Use The Amazing Tea Tree Oil to Deal with Scabies

Updated on November 27th, 2019
tea tree oil for scabies

Scabies is a skin condition which affects 300 million people around the globe every year. In the US itself, it affects around one million people yearly. It is more prevalent in children and young adults. The reason behind scabies is a burrowing mite.

Generally, there are ten to fifteen mites on a person’s body at a given time. There are various medications available for treating scabies. You could also try some very effective home remedies for scabies treatment. Among the list of home remedies, tea tree oil for scabies is on the top.


  • Skin is one of the sense organs and in fact, the largest organ in your body.
  • It renews itself in twenty-eight days. In this process, you shed around nine pounds of dead skin cells in a particular year.

Why Use Tea Tree Oil For Scabies?

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil for scabies is safe to use. Tea tree oil is an essential oil prepared from a plant extract. It is an old traditional home remedy used for many skins and other health conditions. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and healing properties.

According to a review, tea tree oil can be successfully used in cases of scabies where the conventional treatment has not yielded results due to its ‘acaricidal effects.’ It further states the effectiveness of tea tree oil as an anti-bacterial, anti-pruritic, anti-inflammatory, and healing treatment(1).

There are a few more studies where tea tree oil was used for various skin conditions. Research related to acne in 1990, fungus infection in 1992, and fingernail fungus in 1994 proved the efficiency of tea tree oil.

These studies found tea tree oil to be more or less equally beneficial in comparison to other treatments(2). However, more research would further explain the use of tea tree essential oil for scabies in humans.

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Use Of Tea Tree Oil For Scabies

cure scabies

How to Use?

You could use tea tree oil for scabies in various ways. You could apply diluted tea tree oil topically on the area affected or on the whole body twice daily, morning and night. Mix three to five drops of tea tree oil with an ounce of carrier oil to apply on your body. Use a suitable carrier oil to enhance the benefits of tea tree oil.

Coconut oil is exceptionally beneficial for the skin. So, you could choose a combination of coconut oil and tea tree oil for scabies. You could also opt for mixing tea tree oil and olive oil for scabies, as olive oil has its own set of advantages for your skin.

Another way is to use tea tree oil for scabies in a bath. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your bath water or use a tea tree oil shampoo. You could also use tea tree oil as a spray for getting rid of the mites in your furniture and bedding.

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Risks Associated With The Use Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is safe to be used externally as a home remedy. However, you should be careful about a few things before using tea tree oil for curing scabies.

  1. Tea tree oil is one of the most volatile essential oil, so always dilute it before use.
  2. Conduct a patch test to check for allergies before using it.
  3. It might irritate sensitive skin.
  4. It is toxic when swallowed.
  5. Research suggests that the oil might have hormonal effects.

When To See A Doctor?

When you have skin rashes and severe itching, you should consult your doctor to know the exact cause behind this. There are various skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, etc. that cause itching too.

Further, your rash and itching might be a result of allergies or rarely, any other serious health condition. Your doctor will help you know the underlying reason behind your skin condition and provide you with helpful insights as to your suitability and dosage of tea tree oil for scabies.

Tea tree oil is a promising option to be explored. You could also benefit from the use of tea tree oil for scabies in situations of increased resistance towards standard medication. This oil could help you get rid of the irritating and problematic scabies naturally.

However, you should wisely follow all precautions and instructions related to tea tree essential oil to benefit from it. Do consult your doctor before trying this effective oil for your scabies.


1. What Are the Precautions for Scabies?

You should take a few precautions for scabies. Firstly, you should wash all the clothes, linens and use heat to kill the mites.

Secondly, place all unwashable things in a sealed plastic bag somewhere else to starve the bugs. Thirdly, use tea tree oil. Does tea tree oil kill scabies? Yes, it does! You could use it on yourself and even as a spray for your furniture.

2. What Are the Best Home Remedies for Scabies?

The best home remedies for scabies are

  1. Turmeric
  2. Garlic
  3. Onion
  4. Aloe Vera
  5. Essential oils

Also, emphasis on how to use tea tree oil for scabies is necessary to know the correct way to use these home remedies

3. How Is Turmeric Beneficial for Scabies?

Turmeric is a natural herb that fights infections, reduces inflammation, heals, and soothes you. You can apply a turmeric paste with lemon juice on the affected area to benefit from it.

4. Which Other Essential Oils Are Beneficial for Scabies?

You could use these essential oils, apart from tea tree oil for scabies.

  1. Clove oil
  2. Lavender oil
  3. Evening Primrose
  4. Neem oil
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