Science-Based Moringa Health Benefits for Men

Updated on October 20th, 2020
moringa benefits for men

Recent scientific studies have found that Moringa Oleifera has an enormous impact on men’s overall health and sexual function. We are aware of Moringa’s health benefits for women, but how many benefits does it actually have for men?

Moringa is full of the essential nutrients and vitamins to men’s health, and scientific studies suggest it can also enhance male sexual function [1].

Moringa health benefits for men

How Moringa Can Enhance Sexual Function in Men

It has been proven that Moringa can treat erectile dysfunction due to it being rich in vitamin D and C, which are critical to testosterone production. It also has mood-improving properties that can potentially enhance sex drive.

While this hasn’t been researched and is still just a theory, what has been noted by the scientific study is that men who take Moringa have higher sperm quality and enhanced reproductive function.

Moringa benefits for men

May improve fertility

Men are estimated to contribute or cause infertility problems in about forty percent of cases, with reduced sperm motility and sperm production problems being among the most general causes (2).

Moringa leaf powder benefits

Moringa seeds and leaves are excellent sources of antioxidants, which can help fight oxidative damage that can damage sperm DNA or interfere with sperm production. Research in rabbits has shown that leaf powder from the plant significantly improved semen volume and motility, and sperm count.

Studies in rats have further demonstrated that moringa leaf extract’s antioxidant properties remarkably improved sperm count in instances of induced undescended testicles.

What’s more, studies in rabbits and rats have shown that this leaf extract can prevent the depletion of sperm due to excessive heat, electromagnetic rays emitted from cell phones, or chemotherapy.

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Is Moringa safe?

While these results are encouraging, clinical trials in humans are required before conclusions can be made on Moringa’s effectiveness for enhancing male fertility.

Can improve prostate health

Moringa leaves and seeds are high in sulfur-having compounds called glucosinolates, which can have anti-cancer properties.

Test-tube clinical trials have proved that the glucosinolates from the plant’s seeds may obstruct human prostate cancer cells’ development [3].

It’s also believed that Moringa could help prevent BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). This disorder typically becomes more common as men grow and are characterized by enlargement of the prostate, making urination challenges.

In one research, mice received moringa leaf extract before being administered testosterone daily for four weeks to induce BPH. The extract was found to reduce prostate weight significantly.

What’s more, the concentrate also reduced levels of prostate-centric antigen, a protein secreted by the prostate gland. High levels of this antigen can be a sign of prostate cancer.

Lastly, the research also demonstrated that the plant decreased testosterone levels in the treated mice. In humans, low testosterone levels can cause erectile function, reduce sex drive, cause depression, lead to a loss of lean muscle mass.

This testosterone-decreasing impact could also interfere with the effectiveness of testosterone-replacement treatment in men with low testosterone levels.

Ultimately, studies in humans must conclude whether Moringa lowers testosterone in men or has useful prostate health effects.

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Can alleviate ED (erectile dysfunction)

ED (erectile dysfunction) is the inability to hold or get an erection that’s firm enough for intercourse.

The condition often occurs when there’s an issue with blood flow, resulting from high blood pressure, certain conditions like diabetes, or high-fat levels in the blood [4].

Moringa leaves have beneficial plant compounds called polyphenols, which can enhance blood flow by decreasing blood pressure and increasing nitric oxide production.

What’s more, research in rats has shown that extract from the plant’s seeds and leaves inhibit key enzymes linked to erectile dysfunction that decrease nitric oxide production and increase blood pressure.

One research also proved that a moringa seed extract relaxed the smooth muscle in the penis of healthy rats, allowing for unhindered blood flow to the region. The extract also alleviated erectile dysfunction in rats with diabetes.

However, to date, no clinical trial on the topic has been undertaken in humans. Therefore, it remains unproven if Moringa’s beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction in animals translate to humans.

Can improve blood sugar control

Type 2 diabetes is a severe metabolic disorder that happens when our body doesn’t produce adequate insulin or can’t properly use it. Insulin is a hormone produced by our pancreas that lowers blood sugar levels after taking food.

The condition is more common in men than in women. This can be because men tend to store more bad fat around their abdominal region, known as visceral fat, which reduces insulin effectiveness, thus increasing diabetes risk.

Several studies in rats and mice with diabetes have shown that extracts from moringa seeds and leaves can lower blood sugar levels by either the uptake of sugar into cells or increasing insulin production.

One research in ten healthy adults proved that taking four grams of moringa leaf powder spiked insulin secretion but did not drastically affect blood sugar levels.

In another research, 17 adults with type 2 diabetes and ten healthy adults were given 20 gms of the leaf extracted with a meal. Studies found that the supplement reduced the post-meal blood sugar increase in those with diabetes but not in those without the disorder.

Scientists reported this dosage resulted in poor taste, which may have impacted the consistency of intake. While these results are promising, additional high-quality, long-term studies involving more individuals are required before any rigid conclusions can be made on Moringa’s potency for controlling type 2 diabetes.

Bottom Line

Moringa is a tree with origins in northwestern India. According to animal and test-tube studies, its seeds and leaves can alleviate ED, protect against prostate cancer, and improve blood sugar control and fertility.

However, more research in humans is required before the plant can be confidently recommended for men’s use. Still, moringa leaves are highly nutritious and can be consumed as a pill, powder, extract, or tea.

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