How to Stop Eye Twitching with 5 Extraordinary Natural Remedies?

Updated on February 24th, 2020
Eye Twitching

You are chit-chatting with your friends and suddenly you feel your eye is acting funny. You can feel the spasms of the eye i.e. eye twitching. Your immediate reaction is how to stop eye twitching as soon as possible.

Do not panic. Many natural remedies on how to stop eye twitching are at your disposal and bear in mind the fact that the twitching is totally fine, except in some rare cases.

Natural Remedies for Eye Twitching

You say your eye is twitching when your eyelid blinks every few seconds for 1-2 minutes. Such repetitive and involuntary eyelid spasm is known as an eye twitch.

You cannot predict when it will attack you and it can affect one or both eyes. It can stay for one day or continue for many days.

One kind of eye twitching is known as ocular myokymia or eyeball twitching. It generally refers to the condition where either the eyeballs or the eyelids twitch. Eyelids twitching can be either upper eyelid twitching or lower eyelid twitching.

Though the twitches are annoying and bothersome, they do not cause you any pain or harm. However, to be free from such an annoying condition, you can follow the mentioned tips on how to stop eye twitching naturally.

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Causes Of Eye Twitching

Weakness in eyelid muscles or the tiredness of your eyelids can cause involuntary eye twitching. The spasms in your eyelids are similar to the muscles spasms you feel in your legs when you exercise a lot.

Here are a few other possible causes for this twitching sensation,

  • Fatigue
  • Caffeine
  • Lack of sleep
  • Alcohol
  • Dry eyes
  • Stress
  • Nutrition problems
  • Eyestrain
  • Smoking

Home Remedies for Eye Twitching

1.  Foods

You need to focus on the kind of food you are consuming to get rid of eyelid twitching or under-eye twitching or eye twitching.

Food plays a crucial role in fighting with the twitching condition as nutrients make a lot of difference to your eye health.

Here are some food types that help to resolve your query on how to stop eye twitching.

Magnesium-Rich Foods

  • Spinach – 1 cup of spinach contains 157 mg of magnesium
  • Almonds – 0.03 kg of almonds contains 80 mg of magnesium
  • Dark chocolate – 1 square of dark chocolate contains 95 mg of magnesium
  • Pumpkin seeds – 1/8 cup of pumpkin seeds contains 92 mg of magnesium

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Potassium-Rich Foods

Insufficient potassium(1) in your body is widely known as the primary cause of eye twitching. Eat bananas on a regular basis as they are rich sources of potassium and get rid of the irritating twitching.

Calcium-Rich Foods

Eye twitching depends on the functioning of your nerves around the eye. To keep those nerves in a healthier condition, consumption of sufficient calcium is necessary. Hence, you include calcium-rich food like cheese, yogurt, milk, etc. in your diet.

Foods to Avoid


Reduce the intake of caffeine products like cola, tea, and coffee as a high quantity of caffeine in your body can cause eye twitching.


Sometimes, alcohol proves to be the reason behind eye twitching. In such cases, make an effort to stay away from alcoholic drinks like liquor, wine, and beer.

2. Herbs

There are various under eye twitching creams made up of herbs:

Rose Water

Rose water is a soothing eyewash with no harmful side-effects. Use it as a cleanser to get rid of the dirt, which can also be a reason for the twitching.

How to Use?
  • Use the rose water just like how you use regular eye drops. Doing so will relax the muscles of your eye, nourish your eyes and cleanse them
  • Take two cotton balls which are clean and dip them in rose water
  • Place those balls dipped with rose water on your eyes for 15 minutes
  • Later, add a few drops of rose water in water and rinse your eyes thoroughly to provide relaxation to the eyes. Relaxed eyes will stop their twitching

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Image: Shutterstock

To relax the movement of your eye nerves and to soothe the muscles of the eye, you can use cucumber(2). Its anti-inflammatory properties naturally relax the eye muscles naturally.

How to Use?
  • Take a slice of chilled cucumber and place it on the eye that is twitching
  • Leave it there till the chilled cucumber’s temperature doesn’t reach room temperature

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3. Essential Oils for Eye Twitching

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavendor oilSource:ShutterStock

How to Stop Eye Twitching with lavender essential oil?

Well, lavender is the most versatile essential oil. It is known for its relaxing effects on the body, and even the therapeutic-grade lavender is beneficial for skin and eye twitching.

How to Use?

Apply the Lavender oil on your eyelids twice in one day and you will face no more twitching.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Steam is the best way to treat eye twitching. It will ease the nerve movement and will remove all the dirt from the skin pores.

How to Use?

Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water and take the steam for 10 minutes regularly.

Note That:

  • While taking the steam, cover your head with the help of a towel
  • Before using any essential oil for the first time, do a patch test for sensitivity and allergies. Also, always make sure to use any essential oil with a carrier oil or water. Do not use it undiluted

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4. Natural Treatment


When your eyelids twitch, the skin around the eyebrow to moves to cause eyebrow twitching. Perform acupressure to get relief from the twitches. Acupressure methods help eye twitching by increasing circulation to the eye while the closed lid allows tear film to hydrate the eye. Here are two excellent methods on how to stop eye twitching through acupressure.

How to Perform?
  • Identify your points of acupressure near your eye region. For 5 to 10 seconds, massage those points which are around the eye lightly and in a circular way
  • After finishing the first step, repeat the same step up to 2 minutes
  • One more acupressure method is placing your middle finger and index finger on your eyebrow and pressing softly and rotating them on eye socket bone’s edges for 5 minutes

Breathing Exercises

Spend 10 minutes of your day in performing the breathing exercises daily. You can practice these exercises when you wake up and before going to bed. Following this ritual will subdue your twitching issue because of the decrease in your stress levels.

Note-Apart from inculcating this habit, you should not forget to sleep well and drink sufficient amount of water.

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Fast Blinking

Fast blinking is another method to stop eye twitching. It helps in eliminating the dirt from your eye, and lubricating and relaxing your eye muscles.

How to Do?

  • Blink swiftly and quickly for 20 seconds
  • Repeat the above process after taking a little gap

Note: Stop the process immediately if you feel irritation or pain in your eyes.

Note: You should perform these techniques with clean hands and face to avoid infection or irritation.


After the treatment of an eye twitch, the nutritional needs of the body increase manifold. Hence, it is necessary to provide these nutrients with proper supplements. Recommended supplements are-

  • Vitamin B12
  • Electrolytes
  • Vitamin D


  • Maintaining a journal can be a good habit if you experience eye twitching more frequently as you get to know what factors are leading to the twitching and you can avoid such factors
  • If you observe your lack of sleep is causing the eye twitches, it is better to improve your sleeping duration
  • Sometimes dehydration is the underlying reason for eye twitching. In such cases, a simple preventive method is to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and hydrate your body sufficiently
  • If you are one of those persons who have to spend a lot of time at your computer, then you wear the computer protection glasses which are anti-glare, anti-fatigue and anti-reflective

For most of the people, eye twitches visit you once in a blue moon but for some, they are frequent visitors. Eye twitching is such a condition that you feel embarrassed and annoyed, but it is mostly unnoticeable by others.

Brush aside your feelings of depression towards it and embrace the natural solutions mentioned on how to stop eye twitching. However, if your eye twitching is a persistent issue, you should consult an eye doctor and follow his advice.

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