9 Symptoms and Causes of Skin Cancer and How to Treat It with Essential Oils

EEssential Oils for skin cancer

Do you know that essential oils can treat Cancer which is the number 2 reason for half of the deaths in the world? Oncologists and doctors all over the world have been trying for decades to find a solution for decreasing trauma in patients.

The most common kind of cancer is the skin cancer which effects both men and women. There are remedies to treat the symptoms of pain caused by this disease without going under the knife and not resorting to very painful chemotherapy.

Essential oils are the best and a very easy source to treat skin cancer. They are very effective and help you boost the immunity of the skin and subdue the painful symptoms.

About the ailment

Skin Cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in the category of cancers. In skin cancer, basal-cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common type in skin cancer. Millions of cases are registered worldwide of this type of cancer that is BCC.  It is very likely for BCC to spread across the body but, there are chances where this BCC is found, it can cause a lot of destruction of the surrounding tissues.


Significant symptoms of skin cancer are:

  • New Moles
  • Moles that according to you are increasing in size
  • A mole which seems to be disturbed by something
  • Spot on your skin that changes colour, it will go from black to brown and vice-versa
  • Raised lump on otherwise smooth skin.
  • Ulcerated scabs on skin
  • Check for the moles which will give you itchy skin cancer and tingly kind of feeling
  • There are chances that there might be some spots that may look different from other.


  • Exposure to Ultraviolet rays
  • UV light from tanning beds
  • Occupational exposure to certain chemicals
  • Scars from burns
  • X-ray exposure

Risk Factors

  • Fair complexion
  • freckled skin
  • Family history or genetic predisposition.
  • Living in sunny climate
  • Occurrence of large irregular shaped moles on the skin.

What essential oils are good for Skin cancer:

1.Frankincense essential oils for skin cancer

Aromatic gum resins, which we get from the tree of genus Boswell is also commonly known as frankincense extracts; they have a unique quality of suppressing the tumor development

2.Myrrh essential oils for skin cancer

Myrrh oil has apoptosis of cancer cells because of its anticancer activities. Because of which it can be used without even hesitation by the skin cancer patient

Why use this oil for this ailment?

As we all know cancer is a deadly disease which is caused by tumors that being developed and spreading at a rapid rate causing the death of a person.  Frankincense oil has a unique quality it can freeze tumor growth thus making it possible to operate and if we talk about myrrh can help a patient in many stages of cancer.

How to use the essential oils for skin cancer

1. Frankincense essential oils for skin cancer

frankincense essential oil for sinus
Image: ShutterStock
  • Take a few drops of this oil on your fingertip, making sure that our hands are cleaned properly including fingers.
  • Next, you need to apply this oil on the place where your healthcare experts have diagnosed your lesions.
  • Just leave it there, it will dry naturally.
  • You must apply this oil 2-3 times a day.

2. Myrrh essential oils for skin cancer

Myrrh essential oils
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  • You are required to mix 6-7 drops of myrrh oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil, as you have to ensure that these oils are appropriately diluted.
  • Next, apply this mixture to that part of the skin that is affected by this disease.
  • Now leave it there so that it is dried naturally
  • This process has to be done at least twice a day so that you can get the desired result.


You should always try these oils in a small portion of skin as there are chances that these oils might react to your skin.

Side Effects

You can experience redness, itchy feeling if these oils do not support your skin.

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Other Home Remedies

1. Coconut oil

coconut oil-min
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Coconut is said to have anti-oxidants quality apart from that it is an excellent source for fatty acids, and one of the fatty acids that can be a lifesaver is lauric acid. Lauric acid activates specific signals that prompt apoptosis of cancer cells.

  • You need to ingest this oil. All you have to do is take one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and every morning drink it empty stomach.
  • Another method of using this oil is by applying this oil on the affected regions in the skin.
  • You should do it daily until and unless you see improvements in yourself.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar
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Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, and it is known that acetic acid has anti-cancer properties as it generates acetate ions inside the stomach which in turn helps to reduce the tumors in the body

  • You need to mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water.
  • Next, you have to mix honey in this mixture
  • Now drink this mixture
  • If you want, you can also apply this mixture to the affected area
  • You should do this twice a day.

It is unfortunate that this kind of disease is present without proper treatment. It is better safe than sorry but, in this case, even if you are late, you have to be sorry because this is that kind of disease it will be taking something with itself as it leaves you.

You should never be careless you should go to a healthcare expert if you spot any such thing that has been posted in the article make sure to use these essential oils as well as they can work as miracles. Sometimes the last thing we think will work might work. Same is the case with essential oils for skin cancer.

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