Simple Home Remedies To Cure Fungal Infection

Updated on March 28th, 2020
Home Remedies for Fungal Infection

Nobody wants to have gross nails. You spend ample time in trimming and manicuring your nails of hands and toes. Apart from taking care of your nails, at times, you have fungus on your nails. Do not fret. There is a solution for fungal infection treatment. First of all, you need to know what nail fungus is.

Another term for nail fungus is tinea unguium. Both Toenail and fingernail can get affected by fungus. The nail fungus is quite common in human beings which can take place in the nails of fingers and toes.

This fungus in toenails and fingernails can be very annoying. Are you hunting for the best tips? If yes, then you should ensure to read this article.

We have got a few effective tips for you which will prove to be useful for curing the fungus of toenails and fingernails. The fungus in nails is indeed very painful and quite embarrassing.

If you are not taking good care of your nails, the fungus in nails crops up, leaving you in an awkward situation. Your nails are something which is seen by people. You become embarrassed when the fungus appears on your hands and feet.

The appearance of the nails becomes unattractive because of the fungus on nails. Let us know the factors which contribute fungus infection in nails.

Factors of Fungus Infections on Your Nails

  • Owing to malnutrition, your nails become unhealthy.
  • If your immune system is weak, then the infection in nails is bound to happen.
  • If you are residing in an environment where the percentage of humidity and wetness is high, then you are likely to suffer from with fungus infection in nails.
  • The unhygienic ambience of your house can be a reason for poor nails. Your household items which you do not keep clean can spread fungus in your nails while you touch such things.

The factors above contribute to the fungus infections on your nails. You should do all necessary things to prevent fungus infections on your nails.

Before you start a treatment for nail fungus, carefully clean your nails and wash them with a mild hand wash and make it completely dry.

Dry and clean nails all the time will remove your nail fungus from spreading or getting it more spoiled. Keep your feet dry. Sweat and tightly closed shoes will make the best refinement ground for fungus. You can also wear Shower shoes when you are in public areas.

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Home Remedies for Fungal Infection

If you follow some vital tips, then you will be able to forestall the issues of fungus infections on your nails.

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1. Listerine and White Vinegar

The Listerine mouthwash contains ingredients such as thymol and menthol which prevent fungal infections. The vinegar is acidic which creates an inhospitable environment for fungus.

You have to do is to make a mixture of Listerine and vinegar in equal proportions, and then, you should put your toes in the liquid solution and let toes soak for nearly 45 to 60 minutes daily.

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2. Soak in Disinfectant

fungal infection treatment

The best way to heal your fungus-infected nails is to soak them in a germ-killing solution such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide. This solution will eliminate the fungi on the spot. The negative side is that this treatment can be baleful for your skin, as it contains toxic chemicals.

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3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the oldest and influential remedies for curing the fungus in nails. This oil can eradicate fungus and germs. The oil is highly useful in the treatment of fungal infection in nails.

Use a Q-Tip to apply tea tree oil to your nails once or twice every day. You can keep applying the oil until the nails are healed.

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4. Urea Paste

The urea paste can solve the issues of fungus in your nails. The urea paste dissolves the infected part of the nails. Once you see the diseased part of the nail is dissolved, then you can apply an anti-fungal cream available at OTC and apply it on the nails. Make sure to consult the dermatologist or podiatrist before you apply the solution of urea paste.

5. Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf benefits

The Olive leaf is one of hoariest refined trees, and the whole tree is used for medicinally purposes all through the history. One of the best and excellent ways for removing out nail fungus(1) is olive leaf extract. This is called as a natural and this powerful daily remedy that not only cures fungal infections but also keeps your nails free from dirt.

Olive leaf extract has anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial that helps to reduce the chances of repeated infections. After starting on this supplement, you will surely cure chronic nail fungal.

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6. Intake of Fiber and Fats are Essential

Next, you must start taking lots of high-fibre diet. Owing to its building and the incapability to absorb it, fibre goes via the excretory system unabsorbed by gastric enzymes and acids within the stomach, taking with it poisons, remains, fats and cholesterol elements that can collect inside the gut.

Since the maximum number of sugars and grains are flushed from the diet, besides fibre, it is also suggested to the intake of the rich foods you’re eating. Sufficient amount of good food further aids in getting away from fungi.

There are many types of harmless ways that you can relate to getting entirely free of fungal infection. The significant thing is that the actions must be accepted for a period long enough to have enduring results.

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Bottom Line

The instant you spot the quicker traces of fungal infection, it is vital for you to begin all the treatment mentioned above. If you let the infection to supper, it will get problematic to comprise it with these modest simple and easy remedies. In the bad scenario, you might straight away need to go for long-lasting nail removal, which might be very painful.

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1. Is a Fungal Infection Severe?

Most fungal infections like ringworm or athlete’s foot affect millions but are not dangerous. But, some fungal infections can damage the immune system and lead to severe health complications.

2. Can Fungal Infection Spread One Person to Others?

Fungal infections are contagious, which can spread from one person to the other. A person infected from fungal disease can spread as long as it is contained in their system.

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