The Amazing Facts About Meditation for Weight Loss

Updated on December 13th, 2019
Meditation for Weight Loss

Do you feel disheartened or demotivated after looking at all the fit people around you? If you feel ‘disheartened’ then you indeed belong to the group that has tried many attempts but failed. But have you ever considered the power of your mind as the culprit behind your failed attempts?

If so then it is high time to make your weakest spot your armor and hit the road to weight loss yet again but with an evolved approach of using meditation for weight loss this time.

You would be stunned to know that more than 14% of people in the US practice meditation(1) and are already aware of its miraculous benefits and this number was only 9.5% in 2012.

It is a strong motivation that can get you on track of achieving your desired goal of weight loss. What can help you lose weight? Read ahead as this article is a perfect guide for all the required information for you to get started with weight loss.

    1. Benefits
    2. What Research Says
    3. Guided Meditation
    4. Weight Loss Techniques

How Meditation has a Say in Weight Loss?

Meditation helps for Weight Loss

There can be different ways to lose weight and many of them have some side effects. Obese people often become desperate to lose weight and take help of harmful pills without thinking about the consequences. On the other hand, meditation for weight loss is a time-tested method which can never be detrimental to anyone.

Our body is the reflection of our mind. Past pains, lack of self-love, and other traumas can manifest itself in weight gain. Workouts alone won’t help you lose weight. What you need is guided meditation for weight loss. Meditation works as an inside-out process for weight loss. You must change the map of your subconscious mind to change your reality.

Meditation helps to motivate you to do a regular workout and to be consistent. It also helps you to understand the bad habits that caused the weight gain.

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Is Meditation for Weight Loss of Any Benefit?

Meditation is helpful for anybody and everybody. And when it comes to weight loss, meditation has a significant role to play. Meditation for weight loss is undoubtedly a widely practiced method. Mindfulness meditation is the most effective type of meditation for weight loss. Let us explore the benefits of meditation for weight loss:

  • Meditation helps you to accept yourself without any shame or inferiority feeling. And through that, the chances of stress or depression related eating reduce automatically.
  • Meditation makes you calm and mindful about choosing your foods, changing your bad habits, slowing down the chewing process, reducing your stress and stress-related side effects, and above all – makes you holistically active.

What Do Researches Say About Meditation for Weight Loss?

Many studies and researches conduct the efficacies of meditation(2) for weight loss. Most of them proved the limitless benefits of meditation. The survey on mindfulness‐based interventions (MBIs) for weight loss and obesity‐related eating behaviors confirms that mindful meditation is useful for individuals with obesity issues. It proves that mindfulness meditation helps to change eating habits.

In another study, sixty-six people participated and had gone through a 25-minute extended mindfulness meditation(3) at a stretch. At the end of the study, the result was in favor of the efficacies of meditation for weight loss. It was also useful for stress relieving reactions which trigger the outburst of certain activities like an impulsive or emotional eating disorder.

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In What Ways Can Meditation Induce Weight Loss?

Meditation Induce Weight Loss

You may have tried swimming, jogging or sweating out in the gym to shed some weight and burn some calories. You may find it hard to understand the connection between sitting idle during meditation and doing hardcore exercise. These two are just different activities. Let’s talk about how meditation can reduce weight.

Meditation Lowers BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

Lower BMR is necessary for a healthy life. Lower BMR means low-calorie intake, which invariably means you are on the right track of losing weight. Meditation reduces the BMR level naturally.

Better Absorption of Food

After a rigorous exercise, it is your instinct to eat a lot amount of food. Here comes the need of meditation. Meditation improves the assimilation of food and balances the hormones which induce eating disorders.

Reduces Unhealthy Cravings

The main problem or obstacle in your weight loss journey is the urge or cravings that lead to binge eating. And if you are a foodie, then you might have to struggle a lot trying to suppress your cravings. Meditation helps to contemplate on all your bad habits and increases your awareness. This awareness helps to control your untimely cravings.

Decreases Stress Level

Stress can be harmful by all means. Meditation makes you stress-free and reduces your emotional burden. And the chance of stress eating will decrease with time.

Apart from these points mentioned above, meditation boosts commitment. Losing the motivation and compromising with the commitment to losing weight decreases over time.

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What is Guided Meditation for Weight Loss and How Can You Practice It?

Guided meditation for weight loss is ideal for beginners. You do not need to do anything. You have to follow the instructions of the guide. Guided meditation is the best way to reduce weight effortlessly. The guide helps you to understand the triggers and hidden psychological issues to lose weight.

To practice it, you must find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. Sit straight and try to concentrate on your breathing. Breathing is the main anchor of this whole guided meditation for weight loss. The guide will gradually guide to accept your natural body and love yourself. Then, the guide will help you to focus on the situation when you feel the food cravings.

Guided meditation reprograms your brain and gives control over overeating, stress eating, and helps you commit yourself to weight loss regularly.

How to Practice Meditation for Weight Loss at Home?

Meditation for Weight Loss at Home

Meditation is no computer science. Anyone can start meditation for weight loss at home. But you need the following things to start with:

  • Motivation to start meditation.
  • A quiet place with zero distraction at your home.
  • A fixed time when you are not in a hurry to do anything else.
  • A recorded or online guided meditation for weight loss.

If you have all these mentioned above, then you are quite prepared to start meditating. You do not need to join any class. Start small, let’s say start with 10 minutes a day.

Make sure you are feeling comfortable during the process. Focus on your breath and observe how your stomach and chest rises and falls with each breath. Slowly inhale, hold and exhale. Continue focusing on this breathing process for 10 minutes.

Your mind will start wandering. Let it wander and bring it back to your breathing. Try to make it a habit and part of your everyday chores. Always remember, meditation is not a quick fix. But a regular practice will leave an ever-lasting and miraculous effect on your body and mind.

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Weight losing techniques with Meditation

Apart from guided meditation for weight loss, you can go for some other techniques as well. These techniques will boost mindful activities related to weight loss. Here are the methods:

Slow chewing:  Try to take time while eating and chew your food slowly and consciously.

Time to eat: Try to set aside time for eating. Do not hurry yourself into eating or eat while you are doing something else.

Thoughtful food selection: Think while choosing the food to eat. Think about its components and effects on your body.

Difference between hunger and craving: Try to control the food cravings when you are full.

Feel and eat: See the emotional reactions after eating certain foods. If you feel tired after eating something, then do not consume it. Your body always gives you the signal about what to eat and what not to.

If you are looking for an overnight weight loss program, then meditation for weight loss is not for you. You must be patient and committed to see and feel the results. The result will amaze you. It is never possible to have good health if you are mentally stressed.

People try a lot of things to get into shape. In an attempt, they tend to forget about focusing on their mind. These things only give a short time result. But if you want to be healthy always, you need to concentrate on both – physical and mental condition. Meditation is an age-old process for better mental and physical health.

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