Lung & Respiratory

Lungs are a crucial organ that helps in the exchange of the gases and helps in the absorption of oxygen and excretion of carbon dioxide. Imagine a life without lungs, unbreathable, isn’t it? The recent and rapid industrialization rate has not only deteriorated the environment but it also increased the chances of contracting lung diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis and other respiratory disorders. This is where home remedies and natural treatments step in. These could help you effectively help you cure your respiratory disorders. Read on ahead from this collection of articles that provide factual and scientifically backed information for your lung disorders.

How to Increase Lung Capacity

Respiration Exercises to Support Health and Wellbeing, and Aid Longevity

401shares Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email WhatsAppYes, the world is going through what many are calling a “global crisis” or “ pandemic,” but… “The label that you put on an event, is the…

asthma & covid-19

COVID-19 and Asthma: What Patients Need to Know

219shares Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email WhatsAppCOVID-19 or the novel coronavirus is haunting the lives of thousands around the globe. The infection itself is one of the deadliest we humans have come across…

Asthma Remedies at Home

Can Asthma Be Cured? Check 11 Asthma Remedies at Home

26shares Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email WhatsAppAsthma is a lung-related disorder. Asthma is very common in people of all age groups. The people suffering from asthma are often prone to pollen allergies. The…


5 Excellent Snoring Remedies That Help You Sleep Better

45shares Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email WhatsAppSnoring is a common bedroom issue. About half of the adult population snores and one can do little about it. The harsh snoring noises do not only…

Quit Smoking

The 8 Best Anti Smoking Products of 2019

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magnesium for asthma

Does Magnesium Cure Asthma?

32shares Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email WhatsAppHealth and fitness should be a primary concern in our lives. Passion, career, and self-enhancement are essential. But next to the importance of health, nothing comes prior.…

essential oils for croup

7 Essential Oils for Accelerating Healing of Croup

18shares Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email WhatsAppRespiratory problems amongst children are dime-a-dozen. They vary in terms of their seriousness, their seasons, and their symptoms. Amongst the most common respiratory problems amongst children is…


7 Home Remedies for Accelerating Healing of Croup

17shares Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email WhatsAppIn today’s world, children get affected by several respiratory problems. Some are chronic, some are mild, but they all end up causing varying levels of discomfort. Laryngotracheobronchitis…


Ease the Symptoms of Pneumonia with These Popular Herbs!

2.8Kshares Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email WhatsAppPneumonia is a severe infection in the lungs that can happen due to viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and other types of microorganisms. Home remedies are useful to…

Home Remedies for Pneumonia

Effective Home Remedies to Keep Pneumonia in Check

13.0Kshares Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email WhatsAppPneumonia is life-threatening respiratory diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi. These infections fill the inflamed air sacs in the lungs with fluids or pus. It can…