The Role of Fish Oil for Arthritis Treatment

Be it changing the lifestyle that includes very little exercise, unhealthy food habits and history of accidental injuries, along with the hereditary history are the major cause for arthritis to become a very common disease.

There is no age capping for being a victim of arthritis as it found in children as well as elders. A person with arthritis tends to have difficulty in joint movement pain in ankles,  fingers, back and most of the joints, with muscle stiffness.

However, before jumping on the wagon to conventional medications as suggested by doctors, you can opt to use fish oil for arthritis as a natural remedy. In time the patients without proper treatment experience difficulty in walking and intermittent pain whilst moving.

Arthritis can be classified into two types rheumatoid or osteoarthritis(1). It is proven that both types of arthritis cannot be cured completely. So the treatment mostly involves physical therapy as well as a limited set of medications.

However, before jumping on  the wagon to conventional medications as suggested by doctors, you can opt to use fish oil for arthritis as a natural remedy

Fish oil contains Vitamin A & D. Vitamin A being an efficient antioxidant prevents cell damages due to harmful free radicals and Vitamin D fights to make our musculoskeletal system stronger.

The key element in fish oil is Omega 3 which is known for fighting inflammation in the body. As our body cannot produce Omega 3, we must supplement it through our dietary supplements and fish oil is one of the best sources of it.

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Modes of fish oil intake

Fish Oil benefits

Fish oil for arthritis dosage is available in the form of fish oil capsules or can be consumed through fish supplements directly.

Direct Intake

If you are planning to have a direct intake of fish oil through fish supplements then here is a list of fish, which are high in Omega 3

  1. Salmon- 100 grams of salmon have 2.14 gm content of omega 3(2).
  2. Mackerel- 100 grams of mackerel adds 2.67 grams of omega 3 to your diet. However, it has 0.05ppm of mercury content as well which makes it the second preferred fish for a supplement.
  3. Sardines- Sardine would add 1.69 grams of Omega 3 but low mercury level i.e. 0.013ppm makes it a better option
  4. Herring- Herring which imparts 2.41 grams of Omega 3 per 100-gram intake.

Fish farming is growing worldwide and has made availability of all kinds of fish easier. Hence direct supplementation of fish oil for arthritis would be the best solution if you love to eat fish.

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Fish Oil Capsules

In some cases when you don’t like to eat fish directly or there are some religious constraints e.g. in some parts of Asia, the second best option is fish oil capsules.

Many medical professionals prescribe fish oil for arthritis treatment. However, the dosage of the fish oil capsules varies according to age and gender.

There is no set amount for fish oil intake but there is definitely a capping for Omega 3, RDA & DHA when you are taking supplements through capsules.

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Daily suggested an intake of Omega 3 for women is 1.1 gm and for men, it is 1.6 gm. same for infants is 0.5 gm. It goes on increasing and tillage of 14 intakes will be the same as for an adult.

It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before starting this fish oil regimen.


1. Is arthritis completely curable by fish oil?

There is no ultimate cure for arthritis. However, due to the usage of its anti-inflammation content of Fish oil, helps you to reduce pain. It has added up benefits of improving blood circulation and prevents clogging of arteries

2. What should be the overall intake of fish oil for arthritis?

Daily intake of 1-3 gm can diminish pain, stiffness, and swelling due to arthritis.

3. Are there any side effects of fish oil?

  • Fish oil does not have any side effects when taken in sufficient amount
  • For fish oil supplement daily intake should not exceed 3 gm as it could increase chances of bleeding.

4. What if my doctor suggests me high doses of supplements of fish oil for arthritis?

High doses of supplements result in nose bleeding, bad breath, burping & nausea. You can minimize this by taking a supplement along with food or freezing the supplement before using it.

Arthritis is inflammation and stiffness of joints. It can be minimized by anti-inflammatory drugs. Omega 3, RDA & DHA are much needed in the diet to fight arthritis which our body cannot produce by itself.

Fish oil is a prominent source of Omega 3, RDA &DHA available for direct intake as well as in supplement. Fish oil supplement intake should be as per medical prescription & there is no capping for direct intake.

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