How to Treat Crohn’s Disease in 4 Natural Ways?

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Have you experienced soreness and pain in the digestive tract? It may be because of Crohn’s disease. No matter how beautiful you look or how good your personality is but if your stomach doesn’t support you, then everything seems useless. But not to worry about it anymore as here is the answer on how to treat Crohn’s disease.

Treatment Crohn’s Disease

What is Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease is a chronic illness that leads to ulcers and inflammation in the intestine, bowel or any other part of the digestive tract.What causes Crohn’s disease is not yet known. However, the occurrence of it has got to do with genetics. Some of the Crohn’s disease symptoms include fever and weight loss. Delay in development and stunted growth are symptoms of Crohn’s disease in children.

Also, some of Crohn’s disease pain areas include the abdomen and the joint. The Crohn’s disease eye symptoms lead to a blurred vision. Now as you know what Crohn’s disease is, let’s move forward to its treatment and cure.

4 Remedies on How to Treat Crohn’s Disease Naturally

Here is a list of easy-to-follow remedies on how to treat Crohn’s disease:

1. How to treat Crohn’s disease using foods?

Best foods:

Some of the foods for how to treat Crohn’s disease that you can eat include, almond milk, and butter, white rice, eggs, avocado, oatmeal, pureed beans. Also, the consumption of green tea and the inclusion of turmeric in your diet helps to get rid of the Crohn’s disease.

However, these foods do not suit everyone who has passed the Crohn’s disease diagnosis. The best way is to maintain a food diary and jot down what you eat daily and what are the effects of it. This way you can cut down on foods having adverse effects.

Foods to avoid:

The foods that you need to exclude from Crohn’s disease diet include greasy or fried foods, milk, and milk products, high-fiber foods such as popcorn, seeds, corn and nuts, alcohol, carbonated beverages, raw fruits and vegetables, spicy foods, red meat, and whole grains.

2. How to treat Crohn’s disease naturally with the help of essential oils?

Our age-old essential oils work the best when it comes to treatment of Crohn’s disease

Peppermint oil

How to use:

  • Take 1 to 2 drops of the peppermint oil
  • Apply it directly to the abdomen


This oil soothes intestinal diseases with its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.

3. How to treat Crohn’s disease with the aid of natural remedies?


People who have Crohn’s disease should exercise at least 3 to 4 times per week for 30 to 45 minutes each day. It helps to relieve stiff muscles and anxiety. Some of the recommended exercises for people living with Crohn’s disease include swimming, running, jogging and bicycling.


Yoga works mainly on your posture and breathing. You can practice slow breathing exercises. Recommended timings for breathing exercises are morning and evening. However, you can do it throughout the day as and when time permits.It is one of the safest treatments to consider for Crohn’s disease.


Acupuncture is an age-old practice that uses needles on specific points of the body. It helps to release endorphins that strengthen the immune system and help to combat infection.

Maintaining an emotional balance

Most of the times, if you fear the disease, then you need to heal the psychological and emotional causes behind the diseases. Not working on these can aggravate the disease. Do take help of a skilled therapist in this case.

4. How to treat Crohn’s disease naturally with the help of supplements?

The following supplements help cure severe Crohn’s disease:



Consumption of probiotic supplements improves digestion, mineral absorption and alleviates the chances of diarrhea. Choose a high-quality probiotic rich in vitamin B12, calcium and vitamin K2.

Slippery elm


Slippery elm is aherbal supplement. It protects tissues and helps them to heal. Also, it contains mucilage that soothes the stomach, intestine, mouth, and throat. It is an excellent remedy to calm Crohn’s flare-ups.

Omega-3 fatty acid

In fish oil supplements you can easily find omega- 3 fatty acids which help you on how to treat Crohn’s disease.

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The intake of these supplements helps combat inflammation and reduces the chances of the disease bouncing back.

Real multivitamin


Consumption of real food multivitamin provides the necessary minerals to the body.



This supplement has proven beneficial to people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce Crohn’s disease symptoms and dependence on medicines.


How to use:

  • Take one supplement of turmeric each day for two months for how to treat Crohn’s disease


It reduces the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.


This supplement is recommended only in case of mild Crohn’s disease. Also, turmeric can cause reflux symptoms and affect people who are already suffering from heartburn.

Conventional Way to treat Crohn’s disease

Detoxifying your home

Eliminate all the toxic items or substances in your house. It could be the pans you use for cooking, or the electromagnetic radiation, or the elements releasing harmful chemicals. Empty your house of all these harmful things. It is one of the ways on how to treat Crohn’s disease.

General Precautions

  • Drink plenty of water and always stay hydrated. The minimum water intake should be 8 to 12 glasses per day
  • Avoid intake of alcohol and say no to smoking
  • Whenever you are stressed, the immune system becomes hyperactive thus affecting absorption and leads to an increase in the production of gastric acid. Therefore, you need to relax and say goodbye to stress


Here is a compact and consolidated list of how to treat Crohn’s. In case of Crohn’s disease rashes and perianal Crohn’s disease, certain medications can help treat these conditions. The Crohn’s disease fatal repercussions are very rare. It can lead to complications, but the good news is that they are treatable.

The Crohn’s disease prognosis says that you can cure it in most of the cases. So you can work on taking precautions on how to prevent the disease first.  In case you see the symptoms, you already have a systematic approach on how to treat Crohn’s disease

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