Stop Your Periods Easily Using These 8 Effective Tips

Updated on April 17th, 2020
how to stop periods

Worried about how to start stopping your periods? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. Nearly every woman or girl must have certain special occasions, where periods can prove to be a spoilsport. So, how do you curb the menstrual flow? Is it even safe? What are the long-term repercussions? If these and other such related concerns have been bugging you for a while, find out which of these eight easy tips are most active and workable for you, when it comes to stopping your periods.


  • The duration of a menstrual period varies from one woman to another.
  • Periods are unique for every woman
  • Factors associated with period onset range from stress to hormones and weight.
  • Regular menstrual cycles can vary from just two days to as much as a week. Some women may even have more extended periods.
  • Periods tend to lessen in duration due to age, contraceptives, and individual factors.

8 Easy Tips on How to Stop Periods

But one fact should be clear above all: Periods can be a hindrance to all your necessary personal or professional plans, at times. So, what do you do? Try these tips and remain period-free. Do remember that short term methods can work, as well as strategies in the long run.

Taking contraceptives can have side effects, though. But if you’re game for trying birth control pills, progestin injections, or contraceptive implants, do consult with your doctor before proceeding. If you’re looking for other effective ways, read on.

1. Sexual Intercourse/Orgasm

Sex or orgasms while menstruating reduce blood flow. They also ward off menstrual cramps(1). How does this happen? Well, the uterine muscles contract when you experience an orgasm during intercourse or masturbation. Such contractions can eject menstrual blood from the uterus quickly. But do remember there’s no actual scientific evidence to back up this method!

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2. Exercise

Yet another way to keep periods at bay is exercise. This remedy works well. Mostly, muscle movements in practice facilitate menstrual blood to be ejected faster. So, your cardio routine not only promotes excellent health but lightens the blood flow as well. It can lessen the days your periods last.

Further, exercising decreases water retention, and lets you bid bloating and cramps goodbye! A word of caution, though, as your exercise plan should not make you anorexic. Excessive exercise lowers body fat, pushing the BMI into a range that’s just plain unhealthy for you! Remember, you only want to stop periods early, not get rid of them completely.

how to stop periods

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3. Healthy Weight

Weight variance impacts periods, and if you’ve missed periods due to low body fat, you’re on one side of the spectrum. So, what’s the other? More massive blood flows can also be the result of overweight/obese weight values, and when BMI turns out to be challenging to maintain. This means being healthy weight-wise can have the benefits you seek. Obese women often have more massive blood flow during periods.

They experience painful symptoms for weeks at an end. The reason is raised estrogen levels due to fat-cell production, which lengthens cycles and makes them heavier. Check with your doctor if you’re a victim of obesity in this way. Speak with your doctor about hormone testing, and get going to reduce the weight safely and gradually, if need be.

4. Load Up on Micronutrients

M is for menstruation-stopping micronutrients, for women looking for a solution to heavy periods. These nutrients can even ward off PMS. Vitamin B6, for example, increases progesterone, and lowers estrogen in the human body, stopping your periods. It is found in foods like poultry, fish, and eggs.

Another magic micronutrient is zinc. This essential nutrient averts painful period cramps and heavy flow. Its analgesic properties are just like your average ibuprofen. Zinc-rich diets include dairy, legumes, and meat.

Don’t forget another marvelous mineral: magnesium. This alleviates prolonged and painful periods. A combination of this mineral with vitamin B6 works for PMS symptoms, too. Check with your doctor before opting for supplements to treat the period. Get magnesium into your diet through greens, seeds, nuts, and fish.

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5. Herbal Remedies

Bothered by long and painful menstruation? Try herbal remedies in consultation with your GP and a qualified herbalist. Promising herbs for menstruation include pain and inflammation-blocking fennel, anti-bleeding herb ginger, heavy menstruation reducing myrtle fruit syrup, or raspberry leaf. You can even opt for apple cider vinegar for a quick remedy. Here are the recipes you need to work on if you want to stop your periods.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

For this remedy, you will require a single tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of warm water. Add a single tablespoon of this vinegar to the warm water. Mix it well and drink the mixture once a day.

How Does It work?

Consuming apple cider vinegar regulates menstrual cycles, helping to begin and end in a timely way.


This miraculous root has many health benefits(2). For this remedy, you will need a sliced ginger root and a single cup of water. Add sliced ginger to the water boiling in a saucepan. Let it simmer for a couple of minutes before straining the mixture. Let the tea cool a bit before consuming it. This needs to be carried out 1-2 times per day.

How Does This work?

Ginger reduces menstrual blood loss. It stems the flow of menstruation in women and girls. It is an excellent option for those trying to reduce blood flow.

Raspberry Tea

For this remedy, you require one teaspoon of dried leaves of raspberry and a single cup of water. Add the dried raspberry leaves to the water, boiling it before steeping it for 10 minutes, and then straining the tea and consuming it. This tea can be consumed in one day for 1-2 times.

How Does This work?

Raspberry leaves relieve gynecological symptoms like menstruation. They prevent blood flow and regulate the period.

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Angelica Root

Angelica Root

For this remedy, a cup of boiling water and one teaspoon of powdered angelica root is required. Add the source to the glass of water, steep it for 10 minutes, and strain. Then, consume the warm tea. This tea needs to be drunk 1-2 times per day, especially around the time of the periods.

How Does This work?

Angelica root is a Chinese herb for treating menstrual disorders and symptoms. It prevents heavy flow and regulates the periods.

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6. Stay Well-Hydrated

Steps for easing menstruation symptoms can be as simple as drinking a glass of water. If the water intake is below 6-8 glasses, drink more water. This leads to fewer cramps and backaches. It moves the cycle along and prevents menstrual blood from thickening. Staying well-hydrated helps to ease backache and cramps linked to menstruation.


7. Follow a Healthier Lifestyle

A critical ingredient of efforts to prevent substantial flow is the ingestion of a well-balanced diet for maintaining a healthy weight. Obese women, for example, can be prone to heavy bleeding that does not stop. Managing weight is essential for stemming the flow of blood.

8. Try Birth Control

If all else fails, there’s always birth control. Birth control pills and shots can regulate your menstrual cycle and shorten the number of days an individual menstruates. Hormonal contraception reduces menstrual cycles each year, such as Depo Provera shots. Bear in mind that birth control pills and shots are prescribed by a licensed doctor, only.

Stopping periods faster once in a while should not pose a problem, provided safe steps are taken. Staving off periods is also a great option if periods are massive, and there’s this beach vacation you’ve been planning or a friendly get-together among your high school pals. Whatever the occasion, these simple tips can stop your periods early. But if the pain and cramps are unbearable along with a heavy flow, be sure to consult your doctor because this could signal underlying medical conditions.

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