5 Super-Effective Ways to Get Rid of Razor Bumps on Vag Naturally

Updated on January 27th, 2020
how to get rid of razor bumps on vag

The red bumps on the vagina are embarrassing as well as bothersome. So, what can you do about them? No, there is no need to bear the pain or stress about them, instead, try some simple home remedies for how to get rid of razor bumps on vag. These can expertly help you get rid of the razor bumps.

What are Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps(1) are the small red bumps that appear on your skin after shaving. As most women opt to shave their pubic hair, they tend to get those razor bumps on their vagina.

What Causes Razor Bumps?

As already told, razor bumps occur due to improper shaving. It causes the tiny hair of skin to curl and grow back into the skin surface, irritating the hair follicle and leading to the formation of a bump.

How to get rid of Razor Bumps on vag naturally?

You need to feel good down there. As such, many women resort to clearing off the pubic hair. Of which the most common method is to shave it. But often in the bid of shaving off the hair, one gets those tiny little bumps that are painful and cause much discomfort. Here are some easy home treatments for how to get rid of razor bumps on vag that can soothe the irritated area and bring your life back on track.

1. Foods


Looking for how to stop razor bumps on vag? Use lemon. It is one of the best home remedies for getting rid of razor bumps on vag lips.

How to use?

  • Take a lemon and squeeze out its juice
  • Apply the juice on the area with bumps
  • Let it dry
  • After that, wash the area with lukewarm water


Lemon juice has strong anti-bacterial and healing properties which make it an excellent remedy for clearing the bumps. Further, its bleaching effect lightens the skin and prevents razor bump scars on vag.


Lemon juice being acidic, may irritate your skin. If it does, then dilute it by adding water.

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2. Herbs

Aloe vera

aloe vera gel
Image: Shutterstock

Aloe vera(2) is the safest remedy for how to get rid of razor bumps on vag. You can treat almost every skin trouble with aloe vera including razor bumps.

How to use?

  • Take an aloe vera leaf
  • Cut it and extract the gel
  • Apply the fresh gel on your vagina
  • Let it dry
  • After some time, wash the area
  • Repeat the process at least three times for significant results.


Aloe vera has a cooling effect on your skin. Application of the gel eases the inflammation and irritation caused due to the ingrown hair. Further, being antiseptic, aloe vera prevents the build-up of bacteria and other microbes that may cause an infection. Regular application of aloe vera can help you get rid of even old razor bumps on vag.


To get effective results use freshly extracted aloe vera gel.

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3. Essential oils

 Tea Tree Oil

teatree oil
Image: Shutterstock

Tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for how to get rid of razor bumps on vag.

How to use?

  • Add two to three drops of tea tree oil in a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil
  • Apply the blend on the razor bumps using a cotton ball
  • Keep it for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash off with warm water
  • Repeat the process to times a day to get results


The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil soothe the inflamed skin and reduce the redness. Further, tea tree oil being antibacterial prevents infection in the area.


Tea tree oil is highly potent; hence you must use it in diluted form only.

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4. Home remedies

 Cucumber Paste

how to get rid of razor bumps on vag

Numerous magical things around you can treat razor bumps on vag, and one such potent substance is the refreshing cucumber.

How to use?

  • Take half a cup of cucumber puree and mix it in one-fourth cup of raw milk
  • Apply the thick paste of cucumber and milk on your vagina
  • You can repeat it several times a day


Cucumber has skin-soothing properties that effectively calm your skin and provide instant razor bumps on vag relief. It significantly reduces the razor bumps on vag itch and redness of the area.

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5. Hot compress

Hot compress is another effective method for clearing razor bumps off your vag.

How to use?

  • Soak a soft towel in hot water of a tolerable temperature
  • Dab the towel gently on the affected area for around two minutes
  • Repeat the process five times and then wipe the area dry and moisturize it

Benefits of using a hot compress

Hot compress helps in opening the pores of your skin and frees the trapped hair which causes the follicle to swell. It is an easy and super-effective remedy for how to get rid of razor bumps on vag.


Do not use too hot water.

Razor bumps on vag vs. herpes

Razor bumps on vag are caused due to ingrown hair while herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. Razor bumps are small red bumps similar to pimples while the herpes blisters are fluid-filled and are contagious.


So, these were some of the easy, natural treatments for how to get rid of razor bumps on vag. You can treat the bumps effectively with these remedies which are safe for the sensitive area and give quick results.

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