Top 6 Easy and Remarkable Home Remedies to Get Rid of Your Neck Pain

Updated on March 28th, 2020
home remedies for neck pain

Pain in the neck is considerably annoying. It results in a dull or sharp pain in the shoulder and neck areas. You may feel stiffness, numbness, and headache while doing some activities such as eating, sleeping or doing any chores, and that too suddenly.

Chiropractic therapy has become one of the best ways to get rid of neck pain. However, home remedies for neck treatment can help you in relieving the pain. The home remedies do not have side-effects on our health.


Neck Pain has become one of the significant health concerns. It is capable of impacting around 75% of the total population of specific countries. Approximately 16.7% to 75.1% of people in the world experience pain in the neck. Neck pain ranks as the 5th top disorders in the United States. It can impact mental and social health.

Home Remedies for Neck Pain

1. Stretching

neck stretching

Proper manipulation and stretching(1) are the keys to getting rid of a stiff neck. By doing some gentle yoga poses, the tight spots in the neck get relieved that not only helps in diminishing the pain, but also generate more space for oxygen in your head. It is the best home remedy for neck and shoulder pain.

Roll the shoulders about 10 times, down and backward. You should press the shoulder blades together for ten times. Take a break while driving and push your hands or head into the car headrest and do it for 30 seconds. You may touch your ear to the shoulder for ten times each side.

When you stretch your body parts and hold it for around 30 seconds and do it in small intervals, it helps in building the muscles and making them strong.

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2. Rest and Sleep

For neck pain, prevention is much better than cure. Sometimes neck pain arises due to age factor or wear and tear of the neck muscles. The sleeping pattern has a significant impact on neck pain. You should always keep a check on your sleeping position.

Two sleeping positions, i.e., sleeping on the side or back, are perfect positions for the neck. When you lay straight on your back, you can go for a bolster for supporting the neck’s natural curve. Or can use the flatter pillow to cushioning the head.

Not only sleep position but also sleep itself plays a crucial role in musculoskeletal pain, such as shoulder and neck pain. Cushioning head and neck with soft feather pillow helps to avoid stiff muscles.

3. Cold or Hot Therapy

Cold or Hot Pad on Neck

A doctor recommends using or applying ice on an injury in the first 24 to 48 hours for reducing the swelling. Follow it by heat therapy to loosen the neck muscles and help in improving stiffness.

You need to wrap the ice cube or heat source in a cotton towel and apply it to the affected area. Never put ice or heat source directly on your skin. It will show an adverse effect if you do so.

Whether you are going to choose heat or cold therapy(2), do this for only 20 minutes at a time after that leave the area for about 40 minutes. Because in either of the treatments, it will make the affected part numb.

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4. Exercises

Generally, if you feel moderate or mild pain in the neck, there’s nothing to worry. You can take care of the pain by doing gentle stretching exercises. Simple exercises are useful to provide relief from the neck pain.

You can do gentle exercises like bringing the chin in and slowly turning the head from one side to another.

You may do a set of exercises for a few seconds or minutes. It depends on the type of exercise at what rate you need to do it. You should always consult an instructor before doing any exercise and also do it in his presence so that you do not make any wrong move. Otherwise, things become worse for you.

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5. Diet

Balanced Diet

However, no diet can cure neck pain, but certain food items are capable of fighting inflammation, strengthening bones, and boosting the immune system. When you add or avoid such types of foods in a balanced diet, it helps in easing the neck pain symptoms.

You may find numerous diet options to cure anti-inflammatory issues. It is better to add a few things in your diet rather than going for a strict diet plan. Because following a strict diet plan is a tough job.

The anti-inflammatory diet has potential benefits if you take it consistently. Choosing a specific type of food for several weeks may not help in getting rid of neck pain, but a proper diet can help reduce its symptoms.

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6. Correct Posture

Poor posture usually leads to pains and aches in different body parts. Being in the right position makes your body look attractive.  If you feel pain for a long time, it means there is some real damage to your body.

When you change your sitting, standing, or walking habits, it becomes an excellent remedy to get rid of neck pain or any other body part. Avoiding twisting and tilting the head to the side or down, and sitting straight when you are using the computer can help in preventing neck pain.

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For correcting the posture, an individual needs to adopt this practice regularly.

If you feel mild pain in your neck or shoulder area, then you can go for home remedies for neck treatment. In case some serious injury or medical condition is the underlying cause, it is essential to go to your doctor. The doctor will illustrate a treatment plan, which may incorporate medication or physical therapy.

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1. How Does a Mattress or Pillow Affect the Neck Pain?

Mattress and pillow are the main factors of neck pain. For example, you should keep your pillow in a way that the neck is parallel to the mattress, instead of bending up or down. Latex foam is usually the best material for the mattress.

2. When Should You Seek Medical in Case of Neck Pain?

Neck pain treatment and medication depending on its diagnosis. Whenever you feel severe pain in your neck, you should visit healthcare. A doctor may recommend going through a physical exam for discovering the primary cause.

3. How Are Essential Oils Helpful for Neck Pain?

Pure essential oils help in providing relief, loosening the muscles, and reducing the spasms. Some of the vital oils are tarragon, peppermint, thyme linalool, chamomile, sweet marjoram, basil, eucalyptus, ginger, rosemary, clary sage, lavender, etc.

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