10 Best Whole Foods That Increase Platelet Count Naturally

Updated on January 31st, 2020
Platelet Count

Thrombocytopenia, also Known as the low platelet count, is a health disorder in which your blood platelets are more economical than usual.

Platelets are the tiniest among all the blood cells, much smaller than red and white blood cells.

They help in blood clotting and aid in preventing blood loss from the body in case of injury. They have a life span of 5 to 9 days, and they are present in a vast number in our bodies.

Reasons for Low Platelet Count

Loss of platelets is a severe problem as it leads to blood loss from our bodies. There can be multiple reasons behind less number of platelets – either they are getting destroyed, or enough are not getting produced.

This problem could be due to the following reasons, like:

  • Reduced production of blood platelets due to anemia, viral infections, leukemia, chemotherapy, excessive alcohol consumption, and deficiency of Vitamin B12.
  • Breakdown of blood platelets is due to health problems like a bacterial infection in the blood ITP, TTP, reaction to autoimmune disease, and medicines.
  • The presence of blood platelets in the spleen due to cancer or severe liver-related disease can also be the reason.
  • Some symptoms of low platelets include prolonged bleeding from cuts, weakness, fatigue, bleeding through urine, or stool, rashes on the skin.

With some little changes in lifestyle and by following a few home remedies, the blood platelet count increases quickly.

Home Remedies to Increase the Blood Platelet Count

1. Papaya and papaya leaves

Papaya with Leaves

Papaya, along with its leaves are very helpful in increasing the platelet count in our body, says research conducted by the Asian institute of science and technology, Malaysia, in 2009.

How to Use?

Consume the ripe papaya and drink the juice of its leaves every day till the time your platelet count(1) doesn’t come to normal. You can also drink papaya juice with a dash of lemon juice to it.

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​2. Pumpkin and its seeds

The nutrients in pumpkin help build protein effectively, which is very vital for producing platelets. It’s Vitamin A helps in the production of platelets in your body.

How to Use?

Regularly consuming pumpkin and its seeds help us in increasing our platelet count.

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3. ​Lemon juice

Lemon provides our body with the right amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in improving the platelet count.

How to Use?

Vitamin C improves our immunity, which in turn is very useful for preventing free radical damage to blood platelets.

4. Amla (Indian gooseberries)


Amla is a Vitamin C rich food and provides all the benefits that lemon does.

How to Use?

Amla is rich in anti-oxidants and thus helps in preventing numerous health problems, which can lead to low platelet count.

5. Beetroot

Beetroot prevents the free radical damage of blood platelets and helps in increasing its number significantly.

How to Use?

Therefore, consuming beetroot juice can significantly help in increasing the number of platelets

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6. Wheatgrass

A study published in the journal International Journal of Universal Pharmacy and Life Sciences (IJUPLS) states that wheatgrass(2) increases the number of platelets in our blood.

This phenomenon happens because wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll, with a molecular structure like that of the hemoglobin molecule in our body.

How to Use?

Consume half a cup of wheatgrass juice and add lemon juice for increasing its potency.

Vitamin C enhances iron absorption by binding itself with iron. This phenomenon prevents the formation of insoluble and unabsorbable iron compounds.

7. Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice helps in the blood purification process. It is also useful in preventing blood infections.

How to Use?

And this leads to an increase in blood platelet count and treats the problem of low platelets effectively.

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8. Spinach

Spinach is Vitamin K rich food, which helps in the prevention of blood loss from cuts and injuries.

How to Use?

Consuming spinach juice every day can drastically improve the number of blood platelets.

9. Pomegranate

Are you wondering how to improve blood platelet count? Pomegranate has the answers.

Pomegranate is well known for its healthy and medicinal properties from ancient times with nutrients like vitamin C, which boosts the immune system, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Its vibrant red color is proof of the iron content in it.

How to Use?

You may eat either raw or drink its juice.

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10. Milk

milk for fibromyalgia
Image: Shutterstock

Milk, an excellent source of calcium, potassium, and phosphorus, is one of the best ways to increase blood platelets quickly. Calcium not only builds healthy teeth, bones and prevents osteoporosis but also helps regenerate the number of blood platelets in the body. Vitamin K Calcium and a protein called fibrinogen, and all work together to increase platelet count and the blood’s ability to form clots.

Without an adequate level of calcium, your body can take longer to form blood clots. You can also consume cheese, yogurt, and other organic dairy products to maintain calcium levels.


Platelets are very vital blood cells that prevent the loss of blood and protect from the resulting ailments. It does not just protect from excess bleeding and blood loss but also deadly infections such as Dengue.

One must regularly take care of his/her platelet counts to control the low platelet count in the initial preventable stages by consuming vitamin-rich food such as the one mentioned above. Lead a healthy life with these essential foods to increase blood platelets and ensure a healthy functioning body.

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