Try These Effective Essential Oil to Get Rid of Scabies

Updated on November 20th, 2019

Scabies occurs small mites burrow into the skin, and it also causes itchy rashes. People who are suffering from scabies need medical treatment to get relief from the insects. The foremost prescribed medicine as a treatment of scabies is scabicide, which helps in killing the mites. However, some scabicides can only help in killing the mites, not the eggs.

According to research findings, the most common medication treatment for scabies has been linked to liver tumors, lung tumors, chromosomal abnormalities, and the problem with the immune system. Thus, as opposed to medical treatments, home remedies like essential oils for scabies treatment seem a more viable option. Let’s check out the best essential oils for scabies.


  • A rough estimate in the prevalence of recent scabies-related literature range from 0.2% to 71%
  • Scabies is endemic in many resource-poor tropical settings, with an estimated average prevalence of 5-10% in children. Recurrent Infestations are common.
  • Nearly 300 million cases of scabies infection are found every year in America.


The following are some unknown facts of scabies:

  • Scabies(1) spreads quickly, and it is an itchy skin disease, which inflicted by an infestation, caused due to the itch mite Sarcoptes scabies.
  • The transmission mode of scabies is direct skin-to-skin contact.
  • Terrible and constant itchiness is a common symptom of scabies.
  • Active youngsters who involve themselves in sexual activities may suffer from scabies because sexual contact is the most common transmission form. Scabies is considered a sexually transmitted disease or STD, although not every case of scabies is referred to as transmitted sexually.
  • Oral or topical scabicidal drugs are some of its treatments.

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Essential Oils for Scabies

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oils
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The lavender essential oil works perfectly for treating scabies if you use it with other oils. It provides immediate relief and heals scabies quickly. Lavender oil is famous for promoting skin cell regeneration. It is very beneficial if you want to kill parasitic mites and to improve the skin condition quickly.

You can either apply a drop of lavender essential oil directly on scabies, or you can also mix it with other oil.

You can put some drops of lavender oil directly on the affected area twice a day. Health practitioners recommend using it in the morning and evening.

2. Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil (2)provides promising results as you can get rid of scabies quickly. The survey’s result shows that it is a reliable treatment option for scabies. Additionally, clove offers pleasant aroma. So while enjoying the pleasing aroma, your scabies gets treated. Besides that, you do not have to worry at all.

Apply clove oil on the affected area directly. You also need to avoid it when you are suffering from bleeding disorders, or take blood-thinning medications.

You can apply diluted clove oil on the scabies area one or two times a day.

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3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits
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Peppermint essential oil can kill skin mites. It provides great results when you mix it with a carrier agent, but it might be irritating when you use it solely.

Always apply diluted peppermint oil to your skin. Dilute it in a lotion or carrier oil. It is not recommended to apply this oil near your eyes or mucous membranes.

Peppermint essential oil is non-toxic and non-irritating to your skin. However, it has high levels of menthol content present in it so a few drops should suffice.

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4. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil(3) incorporates the potential power to get rid of the scabies infestation. It also reduces pain and avoids the development of secondary infections.

Rosemary essential oil is a perfect remedy for scabies when used with another essential oil.

Apply a few drops of diluted rosemary essential oil on scabies.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has outstanding properties. The tree oil comprises of antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. All such features help in increasing the wound healing process. Thus, it is useful in treating scabies. Tea tree oil for scabies plays a crucial role in dealing with scabies. Additionally, tea tree oil helps treat various other medical conditions.

Tea tree oil is a highly concentrated essential oil, so you need to mix it in the carrier oil before you apply it to the skin. You can find tea tree oil in various beauty products, shampoos, and soaps.

Put some diluted tea tree oil drops directly on scabies. You may repeat this process twice a day.

6. Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass oil or citronella oil has proven itself as an insect repellent. It is beneficial in dealing with bacterial infections like scabies. Due to its antifungal properties, it is the perfect remedy for treating scabies.

Adding a few drops of lemongrass in your bathing tub will provide you relief from scabies.

Apply it on your affected skin for around 10 minutes, and wash it later

7. Neem Oil

People use neem oil for numerous medicinal purposes. It is also perfect for treating scabies because it is enriched with antiviral and antifungal properties. Whenever you look for some essential oil to treat skin issues, you can go for neem oil for scabies.

It is a strong oil. So dilute it in a carrier oil such as jojoba. Jojoba also helps to mask the mustard-like odor of neem oil. For the preparation of various beauty products, neem oil is the main ingredient because it acts as a natural pesticide.

neem oil

Put a few drops of neem oil directly on the affected area of the body, or you can go for the neem leaves paste.

Scabies can occur unannounced. However, if you seek an easy and hassle-free treatment, try these simple home remedies, such as using essential oils for scabies treatment. You need to keep in mind that you are using the approach to accomplish two tasks. The first one is to remove the infestation and kill the parasites that have burrowed into your skin. Second, to neutralize the severe itchiness due to scabies. The good news is that essential oils for scabies help in treating both.

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Also, consult a doctor before adhering to these remedies. Do not stop yourself from seeking medical attention when you feel that remedies seem more to be worsening your health conditions.  And also, make sure that you understand the appropriate methods to dilute the chosen essential oil as well as its application.


1. What kills scabies instantly?

Your doctor may recommend numerous lotion and creams to treat scabies. Its treatment incorporates the elimination of infestation with medications.

2. How to get relief from scabies at home?

For treating scabies, a topical medication is a perfect remedy prescribed by a doctor. It helps in relieving some symptoms related to scabies. Additional medicines may prescribe to you for controlling itching as well as swelling.

3. What Does Scabies Look like on the Skin?

Scabies is a type of skin disease and characterized by extremely painful itchy skin. The reddish rashes are contagious from person to person. A mite or Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis burrows into your skin and causes scabies. An eight-legged mite is responsible for causing scabies.

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