Strengthen Your Memory Power Using Rosemary Today

Updated on September 6th, 2019
rosemary for memory

Forgetfulness can be caused by a lot of factors like emotional stress, an underlying disease like thyroid, Alzheimer’s, etc. Losing your memory can become a hindrance if not taken control of on time. While there are many ways to tackle a forgetful mind, using rosemary for memory is a great choice.

Rosemary is known to have several benefits like improving the blood circulation and immune system, boosting memory power and also treating muscle pains.

There is no single cure to achieve a calm mind and improve focus. To achieve all of this, you must get 8 hours of sleep and follow a diet to keep yourself healthy and active – Moreover, good sleep curbs down stress levels. Rosemary oil works effectively in achieving both.

Thus, to stave off decreasing memory power, utilizing the benefits of rosemary for memory is deemed effective.

Bizarre Facts

  • Rosemary, a plant that belongs to the mint family can grow up to 5 feet.
  • In ancient days, rosemary was considered as a medicinal plant and used to treat sick people.
  • To improve your memory, you must sleep for 8 hours in a day.
  • The smell of rosemary increases concentration and can effectively be used before exams to boost concentration and memory.

How Does Rosemary Affect Your Mental Strength?

Rosemary Herb

Rosemary works on brain activity in various ways. Here are a few benefits of rosemary oil for memory:-

  • The traditional use of this oil may improve brain functioning. To think, concentrate, and grow your memory, the brain needs acetylcholine. Rosemary oil prevents the breakdown of this chemical and thus, boosts memory power.
  • Research says it improves cognitive functioning in adults and kids. Children who’ve inhaled rosemary oil have an improvement in their academics due to better power retention.
  • Inhaling the aroma of Rosemary diffused oil helps in reducing stress and relaxes your brain. It makes you concentrate for a longer time.
  • Rosemary oil also recharges your body, making you feel fresh and active, making you ready to take on to your challenges for the day. Such boosts to the energy levels increase motive and focus throughout the day.

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How to Use Rosemary Oil for Memory?

Rosemary for memory can only work if used the right way. These are a few methods to use rosemary for your memory.

1. Diffuse and Inhale


To spread the aroma and essence of rosemary oil, use a diffuser.

You can also buy a bottle of rosemary oil, open and inhale. You can put a few drops of rosemary oil(1) in a cloth/handkerchief and inhale or pour a couple of drops on your pillow cover before sleeping. Do not try this for babies.

2. Topical Use

For topical use, mix a few drops of rosemary oil with a neutral carrier oil. Mix well and apply it to your body. Massage well as this improves blood flow and gets absorbed into your bloodstream.

Rosemary oil application should be strictly avoided by pregnant women, epileptic patients, patients with high blood pressure, and babies.

3. Rosemary Tea

Rosemary Tea

Make fresh rosemary tea with dried rosemary, or even fresh rosemary(2). Boil water and a mix a  few leaves of rosemary in it. The ratio for rosemary tea should be 1tsp for 1 cup (250 ml) of boiling water. Strain and pour it into a cup and sip onto it.

4. Rosemary Lemon-Infused Water

Take a jar of water and add half of a lemon (with its rind cut off) to it. Add fresh rosemary leaves and leave it overnight to chill in the fridge.

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5. Rosemary Oil and Coconut oil

Half our distractive nature comes from stress and a restless mind. Massaging your hair with a mixture of rosemary and coconut oil does wonders on those stresses.

Take 1 tsp of rosemary oil and 2 tbsps of coconut oil. Mix well and gently massage your head using your fingertips. It gets absorbed by the scalp and increases blood circulation and calms the mind.

Rosemary oil is derived from a plant and is also known as a cooking herb. This beneficial plant not only aids in increasing your memory but also fights and prevents cancer due to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It improves overall health, primarily the liver and digestive health.

It reduces cortisol levels in your body. While researches are being done on rosemary’s benefits for boosting memory power, it is essential to check with a doctor to know its dosage and its suitability.


1. How Can I Use Rosemary to Sharpen My Memory?

Ans- You can use a diffuser and use the fragrant rosemary oil to relax your mind and improve concentration. You can also consume rosemary in the form of tea or rosemary-infused water. You can also opt for a head massage with a carrier oil mixed with rosemary oil. All of these applications will help in growing your memory power.

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