5 Amazing Remedies to Treat Eye Pain

Updated on February 20th, 2020
eye pain

The most important part of the human body is the eye, but unfortunately, most of us fail to give proper attention to its care. Eye pain is quite common among people especially kids. Most often we do not consider it to be a symptom of a severe problem and deal with it lightly.

Sudden eye pain can be mild like the one which occurs on the surface or can be serious like the one which occurs deep inside the eye. Itching, burning sensation, aching, throbbing, etc. are some of the symptoms of eye pain(1). This article will enrich you with several natural remedies to treat eye pain.

How to Treat Eye Pain With 5 Natural Ways

CURE 1: Foods

There are certain foods which when added to your diet will provide eye pain relief to you. These include:

  • Eating fishes high in levels of omega-3 help to avoid dry eye pain
  • Leafy green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, etc. have a high content of eye-friendly vitamin C
  • Eggs boast of good sources of vitamins C and E and zinc
  • For non-vegetarians, beef is very good for good long-term eye health
  • Carrots which are an efficient source of VitaminA play a pivotal role in maintaining good eye health
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CURE 2: Herbal Treatments

Below are listed some of the best herbs on how to treat eye pain.

1. Fennel

Fennel is quite useful in curing watery and inflamed eyes and is also helpful in treating cataract pain.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is an essential antiseptic ingredient. It helps to reduce the oxidation of the eye lens which is the primary cause of several eye problems.

3. Green Tea

This herb apart from its antioxidant properties is also effective in curing dark circles and swelling around the eyes.

4. Goldenseal

Used as eyewash goldenseal helps to reduce pain by curing irritation sensations and allergies in the eye.

CURE 3: Essential Oils

Essential oils are a useful remedy for the cure of left eye pain and eye pain while blinking. There are many essential oils which are beneficial. Some to be mentioned are as follows:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Vetiver essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil

How to use

The article provides two ways to use essential oils which work wonders in eye pain. You can use these remedies to get instant relief!

oil for eye

1. Roll-on Blend

  • Five drops of peppermint oil
  • Five drops of eucalyptus oil
  • Three drops of lavender oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Roll-on Bottle of 10 ml capacity
  • Drop by drop add all the essential oils to the roll-on bottle
  • At the end add the grapeseed oil
  • Roll this blend of essential oils onto forehead, temples, neck, and shoulders for quick and effective relief

2. Steaming

  • A vessel which can hold 3-4 cups of water
  • Three drops of peppermint oil
  • Heat approximately 3-4 cups of water to generate steam
  • Turn off the heat and place the vessel over a mat on the table
  • Sit in front of the vessel and cover your head and face with a towel
  • Inhale the fumes of the peppermint oil for nearly 15 minutes. Keep your eyes closed
  • Once you feel good and relieved, wash your face with cold water

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CURE 4: Home Remedies

Home remedies prove to be highly effective in bringing relief from eye pain. Some of these comfortable, convenient yet effective techniques are listed below:

1· Cotton Balls

To reduce inflammatory pain in eyes, use cotton balls dipped in rose water. You can place them over your eyes for a few minutes to experience soothing relief.

2· Cucumber

Make an eye pack of chilled cucumber slices and apply it over your eyes to get rid of the pain.

3· Rinsing

Rinse your eyes with warm water and milk many times a day for quick relief.

4· Aloe-Vera

Soak a clean, soft cloth in Aloe Vera juice and wipe your eyes with it to treat sore eyes.


5· Amla

Add juice of gooseberry amla mixed with a teaspoon of honey to your diet. Drink this twice daily and get rid of eye infections and also increase your immunity with it.

CURE 5: Conventional Methods

Someconventional methods on how to treat eye pain include:

  • Don’t use electronic gadgets like a computer or mobile phones for a long duration of time as this leads to blurry vision, headaches, eyestrain to a great extent
  • Eat a proper balanced diet for healthy eyesight. Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, lutein, vitamins C, A, and E help to solve various age-related eye problems and have proved to be effective in curing cataracts
  • Quit smoking as it makes you prone to diseases like cataract, and also causes damage to your optic nerve
  • Get your eyes tested as soon as you see even minor eye pain symptoms to ensure appropriate treatment timely
  • Once your doctor recommends tested glasses, don’t forget to wear them as and when advised
  • If you have sinus eye pain, use a warm compressor to cure it
how to treat eye pain


Eyes are the most crucial part of our lives and should be taken proper care of. We apply sunscreen while moving out in the sun to protect our skin from harmful UV rays and to avoid tanning. But what to do for eye pain? How do we protect our eyes which are equally critical for healthy living?

Don’t worry!!! This article provides you with various precautions which work wonder for eye health and also helps to protect it from multiple allergies causing pain and irritation.

These precautions include:

  • Sunglasses, goggles, hats, and other protective gears turn out to be quite useful in protecting eyes from dust and pollution. Hence they should be chosen wisely
  • Try to avoid getting into environments which lead to exposure to contaminants
  • Wash hands to avoid the spread of infectious germs, viruses, etc. which cause various eye diseases
  • Rubbing of eyes should be strictly avoided to increase the severity of inflammation
  • Protect your eyes while using chemicals like spray paints, colors, etc.
  • Eye drops should be used only after proper consultation from an eye specialist
  • For headache eye pain, avoid consumption of alcohol

Bottom Line

Eyes make us capture these beautiful surroundings made by the almighty including the lively, colorful natural miracles as well as the exciting human-made world. So if eyes are such an indispensable part of our lives, then why do we often forget to pay attention to its health? Eye pain is a matter of serious concern, and you should act upon it timely. This article will help you understand the importance of eye health and will help on how to treat eye pain in a convenient way.

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