8 Magnesium-Rich Foods for ADHD Treatment

Updated on December 10th, 2019
magnesium for adhd

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is observed generally among kids and young people. It starts to show itself early but leaves a lifetime impact. Severe symptoms of ADHD include forgetfulness and becoming inattentive. Most children are found to become restless.

Studies prove that around 2 in 10 children suffer from ADHD, and that happens due to lack of magnesium and other essential minerals. Some supplements, other than magnesium, that helps to prevents ADHD are, vitamins, complex carbs, omega 3, zinc to mention a few.

Did You Know?

  • Not just children, but even adults are found to be suffering from ADHD.
  • A wrong magnesium dosage for ADHD could, in fact, aggravate the same and lead to unprecedented health hazards.

Magnesium-Rich Foods

Magnesium is the most impactful among all the other minerals that could possibly control ADHD. Magnesium helps the children to sleep well, which in return helps the children, suffering from ADHD, to relax.

ADHD is a gradual result of prolonged restlessness. This increases the possibility of hyperactivity and sleeplessness. So, sleep is the best medicine for any problem. It is the ultimate cure that can be provided by taking magnesium for ADHD.

The best forms of magnesium for ADHD are varied seeds, pulses, and some green vegetables.

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1. Spinach, Green Leaves, and Vegetables

(Vegetables) Dark Green Leafy

These are rich in mineral content. Spinach is highly recommended for children till the age of 14 since it has high magnesium content.

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2. Peanuts, Cashews, and Almonds

A handful of these nuts is a rich source of magnesium(1) required by the body. Hence, nuts are helpful for people suffering from ADHD.

3. Dark Chocolates

A tasty treat for children, dark chocolates too serves the purpose. One ounce of dark chocolate, that’s almost 28gms of dark chocolate, contains 64mg of Magnesium. Hence, a bit of dark chocolate in your child’s regular diet won’t be a bad option, if he/she is suffering from ADHD.

Moreover, these are devoid of extra fats and sugars, hence, keeping a child healthy and boosting the energy.

4. Tofu

Tofu is another important food that you can have in your daily diet chart because in 100mg Tofu the Magnesium content is around 30 mg, which quite high compared to the other foods those are there. In case of children and teenagers, it is advisable to take Tofu along with cereals.

However, you should also remember that Tofu lacks Vitamin B12 and protein, and this need to be supplemented if you or your child is suffering from ADHD.

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5. Yogurt


100mg Greek yogurt contains 11mg Magnesium. Apart from Magnesium, the non-fatty Greek yogurt comes with a high protein content that is also very good for the child suffering from ADHD.

However, the best part of yogurt is that apart from being nutritious it is also added to the taste of the food and provide it a good texture. So, you can easily feed your child other nutritious food, blending it with yogurt.

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6. Beans

100gm beans contain 176mg of Magnesium, which is again quite high. Feingold diet is often suggested for children suffering with ADHD(2), and in this diet, beans sprout along with other various types of beans form an important part.

7. Quinoa

Quinoa seeds

This particular food has all the 4 minerals in very high amount and the most important place here has been acquired by Magnesium where with one cup Quinoa, you get 185gms of Magnesium that is almost 30% of the RDA or the Recommended Dietary Allowances.

8. Whole Grain Cereals

The blend of milled grains including oats, barley, triticale, flaxseed, red wheat, and rye has high Magnesium content. One-fourth of these cereals contain 25mg of Magnesium, which is good for your child suffering from ADHD.

To list a few yet essential, the above-mentioned foods containing magnesium help cure ADHD.

Treating an ailment on time, diagnosing the issue under the best physician’s vigilance and carefully monitoring the changes is the key behind curing any ailment. Most medical problems are curable. But the ‘how’ is important. Here, in the case of ADHD, correct monitoring of the food habits of a child can help avoid problems. Apart from that, keeping the child engaged in creative works, sports, etc is equally important.

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