9 Incredible benefits of Detox foot soak

Updated on April 17th, 2020
Detox foot soa

Everything around you is a potential toxin storehouse. The air, food, your daily products contain numerous toxins which can make your body toxic faster than you can even think. You apparently cannot stop going out, but there is a more natural way to prevent all these toxins around you from harming your body. This simple solution is the detox foot soak.

On an average, a person gets exposed to more than 200 different chemicals in a day out of which the toxicity of many chemicals is still in the testing phase. The remedies are so simple that you can use them at home. Whereas, on other days, you can visit the nearest spa or wellness office and get it done within minutes to get refreshed.

All about Detox Foot Soak

All that you eat or use on the skin have toxins in them. Shocked? Don’t be worried as our body has a natural instinct in removing these toxins naturally. But it is always commendable if you help your body to flush out these toxins more effectively. The toxins in the body have a negative charge on them. This negative charge aids to clean them out of your body.

In the detox foot soak, the water contains positively charged hydrogen atoms. As opposites charges attract, these positive hydrogen ions get attracted towards the negatively charged toxins in your body. The positive hydrogen atoms near your feet pull out the negatively charged toxins out of the feet. The bottom of your feet has a semi-permeable membrane which allows certain substances to pass through. Since the toxins can enter your body through the skin, they can be pulled out by the hydrogen atoms from the bottom of your feet too. This simple yet effective technique is what keeps the toxins from harming your body.

As the toxins get pulled out of the body in the detox foot soak, the water changes color. Though this has nothing to do with the very fact that the toxins are being pulled out, it is an interesting phenomenon which hasn’t been explained yet.

Why use a detox foot soak?

detox foot soak

Your day to day activities require you to have contact with the outer world, and the sad truth about the world is that it has toxins everywhere. From the air that you breathe in the form of pollution to the water you drink, toxins are present in all the substance that you can name. Thus, escaping toxins is a near impossible option. There are more than 85% of chemicals in the world which not have got tested but are used readily. Hence, the level of their toxicity is still unknown.

The only thing you can do is stop the toxins from actually hurting you. The effects of toxins staying in your body for a long term can be severe, and thus the results of the toxins must be neutralized. The removal of toxins can help you by avoiding small allergies as well as other health issues which can get worse with time if the toxins do not get flushed out of your body at regular intervals. Thus the use of detox can not only help you save time and energy on small illnesses but can also save up to thousands of dollars towards hospital bills that would otherwise get spent on treating all the diseases caused by these toxins.

One of the most elegant and affordable solutions which can save you money, energy, as well as the mental trauma of hospitals, is a detox foot soak. This simple yet elegant solution is what everyone needs to make their daily lives better by improving their health.

Ways to Detox your Feet

  1. Foot Soak
  2. Foot masks
  3. Foot scrubs
  4. Foot pads
  5. Acupressure techniques

Nine Incredible Benefits of Detox Foot Soak

  • A detox foot soak can help maintain the balance of the pH in your body which is essential for the smooth working of all your body parts.
  • Swelling in any of the regions of your feet can be reduced using this foot soak. The swelling can be the sign of toxin build up or a sign of infection. Foot detox is the easiest way to get the swelling under control.
  • The removal of the toxin through your feet in a foot soak also has other benefits like boosting your mood. It is one of the most beneficial aspects of this soak.
  • Modern times are full of stress on all aspects of life, let it be work, family or something other than that. This foot soak can help you relieve stress after a long, hard day and this might end up being the exact thing that you need to make your day better. Thus it can make your day better and help you relax.
  • The current lifestyle that we have adapted to is not one of the best, and we can see this clearly through our health. The fact that we keep falling ill now and then is something that shows us the lack of good A good soak can help make things better by boosting your immunity. It means that you don’t need to plan any more sick leaves on important days.
  • The intake of a lot of junk, as well as fast food, has led to a general trend of obesity across the world. Obesity has many cons and is not a good position to be in. To help aid in losing weight, you can use a foot soak on a regular basis and lose weight to get into that shape that you have wanted forever. Remember, the foot soaks only aid in weight loss and cannot get used as the primary method, so don’t forget to work out while you are at it.
  • With obesity and other lifestyle options that we have adopted, the stress on the cardiovascular system has been increasing day by day. This increasing heart stress can lead to worse effects someday. A soothing detox can help you relieve the stress on your cardiovascular system. This way, you can live a longer and better life and do all the things that you have planned for later instead of getting cut short with medical bills, illnesses and the inevitable.
  • Microorganisms can be both good for your health as well as bad. It is necessary for the body to have the organisms required for the body, but it is also essential to flush out the other microorganisms which you harm your health. This detox soak can help you remove the undesirable micro-organisms from the body at regular intervals.
  • For all the necessary bodily functions to work correctly, our body needs to maintain an electrolyte balance. It gets generally supported in the body, but at times it can go a little haywire which can lead to you not being able to work to the best of your capacity which is not a pleasant idea. Drowsiness, frequent dehydration are some of the examples of an electrolyte imbalance. A detox bath can help you avoid this imbalance. All you have to do is to have a detox at regular intervals.

Four Best DIYs for Detox foot soak that are worth a try

1. Epsom salt foot soak

Epsom salt foot soak
  • Add one cup of Epsom salts to a bucket of water or a foot bath
  • Soak feet in this water for about twenty to thirty minutes
  • After removing feet from the foot bath, wipe them clean

Epsom salt is the best thing that can remove the toxins out of the body. It is very popular amongst athletes and other people to flush out waste from the body and to establish better blood circulation.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Soak

  • In a foot soak or bucket add warm water
  • Then add a cup of apple cider to this warm water
  • Soak feet for about 30 minutes in this solution of warm water and apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a plethora of health benefits, be it aiding the digestive system or making you more beautiful. It helps to relieve the soreness of feet along with relieving you from corn or warts too. It also helps in callus treatment and also to treat athlete’s foot.

3. Baking Soda and Sea Salt Soak

  • Add a tablespoon of sea salt and baking soda each to a foot bath full of warm water
  • Soak feet in this solution for about 30 minutes to detox

Sea salt and baking soda are rich in magnesium that helps to strengthen the barrier mechanism of the human body aiding through its anti-inflammatory properties. They help to flush out harmful toxins from the body.

Baking soda and sea salt soak

4. Bentonite Clay Foot mask

  • In a bowl, mix three tablespoons of bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil each together and mix well
  • Add clay to this mixture as required to form a paste of proper consistency
  • Apply this paste on the bottom of both the feet
  • Keep this mask on for about 30 minutes and after this remove it well
  • Upon removing the mask from your feet, wipe the feet clean, and the detox is done

The bentonite clay foot mask has reverse ions as compared to the toxins in the body. The opposite ions attract and pull out the toxins from the feet. This mask also helps to enhance the blood circulation.

A word of caution

  • If you are using a foot detox machine at home, read and understand the instructions so as not to hurt yourself in case of any mishap.
  • Be careful not to overdo a detox, or its side effects can start showing up in the form of nausea, dizziness, and
  • Prepare the detox remedies very carefully and space out your detox regimes well to avoid getting overdone with foot detoxes.

A foot detox soak is not something that you can use as an official treatment for any condition, but it gets highly recommended as a home remedy to make sure that your body functions to the best of its capacity. The benefits of the detox may not be scientifically proven on a large scale, but the testimonies of the people that use detox foot soak on a regular basis are good enough to give this a try. The fact that it does not have an adverse or harmful effect is another reason why you should be taking a detox and then see if it works for you or not. It is simple, effective and can be done at home economically, so it is one of the best ways to improve your lifestyle and definitely worth a try.


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