Top 20 Effective Benefits of Sesame Oil for Your Health

Updated on December 3rd, 2019
Benefits of Sesame Oil.

Grown mainly in Africa and in smaller quantities in India, Sesame seeds are yellowish brown. The oil derived from this, which is also yellow, is Sesame oil. Sesame oil has a nutritional composition of essential vitamins.

Since a very long time, this oil has been used for healing processes. It is an excellent ingredient in many dishes owing to its nutty taste. The nutritional benefits of sesame oil are many, as it is loaded with a variety of healthy components.

It is also suitable for skin related problems due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities.

Among the health benefits of sesame oil, the most prominent one is its ability to protect against bad cholesterol. Containing both, mono and poly-unsaturated fat, this oil helps in improving HDL levels and reducing bad cholesterol.

Did You Know!

  • This oil contains a combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. However, the levels of polyunsaturated fat are slightly higher that mono-unsaturated fat.
  • Both these fats are highly beneficial to human beings. It helps lower the cholesterol levels and improves the levels of HDL or good cholesterol.

Sesame Oil – An Overview

sesame oil

Also known as gingelly oil, sesame oil can be used as a healthy alternative to cooking oil. Its oil became popular over the years since it is inexpensive. It is used in cooking in various parts like Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, as a flavor enhancer.

Following is the composition of Sesame oil- 5% of stearic acid, 8% of palmitic acid (1), 39% of oleic acid, and 41% of linoleic acid, and some other components in a small amount. It contains reasonable amounts of vitamins, which make sesame oil benefits for health.

Types of Sesame Oil

There are two types of Sesame Oils available – light and dark. When the oil is derived from untoasted sesame seeds, it is called the light sesame oil. On the other hand, the toasted seeds give dark sesame oil, which is used for adding flavors to dishes, especially in Asian cuisines.

The different variations include- dark brown-colored oil belonging mainly to East-Asia, golden-colored oil, also known as til or gingelly oil, belonging to the Indian subcontinent, and pale yellow-colored oil belonging to East Asia.

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How to Make Sesame Oil?

Making sesame oil at home is secure. Follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Take about 3 cups of sesame seeds and toast them till they turn golden brown.
  2. Add about 12 cups of cooking oil for 3 cups sesame seeds. Mix it well by heating and then blend the mixture properly.
  3. Once combined, the sesame oil will float on the top of the mix. Separate sesame from this oil.
  4. For about two years, refrigerate this oil. It is now ready to use.

Health Benefits of Sesame Oil You Need to Know

Sesame oil has many health benefits for the human body. On account of its preventive, nutritive and curative properties, Sesame seeds have been used in traditional medicines and culinary for a while now. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of adding sesame oil to your diet.

1. Prevents Premature Greying of Hair

grey hair
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Sesame oil was traditionally used hair and scalp massage to improve hair health. It helps to prevent premature greying and retain the natural color of hair. It also helps in minimizing hair loss.

2. Provides Anti-Diabetic Properties

In hypertensive diabetics, adding some sesame oil(2) in cooking helps to maintain the plasma glucose levels, which helps in diabetic management.

3. Nurtures Skin

Gingelly oil which is extracted from zinc-rich sesame seeds is beneficial in increasing the quality of the skin. It reduces oxidative stress which helps in reducing the age spots.

Applying sesame oil provides protection from harmful UV rays. Sesame oil is also used to treat fungal infection on the body. It is a good moisturizer and helps in the regeneration of healthy skin.

4. Detoxifies Skin

Antioxidant properties of sesame oil are beneficial for detoxification of the skin. Washing your face with a mixture of water, apple cider vinegar, and sesame oil can increase the quality of your skin.

5. Promotes Heart Health

Heart Health

Sesame oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. This reduces harmful cholesterol levels which are beneficial for the heart health of the human body.

6. Reduces Blood Pressure

According to research conducted by Indian researcher from Annamalai University and published in Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, sesame oil has numerous health benefits in terms of reduced blood pressure, hypertension and lipid peroxidation.

7. Prevents Cancer

According to independent reports, sesamol lignan and sesamin presents in sesame oil are beneficial in preventing the growth of the cancer cells in breast cancer and prostate cancer. Sesame oil has anti-cancer properties as it is enriched with magnesium and anti-cancer compound-phytate which reduces the risk of colorectal.

8. Boosts Blood Circulation

Copper is a vital mineral that promotes the functioning of the body and is required to produce red blood cells. An ample percentage of copper percentage in sesame oil ensures the right blood flow through the body and results in a healthier lifestyle.

9. Strengthens Bones

A copper present in sesame oil is beneficial in the strengthening of the bones and reducing joint swelling and arthritis pain.

10. Improves Oral Health

Dental professionals always recommend the use of sesame oil to maintain good oral hygiene. Oil pulling, i.e. putting oil in the mouth and swishing helps to fight bacteria and improve dental health. Regular use of sesame oil is beneficial for teeth whitening, oral gum problems and to lower plaque levels.

11. Relieves Anxiety

stress and anxiety
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Sesame oil is useful in reducing anxiety as it contains tyrosine which is directly connected to serotonin(3) activity in the brain. These releases feel-good enzymes and Hormones in the human body which turns your mood around.

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12. Reduces Inflammation

For conditions such as gout and arthritis, copper present in sesame oil is beneficial to reduce the inflammation and discomfort.

13. Prevents DNA Damage

According to research published in the Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology journal, sesame oil helps is helpful to prevent DNA damage.

14. Triggers Infant Growth

Using sesame oil to massage infants triggers their growth.

15. Prevents Hangover

Sesame seeds are used to cure the hangovers of alcohol as they break down alcohol and detoxify damaging materials.

16. Fights Stress and Depression


Regular use of sesame oil helps to fight stress and depression as it contains amino acid-tyrosine which is directly linked with serotonin activity.

17. Cures Anemia

As sesame oil is rich in iron, it is recommended as a home remedy to treat anemia.

18. Improves Eye Health

Sesame oil is an excellent tonic for liver health which has a direct effect on the nourishment of eyes. Sesame oil is helpful to treat blurred vision and sore eyes. It reduces dark circles and wrinkles around the eye.

19. Builds Stronger Bones

Calcium and copper present in sesame are suitable for the growth and development of bones. Sesame oil also triggers the healing and regrowth of the bones.

20. Regularizes Metabolism

Copper percentage present in the sesame oil boosts the metabolism of the human body. Zinc and copper minerals present in it are beneficial in the regularization of metabolism, blood circulation, and in the production of red blood cells.

How to Use Sesame Oil?

The benefits of Sesame Oil have resulted in its increased usage in recent years. Following are the ways in which sesame oil can be used:

1. Dental Cure

Raw Sesame Oil can be used as a cure for tooth decay and various other dental problems. Three tablespoons of this used to rinse your mouth for 10 minutes a day works wonders for your teeth and gums. If it is not possible to do this for 10 minutes continuously, the time can be split throughout the day.

2. Food Items

Sprinkling raw sesame oil over various foods like fish, fresh veggies, etc. adds nutritional benefits to them. The vitamin E from the oil helps against cholesterol, dietary fat from the oil aids in absorbing minerals, omega-6 fatty acids help against hypertension, etc.

3. Cooking

Sesame oil can be a healthy substitute for regular vegetable oil. For people on a diet, regular sesame oil can be replaced by raw sesame oil to avail more advantages of it.

4. Skin Care and Massage

Applied raw on the areas of skin that are damaged or in pain, sesame oil can prove very beneficial. It relieves stress and improves blood circulation. The vitamin E content in this sesame oil is very good for skin and even slows the aging process.

Major Side Effects Caused Due to Sesame Oil

Sesame oil can trigger an allergy in several people. Anaphylaxis, a type of reaction, has been observed in certain people after consuming this oil. In this reaction, some strong chemicals are released by the immune system, which sends the body in a shocking state. This lowers blood pressure and hampers breathing.

Yellow-colored oil derived from the sesame seeds, sesame oil, is used in cooking, in skin care products, and many more. In this article, we have learned of the benefits of this oil and a brief gist about it. The health benefits of sesame oil are invaluable.

Containing several vitamins, it not only helps in improving emotional health but also works magically for the health of our skin. You can ensure improved skin glow, anti-aging, and reduced skin damage by adding sesame oil in your daily skincare routine. The oil is good for heart, bones, skin, hair, for many more purposes.

Preparing sesame oil at home is an easy 4-step process. One more advantage of sesame oil is that it is available at very affordable costs. This oil is best when used raw. Raw sesame oil can be used in cooking, on natural foods, as well as for massages and pain-relief.

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