Benefits of Red Wine for Health

Updated on March 17th, 2020
benefits of red wine

It is a never-ending debate in deciding what the benefits of red wine are. You must have heard that drinking red wine every day is good for your health. Let’s take an insight as to how it is good for health.

The dark-colored grapes are crushed and fermented to make red wine. The pup of the grapes is used, and the fermentation process is carried out using the grape skin that helps in giving the red color to the wine.

It is only in the fermentation process that sugar, yeast, and alcohol are added. Red wine is classified in various categories depending upon the color and taste. Some of them being Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel. To utilize the benefits of red wine dosage must be important.

Interesting Facts About Red Wine

  • Red wine benefits come from a compound called tannin.
  • The older red wine gets, the lighter in color they become.
  • All forms of red wine are made from one single kind of grape called – Vitis vinifera.
  • Red wine although an alcoholic drink comes with all positive effects
  • Did you know that people are scared of wine? Yes, this condition is called ‘oenophobia.’
  • An exciting thing about drinking wine in a wine glass is, you must hold it by the stem of the wine. Holding the glass increases the temperature of the wine.
  • Red wine is good for health because it has plenty of antioxidants.
  • The largest producer in California.
  • Wine can get spoilt if it comes in contact with air.
  • Wine crops take about ten years to grow before it is harvested.

 How Does Red Wine Benefit Our Health?

Red Wine
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Fermented grapes result in the making of wine. These are the various benefits of red wine(1).

  • Red wine is known to improve cardiovascular health.
  • Drinking red wine increases the levels of omega-three fatty acids in your body. This fatty acid is responsible for maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Drinking a glass of red wine after dinner reduces cardiometabolic risk with people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It is safe to drink red wine as ethanol in red wine plays an essential role in the metabolism of glucose in the body.
  • Having a glass or two of red wine relaxes the mind and body.
  • The benefits of red wine also include its ability to reduce blood pressure when taken moderately.
  • Red wine is rich in reservatol and consuming low doses of red wine helps to reduce the tumor size in bowels. It helps to prevent colon cancer.
  • Most kinds of alcohol put women at risk for breast cancer. Red wine is an exception to that. The aromatase inhibitors in red wine reduce estrogen levels and lower the risk of breast cancer in women.
  • Many people drink red wine for weight loss. It burns down bad fat into calorie-burning brown fat.
  • Drinking a glass of wine every day improves digestion.

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The Right Way To Take Red Wine

  • The first step to drinking right is determining the right DOSAGE. The right quantity will give you the benefits of red wine. A daily dose of 250 ml of red wine, or 125 ml twice daily. 150 ml of red wine every day for six months is just right to determine the best effects.
  • Serve wine at 16 degrees Celcius. Chilling it will stunt its flavor. Although the dessert wines and concord blends are better when served chilled. Wine must be stored airtight, in a cool dark place.
  • For a beginner start by drinking the wine slowly. If you use a wine glass, hold it by the stem while drinking and fill up to 90 ml of red wine. This process leaves enough space to swirl the wine.

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  1. Red wine dehydrates your body. Always drink enough water before starting to drink wine. You must be well hydrated after you finish your glass of wine too.
  2. Avoid the intake of food that doesn’t go well with wine — for example, chocolate (unless you are drinking port wine), seafood, asparagus.
  3. Do not drink red wine for its benefits if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  4. If you have health issues and you wish to drink wine, check with your doctor first.
  5. To reap the benefits of wine, do not cross the limit of 250 ml of wine per day.
  6. Overdose of wine can prove to be fatal.

Drinking too much wine can make you an addict, which is why it is important to drink in moderate amounts. Make use of the benefits by drinking after a meal or use it for culinary purposes by adding it to your recipes. It is a great addition when cooking meat or pasta. Whoever knew alcohol(2) came with so many benefits? If not for all, red wine is going to steal some hearts.


1. How Do I Store Wine After Opening the Bottle?

You must always apply the cork after pouring wine. Keep it in a dark place. Freezing wine makes it last longer.

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