Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice – Why You Should Drink It Every Day

Updated on November 19th, 2019
beetroot juice benefits

There is no denying that natural products are the best for health and are the best ingredients that keep the body, mind, and soul in the best of spirits. One such thing which is a perfect tonic for the body in many ways, given to the presence of many nutrients it houses is the Beetroot Juice. A glass full of freshly prepared beetroot juice in a day will help you stay healthy.

It is a nutrient-packed juice with all essential vitamins and minerals in the most absorbable and nutritious form. Although the taste is not very pleasing when the juice is concentrated, to make it palatable, it can be diluted with water. Researchers have also suggested that if consumed in the early hours of the morning, before breakfast, its effects are experienced best.

Fast Facts About Beetroot Juice

  • It is an underground cultivated crop which is exceptionally high in nutrition value with essential minerals and vitamins present.
  • Not just vitamins, it also possesses substances which help in making the body and mind feel healthy, relaxed, and calm.
  • It can be used as an antidepressant as well. The composition betaine, which is an amino acid gives a very positive and happy sense to the body.
  • It is the potential veggie that will help you feel better after a hangover. The antioxidants it houses will help you recover fast after being high.
  • Components like violaxanthin, an antioxidant, and betaine, an amino acid, present in the beetroot juice have cancer healing properties.  These help to fight against the radicals, which are a potential danger leading to cancer.
  • It enhances healthy and fast digestion, therefore leading to excellent health.
  • Beetroot Juice is incredibly beneficial for the eyes as these have a high quantity of in Vitamin A and can thereby help in keeping eye problems at bay.
  • It helps in regulating the blood pressure and keeping it close to normal. The nitrates that are present in the beetroot play an essential role in this.
  • Biologically, beetroot has the inherent capability to help increase the blood flow in the blood vessels. It is further leading to a higher amount of oxygen, leading to an increase in energy and stamina.
  • For all the people who have diabetes, it is a boon. The sugar content in this veggie is released at a prolonged rate into the bloodstream. This negates the chances of a sudden increase in sugar level in the blood.
  • Many constituents such as the nitric acid, vitamin c, iron, and boron also help in increasing the sex drive by increasing the production, circulation, and release of the sex hormones.

Beetroot Juice Nutrition Facts

Here is a general picture of all the important nutrients in 100 gm of freshly prepared beetroot juice.



Betaine 128.9 gm
Vitamin A 32.00 UI
Carotene beta 21.00 mgc
Vitamin C 4.8 mg
Calcium 16.01 mg
Phosphorus 40.02 mg
Potassium 325. 05 mg
Sodium 79.00 mg
Nitrates 40.00 gm
Carbohydrates 9.60 gm
Sugar 6.78 gm
Fibre 3.0 gm

10 Excellent Beetroot Juice Benefits

1. Helps to Keep the Blood Pressure Regulated

blood pressure (1)-min
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The incredible amount of nitrates present in a glass of beetroot juice, if consumes regularly, helps in keeping the blood pressure in absolute control. Studies have proved this with experiments that it has the potential to keep the blood pressure in check, which in turn helps in the overall well being of the person(1).

2. Enhances the Stamina and Energy Level

Constituents like nitrates and betaine increase the blood flow to the cells. This leads to higher levels of oxygen supply, which directly leads to an increase in energy levels and physical stamina. Athletes have it religiously as it boosts their strength and helps them perform better.

3. Keeps the Liver Healthy

Antioxidants present in beetroot juice enhances the toxic removal process of the body by making the liver work better. It prevents infection and inflammation of the liver, which in turn makes the liver perform better by removing all toxins from the body.

4. Gives Your Sex Drive a Push

Since times immemorial, it has been used as a sex drive enhancer. The high contents of boron, iron, and calcium are significant constituents, which increases the urge generously.

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5. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

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The presence of betaine helps to reduce any accumulation or deposition of substances that can cause inflammation of the vessels or cells. Any pain or irritation that may arise due to inflammation is thus limited.

6. Reduces the Chance of Anemia

This juice is rich in iron content. Unlike any other drink, the iron content is satisfactorily high in this. Thus, the deficiency of iron content, that leads to a lack of oxygen supply is eliminated with the regular consumption of the beetroot juice(2).

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7. Reduces the Chance of Osteoporosis

The wide array of nutrients that it has is an excellent supplement for the nourishment of the bones. These provide for strengthening and the growth of healthy bones and prevents diseases of the bones like osteoporosis or arthritis.

8. Catalyzes an Excellent Digestion Cycle

The content of fiber, which is an essential element for the digestion cycle to work appropriately, is quite high. This helps to enhance the digestion process, which is one of the critical roles for a healthy human body.

9. Has Constituents That Help Prevent Cancer

cancer prevention

The potential of the antioxidants present is more than expected. These antioxidants help use up the random radicals that play a critical factor in developing cancer. As these radicals are used up by the antioxidants, the chances of cancer decrease considerably.

10. Keeps Diabetes in Control

Although the sugar content is high, its tendency to release the sugar in the blood is quite slow and gradual. This prevents the risk of a sudden rise in sugar level of blood after consuming it, plus it balances the need for sugar in the body.

What if we tell you that naturally sweetened beet juice is absolutely irresistible? Try this below-mentioned best beet juice recipe to know it yourself.

How to Make the Best Beet Juice Recipe?


  • 2 Medium beets, cleaned and chopped
  • 1 Medium cucumber – finely chopped
  • 1-Inch length ginger, cleaned and chopped
  • 1 medium-sized lemon


  • Chop the beets, cucumber, and ginger into fine pieces.
  • Squeeze one medium-sized lemon and keep the juice aside.
  • Blend all the veggies into a blender. And, add a dash of lemon juice to the blended mixture.

Beetroot juice is one of the daily drinks that you need to include in your diet regime to have the most adequate and balanced diet. It covers for almost all the essential nutrients that a body needs and provides all nourishment in a single intake. Also, it covers up and prevents many diseases that might happen due to deficiency of nutrients.

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