13 Remarkable Benefits of Pineapple Juice for Health

Updated on February 10th, 2020
Pineapple juice benefits

Pineapples are the second most loved tropical fruits around the world. The amazing fruit formed by infusion of several berries is juicy and delicious. No doubt, its juice is enticing too. Besides satiating your thirst, pineapple juice has some wondrous properties that make it excellent for your overall health.

Read this article to know about the incredible benefits of pineapple juice and why you should include it in your diet. This refreshing juice is undoubtedly the magic potion for all your health troubles.

What is Pineapple Juice?

Pineapple Juice is obtained from Pineapple. It is a tropical fruit that belongs to the bromeliad family and is said to originate in South America.

Pineapples have juicy yellow flesh and a tough outer skin which is fragmented. These are packed with essential nutrients and have an abundant amount of natural sugar which makes them naturally sweet.

Pineapple Juice Nutrition Facts

Pineapple juice comes with some of the essential vitamins and nutrients which make them highly beneficial for your health. These are a rich source of Vitamin C and also contain an adequate amount of Vitamin B-complex including thiamin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, and folate.

The minerals found in pineapple juice are manganese, calcium, potassium and phosphorous. Besides, the juice also contains a high amount of soluble as well as insoluble fiber and is low in calories.

Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is delicious for your taste palate. But its flavor, not the only thing about it that makes it the favorite of many. It is packed with abundant nutrients that lend it magical properties making it excellent for your overall health. Here are some of the benefits of pineapple juice that make it a healthy option.

1. Pineapple Juice has strong anti-inflammatory properties

Bromelain is an essential compound found in the fruit that contributes to the remarkable properties of Pineapple Juice. Pineapples are the only primary dietary source of Bromelain which is a proteolytic enzyme that works as a scavenger and eats the damaged cells.

Further, it is a potent anti-inflammatory agent and can effectively reduce inflammation and swelling in your body. It also quickens the healing of injuries and reduces the pain. Besides, bromelain, pineapple juice also contains chemicals that prevent blood clotting and development of bruises.

2. Pineapple Juice improves blood circulation

blood circulation (1)-min
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Pineapple juice contains potassium that exhibits vasodilating properties and prevents the blood from clotting. In addition to it, the juice also provides you with an adequate amount of copper that aids your body in carrying out various functions of which the most important is the formation of red blood cells.

An increased amount of red blood cells in your blood ensures sufficient supply of oxygen to all the parts of the body which is essential for them to work at their optimal level. Improved blood circulation also increases your cognitive function and maintains neural pathways, thus preventing mental decline with age and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

3. Pineapple juice effectively reduces hypertension

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Regulating your blood pressure is one of the significant benefits of pineapple juice. It provides you with an adequate amount of potassium which is known to balance the amount of sodium present in your body. Thus it maintains a healthy balance of sodium and potassium in your body that keeps your blood pressure under check and prevents hypertension. Those suffering from hypertension can consume organic pineapple juice every day to combat high blood pressure.

4. Benefits of Pineapple Juice include a healthy heart

Worried about the well-being of your heart? Well, with the recent increase in cardiovascular diseases, it is natural to get tensed about it. But just worrying about your heart is no solution for its well-being. Add heart-healthy foods like pineapple juice in your diet that keep the cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Pineapple juice contains antioxidants, beta-carotene and sufficient amounts of Vitamin C that ensure smooth blood flow through the vessels and thus reducing the strain on your heart.

Vitamin C along with the other antioxidants kills the free radicals present in your body that increase the risk of heart diseases. It acts as an anti-coagulant and prevents atherosclerosis. Also, bromelain present in the juice acts as a blood thinner and prevents blood clotting, thus minimizing the probability of a heart attack.

5. Pineapple juice strengthens your bones

Are you suffering from weak bones? Add pineapple juice to your diet and see a visible difference in your bone health. Drinking pineapple juice every day assures you healthy and strong bones. It is because pineapple juice contains a high amount of manganese.

A cup of fresh pineapple juice contains around 73% of the total amount of manganese required by your body in a day. Manganese is an essential mineral which aids in the growth of bones at a young age and prevents the bone loss as you grow old.  Besides, it also helps in regulating your blood sugar level and boosting your immunity.

6. Pineapple Juice can effectively treat Arthritis

treat Arthritis-min
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Yes, pineapple(1) juice is the magic potion that can treat arthritis as well. Bromelain present in it, being an anti-inflammatory agent can effectively alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and eases the joints and muscle pain. Also, a sufficient amount of manganese present in the juice strengthens the bones. Drink pineapple juice every day to relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

7. A healthy digestive system is one of the significant benefits of pineapple juice

Drink pineapple juice daily and bid farewell to digestion related problems like bloating, constipation, etc. Bromelain present in Pineapple Juice being a proteolytic enzyme aids in an effective breakdown of proteins that are the primary cause of all your digestive troubles. Proteins are hard to digest and are known to cause indigestion. Hence, those suffering from indigestion should consume pineapple juice to get rid of the problem.

Further, the juice also provides you with an adequate amount of fiber that adds bulk to your food and aids in proper digestion. It effectively de-clogs your intestinal tract and regulates the bowel movement keeping you clear of various digestive problems.

8. Pineapple Juice being natural diuretic boosts the health of your kidney

You add a lot of toxins in your body through the day that needs to be flushed out. It is necessary because the accumulation of too many toxins in the body puts a strain on your kidney and hamper its functioning.

Pineapple Juice is a natural diuretic that eases the removal of toxins from the body and relieves your kidney from the strain. Being diuretic, it increases urination and thus helps in flushing out the toxins from the body and keeping your kidney clean and healthy.

9. Pineapple Juice Benefits you skin

Beautiful and flawless skin is no longer a dream if you start consuming organic and fresh pineapple juice. It is because pineapple juice contains high amounts of Vitamin C and potassium both of which have potent antioxidant properties. These help in combating the damaging free radicals present in your body that cause skin aging and result in the development of dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Drinking pineapple juice can slow down the aging process and make your skin look younger and supple. Further, vitamin C also has antibacterial properties and can effectively prevent acne breakouts.

10. Drink Pineapple Juice for improved oral health

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Benefits of Pineapple Juice also include a beautiful smile. Pineapple Juice owing to the presence of Vitamin C strengthen your gums and teeth so that you can flaunt around your beautiful smile. Vitamin C has antibacterial properties; thus, it inhibits the build-up of bacteria in the mouth and prevents the formation of plaque. It also decreases the probability of gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

11. Pineapple juice is also known to treat a cough and cold

Presence of both Bromelain and Vitamin C make pineapple juice quite effective against various respiratory issues. Bromelain eases the inflammation and irritation in your voice box and at the back of your tongue. Hence, you can also use pineapple juice for a sore throat.

Pineapple juice works wonders for your respiratory tract by reducing the mucus and phlegm build-up in the respiratory tract that may cause difficulty in breathing and troubles like a cough. Thus, you can use pineapple juice for cough as well.  Vitamin C present in it also boosts your immunity and guards you against viral infections like flu and cold.

12. Pineapple Juice increases Fertility

The impressive nutritional profile of pineapple juice containing essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, zinc, folate, and copper make it an excellent food for increasing fertility both in men as well as women. The antioxidants properties of the fruit aids in killing the free radicals present in the body and thus aid women in conceiving.

13. Pineapple juice can effectively regulate your blood sugar level

Surprisingly, the sweet fruit loaded with natural sugars can also aid in maintaining your blood sugar levels. It is because pineapple juice is rich in fiber that keeps your blood sugar level in check.

Those who have Type 1 diabetes can consume unsweetened pineapple juice to lower down the blood sugar level. People who have type 2 diabetes can also benefit from pineapple juice as it boosts the blood sugar, lipids, and insulin levels in the body.

However, one must limit the consumption of pineapple juice as the fruit has some amount of sugar present in it that can have an adverse effect if taken in excess.

How to make Pineapple Juice?

Pineapple juice is just the perfect thing to beat the summer heat. Make it quickly at home and enjoy its refreshing taste. Here is how you can make fresh pineapple juice easily at home.

What will you need?

  • 300 g of fresh pineapple
  • One cup of water
  • Ice cubes
  • One-fourth teaspoon of Black Salt (optional)
  • Two tablespoons of sugar (optional)

How to prepare?

  • Peel the pineapple and cut it into small pieces
  • Add the chopped pineapple in a blender
  • Next, add water and sugar. Pineapple is naturally sweet but is a bit tart too. You can add sugar to minimize the bitterness. However, it tastes great without sugar too.
  • Blend all the ingredients to get the juice
  • Strain the mixture through a soup strainer
  • If you find it thick, then you can add some more water
  • After that, pour the fresh pineapple juice in glasses
  • Add ice cubes and black salt
  • The delicious drink is ready to be relished.

Pineapple Juice Recipes

Pineapple juice has a great taste but if you are bored of consuming the lain juice every day, then try some innovative recipes mentioned below. Add a twist to the plain pineapple juice with these interesting recipes that pamper your taste buds while providing you with loads of nutrition.

Pineapple Mint Juice

Benefits of Pineapple Juice
Image: Shutterstock

Pineapple and mint make a refreshing combination. Try this fantastic drink to ward off the summer gloom.

What will you need?

  • Half a cup of mint (chopped)
  • Two cups of pineapple (diced)
  • One tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
  • One tablespoon of sabja seeds
  • Three tablespoons of sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • Water

How to prepare?

  • Take a blender and add to it, pineapple chunks, mint, sugar, salt, lemon juice, and some water
  • Blend them to get a smooth puree
  • Strain the mixture in a bowl
  • If the puree is thick, then add in some more water
  • After that add sabja and mix well
  • Leave the juice aside for ten minutes and then refrigerate
  • Serve it cold

Watermelon Pineapple Chia Drink

Pineapple Chia Drink-min
Image: Shutterstock

This yummy drink not only quenches your thirst but is nutritious as well.

What will you need?

  • One cup of pineapple chunks
  • Two cups of watermelon chunks
  • A teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Two teaspoons of chia seeds
  • Sugar to taste

How to prepare?

  • Put chia seeds in a bowl and add water
  • Keep them aside to bloom
  • Next, combine watermelon, lemon juice, pineapple, sugar and ice cubes in a blender
  • Process them to get a puree
  • Pour the contents in a bowl
  • Next, to the mixture add bloomed chia seeds
  • Mix them well and serve.

Sunshine Juice

This rich juice prepared using pineapple and papaya has a delicious flavor that will pamper your taste buds along while providing numerous health benefits.

What will you need?

  • Half a cup of pineapple chunks
  • One cup of papaya chunks
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Honey or sugar to taste
  • Water

How to prepare?

  • Add all the ingredients in a blender
  • Process them to get a smooth puree
  • Add water as required to obtain thin consistency
  • Blend again
  • Pour the contents in a glass
  • The delicious juice is ready to be savored

Side-effects of pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is undoubtedly good for your health, but there are also some side-effects of it as well that you must know.

  • Juice of raw pineapple may cause several throat problems.
  • Excessive consumption of Pineapple Juice might affect your tooth enamel and gums. It may cause cavities or gingivitis.
  • Excess of juice may also cause vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Bromelain present in pineapple juice if taken in excess may interfere with blood clotting. Those on blood thinning drugs must avoid it.
  • People with a history of allergies must avoid taking the juice as bromelain may also cause an allergy.
  • Pineapple juice causes uterine contraction leading to increased menstrual flow.
  • Pregnant women must avoid pineapple juice as the contraction of the uterus can lead miscarriage.


Pineapple juice is loaded with essential nutrients that boost your health. From treating a sore throat to improving heart health, boosting your immune system and preventing skin aging, it can do wonders for you. Hence, you must include it in your diet.

However, make sure that you keep a check on the amount you intake as an excess of the juice can cause severe health issues. To best enjoy the benefits of Pineapple Juice it is recommended that you take it in moderate amount.

Also, please note that the benefits mentioned above are of freshly extracted pineapple juice. The packed pineapple juices available in the market may not contain all the essential nutrients. Further, they may contain additives that can hurt your health.


1. What does pineapple fruit taste like?

Pineapples have a unique flavor which is a mix of sweet and tart.

2. How many calories are there in Pineapple Juice?

Despite being high in sweetness, pineapples are low-calorie fruits. 100 g of pineapple juice provides you with only 29 calories.

3. Is concentrated pineapple juice as nutritious as fresh juice?

Pineapple juice concentrate is obtained by heating the juice which destroys most of the nutrients present in it. Hence the commercial juices containing pineapple juice concentrate are not as nutritious as the fresh juice. Further, these may contain added preservatives like sugar that are not good for your health.

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