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Updated on August 13th, 2020
supplements for memory

If you plan to take care of your present and future mental function, you’ll want to make sure you’re receiving the best supplements for memory for your brain health. Since your brain directs the rest of your body’s activities, it’s best to pay attention to what your brain requires beginning now.

An excellent way to start supporting your current brain functioning and future brain health is to make sure you stay hydrated, get the proper nutrition,  restrict any unhealthy habits you may have picked up like consuming too much alcohol or smoking, exercise at prescribed levels for your present health status, and, to make sure you’re fully supporting your brain health, take the right supplements and vitamins to ensure you’re giving your brain precisely the nutrients it needs.

Can Nutrition Enhance Brain Health?

One way to enhance your brain health is by supporting your brain function and memory with antioxidants and nutrients your brain needs.  Ensuring you’re always adequately hydrated and emphasizing plants in your diet can help fulfill your brain’s basic nutrient requirements.

And vigorous exercise (physician recommended, of course!) can help improve blood flow of nutrients to the brain and act as a natural antidepressant.

Enhancing Your Brain Health Through Your Diet

Research studies tell us that nutrition is the key to brain health [1]. And studies tell us that more than ninety percent of Americans don’t get the recommended daily allowance of minerals and vitamins they require from their daily diet.

According to the ODPHP (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion), across almost every age group, Americans eat too few fruits, vegetables, dairy, whole grains, oil, and seafood, while overeating when it comes to more damaging and less nutritious food like added sugars, refined grains, sodium, and saturated fats.

This typical American diet is simply not beneficial for brain health, so brain health supplements are becoming more and more widespread.

Here’s a bit of advice for getting more vitamins for brain memory and concentration with your daily snacks and meals:

Eat a balanced diet that includes 3 or more portions of vegetables and fruits every day. Particularly, look for evidence of high antioxidants in the rich colors of the vegetables you select. Choose colorful options like red tomatoes, green peppers, purple grapes, blue or dark red berries, and orange or yellow carrots.

When making your meal selection (if you’re not vegan or vegetarian), include proteins like beans, fish, and chicken. And make sure to take foods high in omega-3s like cold water sourced fish like salmon and flaxseed, walnuts, and chia seeds.

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What Are Brain Health Supplements?

Nootropics, also known as brain supplements, are natural medications or supplements or known to do any of the following:

  • Strengthen cognitive thinking
  • Enhance brain power
  • Promote alertness or overcome sleepiness
  • Boost memory
  • Level out mood swings
  • Increase creativity
  • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Promote future brain health

Best Supplements for Memory

1. Pure Formulas’ Resveratrol – 120 Vegetarian Capsules

The possible brain health effects of resveratrol began to surface in the 90s when researchers first recognized the positive impact of red wine in reducing dementia risk. Further studies showed that resveratrol, which is also present in grape juice, dark berries, cocoa, peanuts, and berries like cranberries and blueberries.

Research studies have confirmed these findings, showing that participants showed stable blood levels of beta-amyloid-40, a protein that generally reduces in the blood as Alzheimer’s disease advances [2]. So if you’re looking for effective and natural memory enhancement, look no further than PureFormulas’ Resveratrol!

2. Integrative Therapeutics’ Phosphatidylserine Soy-Free – 60 Softgels

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a naturally occurring phospholipid. Like other phospholipids, Integrative Therapeutics’ PS is a crucial component of cell membranes, and it is found in exceptionally high concentrations in the nervous tissues and brain, primarily in the cell membranes of neurons [3] .

Research shows that phosphatidylserine supplementation can:

– Helps a healthy endocrine response to mental stress.

– Promote cognitive function and mental sharpness.

– Help improve exercise capacity.

Soy-Free softgel

Unlike other kinds of PS, Phosphatidylserine of Integrative Therapeutics’ is 100% soy-free and derived from sunflower oil. Most of the clinical trials have utilized either bovine-sourced phosphatidylserine or soybean-derived.

3. Integrative Therapeutics’ Vitamin E 400 IU – 60 Softgels

D-Alpha Tocopherol, also known as natural Vitamin E, is a vital nutrient for brain health, because of its powerful antioxidant properties. It’s a potent antioxidant. It safeguards brain cells against the harmful effects of free radicals, which are released when our body is exposed to ultraviolet radiation or tobacco smoke or breaks down food [4].

Vitamin E is vital to many parts of the body, including eyesight, reproductive health, blood chemistry, and brain health.

4. Nordic Naturals’ ProOmega® 2000 mg, Lemon Flavor – 120 Soft Gels

Some refer to Omega-3s as brain food. They’re essential fats, meaning our bodies can’t make them, so we have to intake them and get them through our diet. They’re vital nutrients to fight inflammation in the brain or for healthy brain function. It would help if you had these fats for brain function, and they are right for your overall health [5].

There is no evidence, however, that taking them in supplement form has a memory effect. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids include halibut, salmon, albacore, sardines, trout, and herring, and oils such as walnut, canola, and flaxseed. Other foods with omega-3 fatty acids are clams, shrimp, catfish, light chunk tuna, spinach, and cod.

5. Pure Encapsulations’ Lutein/Zeaxanthin – 120 Capsules

Lutein has come to be known as the “eye vitamin” due to its reputation as an eye health supplement. Lutein is also linked to long-term brain health, cognitive benefits, and Alzheimer’s Disease. The body doesn’t naturally produce this plant-based pigment, so supplementation is required to get optimal amounts.

Serum levels of the carotenoid lutein are associated with improved memory function in obese and overweight adults. Still, other carotenoids are not, says a new study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Each vegetable capsule provides 10 milligrams of lutein and 2 milligrams of zeaxanthin to support your memory [6]. The lutein in this capsule is extracted from FloraGLO® marigold flower extract.

Bottom Line

Many brain health supplements are thoroughly-researched and proven to be beneficial to memory, cognitive function,  and future brain health. Though be aware of what you’re purchasing, because there seem to be just as many brain health supplements that aren’t well-researched and don’t help.

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