Quick Relief from Bug Bites by Using Essential Oils

Updated on January 13th, 2020
Bug bites

With the onset of summer, the activities of bugs increase to a great extent. Bug bites are not only discomforting but also are severely painful. These bites are often innocuous but sometimes the pain can be so excruciating or the discomfort so harrowing that we rely upon over the counter products to alleviate the pain. We go for these products without giving a second thought to the fact that nature in its infinite wisdom has the cure for all these kinds of bites, i.e. essential oils for bug bites.

Essential Oils for Bug Bites

  1. Peppermint Essential oil
  2. Tea Tree Oil
  3. Lavender Essential Oil
  4. Basil Essential oil
  5. Rosemary Essential oil

Types and symptoms of Bug Bites

● Mosquito Bites- A mosquito bite causes a small and swollen bump which usually follows after the bite. The area affected will be swollen, reddish and itchy.
● Bedbugs- Bedbugs tend to leave a small bite on the skin which can cause a potentially dangerous allergic reaction. The bite causes the area to be red and itchy.
● Flea Bites- Flea bites can cause red bumps on the skin, usually the ankles and legs.
Fire Ant Bites– These red or black dangerous ants can leave around swollen red spots that cause blisters. An allergic reaction may also follow due to their bite.
● Fly bites- They can be painful, and rashes may appear, and the chances of insect-borne diseases also increase.
● Spider Bites- Swelling, red bumps, and overwhelming pain may be caused which at times require immediate medical care.
● Tick bites- It may be very itchy, pimply or scaly and can cause raised white or flesh-toned lines.

What Essential oils for Bug bites?

1. Peppermint Essential oil

This highly versatile oil is a great boon for humankind as it has several health benefits. It is known to create a massive spike in energy levels. This hybrid between spearmint and Mentha Aquatica has been in use since ancient times in Chinese and Japanese Civilizations. This oil works wonders for respiratory problems.

a. Why use Peppermint oil for Bug bites?

Peppermint oil provides immense relief when afflicted with itchy bites of various bugs. It prevents itching, burning and stinging sensation that occurs due to bug bites. Furthermore, it does the work of an antimicrobial agent by alleviating the risk of infections.

b. How to use Peppermint oil?

Peppermint oil can be applied directly to the skin. Also, it can be diluted with a base oilsuch as olive to mitigate the severe effects of various mite bites and stings.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil-min
Image: Shutterstock

This oil is obtained from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil has been put to use as a medicinal ingredient for centuries. It works as a natural hand sanitizer by getting rid of several germs. Also, it fights off bacteria that make you smell bad thereby working as a natural deodorant.

a. Why use Tea tree Oil for Bug Bites?

The antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties of this oil come in handy to prevent discomfort caused due to bed bug bites. Moreover, it also fights mosquito, bees, fire ants, ticks and fleas bites. Not only that, it minimizes the allergic reactions and itching sensations.

b. How to use tea tree oil?

This oil should be applied topically on the affected area in the diluted form. To dilute it use fractionated coconut oil. For children, this oil must be blended with lavender and bentonite clay.

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3. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil-min
Image: Shutterstock

The importance of this oil can be realized from the fact that it is one of the most used oil in the world today for the countless health benefits which it offers. It provides much-needed relief and alleviates stress thereby improving the mood of a person.

a. Why use Lavender oil for bug bites?

The analgesic property of this oil helps mitigate the pain which occurs as a symptom of bug bite. The anti-inflammatory property of this oil helps prevent bleeding bug bite.

b. How to use Lavender oil?

Lavender oil can be applied directly on the afflicted area to alleviate the itching and burning sensations. For larger insect bites, ten drops of it can be blended in with a cup of cider vinegar, five drops of thyme and two lemons to take a relieving bath.

4. Basil Essential oil

Basil oil-min
Image: Shutterstock

Basil essential oil is sourced from Ocimum basilicum, and astounding health benefits which it provides are many. It can tackle inflammation, bacterial infections, nausea, and even diabetes.

a. Why use Basil Oil for Bug bites?

This oil can help to reduce irritation due to a bug bite. Its antimicrobial property keeps several infections at bay. Not only does it counter bite allergy but also speeds up the healing process.

b. How to use Basil oil?

To get relief, this oil must be applied directly to the bitten area. But before that, care should be taken to dilute it using a carrier oil such as olive.

5. Rosemary Essential oil

Rosemary essential oil-min
Image: Shutterstock

This oil has several proven health benefits and is considered as a one-stop solution for multitudinous hair problems. It can transform your hair beautifully. Besides, it has cancer-fighting abilities and is known to improve memory.

a.  Why use Rosemary Oil for Bug Bite?

This potent oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to diminish overwhelming pain as a result of bug bites. It is also used for swollen bug bites and works wonders to prevent any infection. Also, it keeps away insects such as mosquito away from you for it acts as an insecticide.

b. How to use Rosemary oil?

This oil can be used alone along with carrier oils or blended in with other essential oils such as peppermint, lavender and tea tree to tackle severe bites.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are potent plant extracts which are obtained from different parts of the plant such as petals, roots, stems and leaves through varying techniques. These concentrated oils retain the natural properties of such plants which in turn is indeed a blessing for these oils work nothing short of a miracle to counterattack several problems which afflict humankind.

These oils are jam-packed with antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and several other properties that save the day by providing immense relief from severe pain and discomfort caused due to bug bites. Not only do they relieve pain but also enhance the recovery process and thus ensure a speedy recovery.

Why use these Essential oils for bug bite?

Most of the times, bug bites seem a trivial occurrence for they are innocuous and there appears to be no reason whatsoever to freak out as one goes on living his/her life without any problem.

But there are times when these bites can bring immense pain and withstanding such pain seems a mammoth task.

At such times, pain, swelling, bleeding and discomfort causes mayhem in one’s life. At such times of adversity, people fall for over the counter products which may or may not get the task done.

Essential oils for bug bites must be the go-to choice, for these plant extracts not only mitigates the pain but also prevent these bugs from doing the further assault on you. Besides several over the counter products have these essential oils as their main ingredient.

How to use Essential Oils to Heal Bug bites?

As essential oils for bug bites are highly concentrated, care must be taken to dilute them before applying topically correctly. Thus, they should be mixed with carrier oils, five drops per ounce of these oils.

One can also create their ointments. Just add a few drops of these oils to carrier oils such as coconut or jojoba. Moisturizers, lotions, and balms can also be used for this. When afflicted with several bites all over the body.

15 drops of essential oil must be blended in with the same amount of carrier oil to be added to your bath. Also, you can make spray in a bottle and use it on affected areas.
DIY essential oils

Bug Bite itch remedy


5 drops each of lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil and tea tree essential oil. Fractionated coconut oil along with a roll-on bottle.


Add the above-mentioned oils in the bottle. Place roller insert and shake it vigorously to mix these oils well. Clean the affected area and then use.

Bug bite itch soother


¼ cup baking soda, one tsp witch hazel and water, 2 tbsp Aloe Vera gel and 5 drops lavender essential oil


Place baking soda, Aloe Vera and witch hazel in a bowl and stir them until and unless they are smooth. Add water after that to make a paste. Place in an airtight container. Apply this paste on the affected itchy areas.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Essential oils


● Before use, make sure to consult your healthcare expert about the oil.
● Always dilute essential oils as they are highly concentrated and direct, an undiluted application may worsen your situation.


● Do not keep it in sunlight.
● Do not apply topically if not diluted.
● Do not go for internal consumption if not specifically mentioned so.


The choice of the right kind of essential oil is crucial to reap in the desired benefits. There are many kinds available, and on top of that, the FDA does not monitor essential oils. Hence you ought to be cautious and stay away from spurious and adulterated products. Always go for trusted brands that provide pure oils.

Furthermore, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their healthcare experts before using these oils. Make sure to undergo a small patch test to find out any sensitivity which can cause troubles. Also, essential oils should not be used when the bite is highly venomous and lethal. In such instances, immediate medical attention is needed.
Side effects
● Essential oils can cause certain sensitivities in people.
● They may cause intense allergic reactions at times.
● A direct application may sometimes worsen the situation and cause extreme pain.
● It can cause skin hives, difficulty in breathing and other such problems.
● Essential oils can trigger an asthma attack in those who have asthma.
● It can prove detrimental to health when having certain medical conditions such as diabetes.

Other Home Remedies

1) Baking soda

Soaking in baking soda may get the work done when you are under the grip of several severe bites. The bicarbonate will help to neutralize pH levels at the affected site as it is alkaline. Add a cup of baking soda in warm water to relieve pain.

2) Honey

Honey works wonders to heal burns as well as dry skin owing to its antibiotic properties. Thus it is an effective remedy to treat severe bug bites. You need to apply a dab of honey on the affected area to get relief.

3)  Oatmeal

Rolled oats are jam-packed with surprising benefits which are too good for your skin. The fat in oatmeal acts as a moisturizer. Thus, to alleviate the irritation due to a bug bite, add a cup of oatmeal in a warm bath.

Essential oils for bug bites are the perfect natural approach to get rid of those irksome bug bites. One only needs to look into nature and find out the answers for various problems. Essential oils are highly potent with astounding health benefits, and one among countless of them is assuaging the pain and irritation caused due to bug bites.

Moreover, it does not seem a tough task when using these oils for they contain natural elements which have a great aroma and it comes as a much-awaited relief against foul smelling lotions and sprays available in the market. But you ought to be cautious so as not to take nature lightly.

These essential oils for bug bites only benefit when they are used in the manner they are supposed to be used. Thus, their usage should be dealt with circumspection and one ought to be punctilious when applying them for various conditions.

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