouth
  • Push your tongue against the lower teeth for at least thirty seconds
  • Repeat it five times
  • Next, open your mouth
  • Move your jaw to the left and hold it in the same position for about thirty seconds
  • Repeat it by moving your jaw to the right
  • Do this at least five to six times

Benefits of mouth exercise

Exercising your mouth muscles is one of the best natural ways to decrease snoring. It helps strengthen the mouth muscles and prevent them from coming in the way of the airflow.

How to prevent snoring?

Besides the snoring remedies mentioned above, here are a few tips that can help you in preventing snoring so that you and your partner can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

  • Change your sleeping position: Sleeping on your back causes your soft palate and the tongue to get back into the throat leading to loud snores. Sleep on your side and see an effective decrease in snoring.
  • Avoid alcohol: Drinking alcohol four to five hours before you sleep is likely to cause you to snore.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking irritates the membranes of your throat and the nose which may cause them to swell up and block air passage. Hence, if you wish to get quick relief from the trouble, then you must quit smoking.
  • Lose weight: Excess weight around your neck or throat region is likely to narrow your airway and result in snoring.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene: Sleep deprivation is another primary reason for snoring. Hence, you must practice proper sleep hygiene. Give yourself enough rest by sleeping for at least six to eight hours.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: If you do not want the nasal passages to get blocked, then drink plenty of water and other fluids. When your body does not have enough water, then the secretions in your nose get stickier causing congestion. To prevent it have plenty of water.
  • Change your pillow covers regularly: Dust mites and other allergens are also a common cause of snoring. To prevent it, keep your room clean and change your pillow covers often.
  • Open clogged nasal passages: Clogging in the nasal passage results in snoring. Thus, if there is any congestion due to cold or any other reason, then open your nasal passages before sleeping. Take a hot shower and rinse your nose with salt water. It will help in clearing the airway.
  • Use a humidifier: Dry air in your bedroom may irritate the membranes of your throat or nose. It may result in swollen nasal tissues that can block the air passage and cause snoring. Thus, you should keep the air in your bedroom moist which can be done using a humidifier.

So, these were some snoring remedies that can be easily employed at home to get quick relief from the harsh snoring noises. Persistent snoring may trouble your sleep causing severe health issues.

Further, it not only affects you but your partner’s sleep as well who may have trouble falling asleep due to loud noises.


Hence, it is indeed necessary to treat it as soon as possible with the above mentioned natural ways that can effectively treat adult as well as toddler snoring. Besides them, you must do some lifestyle changes to enjoy quality sleep at night.


1. Does stress cause snore?

Yes, stress can lead to both interrupted sleep and snoring.

2. Do Breathe Right strips work for snoring?

Breath Right nasal strips are effective, which relieves nasal congestion and instantly treats snore. It also helps in alleviating cold, cough, allergies, and sinus issues.

3. What position is best to stop snoring?

Sleeping on the side helps in reducing or even prevent snoring.

4. Is snoring a sign of poor health?

Poor health can lead to snoring. Health conditions related to strokes or blockages can also cause snoring.

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