7 Essential Oils for Panic Attack

Updated on January 3rd, 2020
essential oils for Panic attacks

Panic attacks, as the name itself suggests, leave all those who come across them in a state of panic. These are frightening and uncomfortable sudden episodes of fear or anxiety that reach their peak in a few minutes based on a perceived threat rather than an approaching danger. Panic attacks do not come with warnings or a clear reason.

They can occur anytime and anywhere with intensified symptoms. The emotions of fear, helplessness, depression, and anxiety that last after the attack is gone are even worse. Using essential oils for panic attacks is a natural way of treating and preventing the issue and is considered to be one of the most effective treatments.

Essential Oils for Panic Attack

  1. Lavender Essential Oil
  2. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  3. Peppermint Essential Oil
  4. Sandalwood Essential Oil
  5. Frankincense Essential Oil
  6. Bergamot Essential Oil
  7. Vetiver Essential Oil


  • Hereditary factors
  • Excessive tension or stress
  • Sensitive attitude towards stress or negative emotions
  • Changes in the functioning of brain parts.


  • Fear of loss of control.
  • Sweating, shaking, trembling, tingling, hot flashes or numbness.
  • the sense of upcoming danger.
  • Chills, shortening of breaths and choked feeling
  • Palpitations, pounding heart.
  • Feeling detached from yourself.
  • Fear of death.
  • Abdominal or Chest Pain.
  • A headache
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness or faintness.

What are the best essential oils for panic attacks?

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Considered as the best oil for panic attacks, lavender oil acts as a nervous system restorative. It has relaxing and calming effects and helps with sleep, restlessness, irritability etc. The inhalation of lavender oil reduces anxiety and stress.

2. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil-min
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With its calming and uplifting effects, Ylang Ylang oil treats acute panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.  It is morally and spiritually uplifting and soothes fearfulness. Ylang ylang oil promotes optimism, bravery, and cheerfulness. It may also calm the nervous palpitations and heart agitations.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil has menthol which acts as a natural anesthetic and has cooling effects. It keeps the person alert and helps to concentrate. Peppermint oil has an energizing scent that alleviates the feelings of tiredness and mental exhaustion.

4. Sandalwood Essential Oil

sandalwood oil-min
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Sandalwood oil, because of its fantastic aroma has a therapeutic effect on the limbic system of our brain. It excellently helps in balancing emotions. It helps the person in managing his thoughts that may lead to panic attacks.

5. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense oil holds a positive effect on pain and depression. This oil acts significantly in treating panic attack disorder as it provides calming and tranquil energy. It is used by aromatherapy as it helps in deepening meditation and quieting the mind.

6. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil has calming and relaxing effects and induces relaxation while reducing agitation at the same time. It helps in getting relief from anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

7. Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver oil helps with self-awareness, stabilization, and calmness and is often used in dealing with trauma. It is a natural sedative and nervous system tonic. Vetiver oil decreases hypersensitivity and jitteriness and also lowers anxiety effects during anxiety panic attacks.

Why should we use Essential Oils for panic attacks?

One can observe tremendous and positive results by using essential oils for panic attacks. These oils have relaxing and calming effects which help people who suffer from constant panic attacks.

These oils slow down breathing and soothe the mind. They curb nausea and alleviate the negative thinking and emotions inside a person. By oxygenating the brain and ensuring proper blood circulation, these oils take care of its proper functioning. Essential oils for panic attacks are natural remedies that bring back the whole body to stabilize.

How to use essential oils for panic attacks?

There are various ways which can be put into use for the application of essential oils for panic attacks.

  • Aromatherapy is a prevalent method for using these oils in cases of panic attacks. It is a calming and relaxing method that also helps with panic disorders.
  • You may also use a diffuser, roller blend or bath blend. Taking a message using them is also beneficial.
  • Topical application and ingestion can also be done but make sure that you consult your healthcare expert first and use the oils in the right proportion and only after dilution.

DOs and DONTs


  • Consult with your healthcare expert before using any of these essential oils.
  • Use the correct proportion of these oils after diluting them properly.


  • Do not ingest or apply undiluted essential oils.
  • Do not expose these oils to direct sun.

Side effects

  • Ingestion of these oils directly without dilution and consultation with your healthcare expert can lead to severe consequences.
  • Some of the photosensitizing essential oils like bergamot essential oil may lead to rashes and sunburns.


  • Keep the essential oils away from the reach of children and pets
  • Buy only good quality essential oils from reliable brands

DIY essential oils recipe for panic attacks


Aromatherapy inhaler, two drops of peppermint oil, two drops of lavender oil, two drops of bergamot oil, one drop of ylang-ylang oil and one drop of frankincense oil


After removing the inhaler’s wick, add all the oils mentioned above. Now replace the wick and put the cap of the inhaler back to its place. Inhale it whenever needed.


6 drops of clary sage oil, two drops of lemon oil, three drops of lavender oil and six tsp of suitable carrier oil


Blend the stated oils with six tsp of carrier oil to form a fine mixture. This DIY oil can now be used as a moisturizer or body massage oil for getting relief from stress.

Other natural remedies for panic attacks

➢ Blueberries and peaches

Blueberries and peaches-min
Image: Shutterstock

Both blueberries and peaches have nutrients that help in relieving stress and providing a calming effect.

Vitamin B packed eatables

Food items like avocados, meat, eggs, milk etc. greatly help in preventing anxiety.

Meditation, yoga, and breathing

These are the best ways to heal panic attacks, anxiety and depression naturally as they stabilize the mind and breath. They provide the much-needed calmness to the body and mind.

Physical exercise and proper sleep

Getting proper and relaxed sleep and doing the right physical activities help in solving the problem of panic attacks and putting the body’s energy at the correct place in a positive way.

From aromatherapy to topical application, there are many ways in which one can make use of essential oils for panic attacks. Panic attacks should not be taken casually as these can lead to issues that no person would like to imagine or come across.

Essential oils are a natural and effective way of dealing with this problem with minimal side effects and maximum comfort. If used with proper assistance and care, essential oils for panic attacks are capable of giving positive results and decreasing the impact of the issue in those ways that you are hoping for.

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