Unknown Yet Effective Green Tea Health Benefits You Should Know

Updated on January 8th, 2020
Green tea benefits

Green tea had suddenly gained a lot of popularity. No, it is not because it’s an elite choice; it is because of the hidden benefits it possesses. Green tea is derived from Camellia Sinensis bush. It is a very popular hot beverage across the world. However, just because it is beneficial, an overdose of it could lead to its own repercussions(1).

So, how much should you drink to utilize the green tea benefits?

Research states that there has been a considerable improvement in the health of people who drink up to 1 cup per day while some drink about 3-4 cups per day. Based on numerous researches, three to five cups of green tea per day would be the required dosage(2).

How Does Green Tea Benefits Your Health?

Green Tea

Green tea is called a healthy beverage because of its high nutrient content. It is full of antioxidants that have amazing effects on the body. Green tea helps in improving brain function, helps in fat loss, and lessens your chance of contracting cancer too.

  • Green tea consists of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). This helps in treating various diseases. It has medicinal properties. The mineral content also helps in treating diseases.
  • Green tea for anxiety is also effective as it consists of L-theanine that increases the activity of GABA – a neurotransmitter that calms down anxiety in your body.
  • Drink green tea burns down the fat in the body and increases the metabolism of your body.
  • The antioxidant properties of green tea have a positive effect on your body and reduce your chances of getting cancer.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Green Tea?

  • Green tea for weight loss – Green tea has zero calories. You can drink up to 2-3 cups a day and not worry about weight gain.
  • Green tea helps fight against cancer – Green tea attacks the free radicals that prove a threat to the cells that cause oxidative damage which results in cancer.
  • Green tea helps in fighting diabetes- Green tea helps the body to produce insulin naturally. It regulates the blood sugar levels that help to lose weight.
  • Green tea improves cardiac health – Green tea helps in reducing cholesterol and works in maintaining accurate blood pressure.
  • It is known to give glowing radiant skin.
  • Green tea for hair – Green tea has remarkable benefits for hair. Instead of drinking, you just have to apply it to your hair as a conditioner after a bath. It nourishes the scalp and aids healthy hair growth.

So check the different ways you could include green tea in your cup!

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 Methods to Drink Green Tea

Just making yourself green tea isn’t enough. To utilize the benefits of green tea, you must prepare in a way so as to extract all the nutrients from it. You get green tea in powdered form, in tea bags, and as loose leaves. Let’s take a lot at methods in preparing Green tea

 1. Preparing Green Tea with leaves

Things you will need

Green tea leaves, a strainer, a cup, a boiling pot, and water.


Take 1 tsp of green tea leaves. For every 1 cup of green tea, you will need 1 tsp of green tea leaves. Sieve the leaves and keep aside. Heat water in a way it doesn’t reach boiling point. Once hot enough; pour the water into the cup, add green tea leaves, and let it steep for 2 minutes. If you don’t like it too strong, keep it for a minute.

You can add 1 tsp honey and a few drops of lemon to it to add flavor.

 2. Making Green Tea with bags

tea bag

Things you will need

1 Green tea bag, a cup, and hot water.


Heat water in a way it doesn’t reach boiling point. Once hot enough; pour the water into the cup,  and put the green tea bag in the cup. Cover the cup and keep aside for two minutes. Remove the lid and stir to enjoy this healthy beverage.

You can add 1 tsp honey and a few drops of lemon to it to add flavor.

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3. Preparing Green Tea with powder

Green Tea Extract

Things you will need

Green Tea powder- one and a half teaspoon, water- one tsp, and one tsp of honey.


Take a cup of water in a boiling pot and heat it. As soon as it reaches boiling point, turn it off and add 1 tsp green tea powder to it. Allow it to simmer. When the color of the water turns brown, pour it into a cup and add some honey to it. Drink it to feel rejuvenated.

Surely, you know how to prepare green tea. The taste might not be of your preference, but you can always add cinnamon, honey, and ginger to brew it according to your taste or desired flavor. Drink this every day sans sugar to utilize the green tea benefits. Green tea every day keeps bad health at bay- so try these different methods to make an enticing cup of morning or evening cup of green tea!

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1. How Much Green Tea Can You Have per Day for Green Tea Benefits?

Although harmless, it is advisable not to exceed 5 cups of green tea per day.

2. How to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss?

To drink green tea for weight loss, make yourself a cup by using green tea leaves and adding no sugar or honey to it. It works better if you add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to your tea.

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