Treat Rabies with 8 Simple Home Remedies

Updated on March 19th, 2020
Natural Cure for Rabies

Rabies is an infectious disease caused by the rabies virus. Rabies virus is transmitted by dogs to humans. The virus is present in the saliva of the infected animal. When an infected dog bites you, it transfers the virus through its saliva into your body.

According to the World Health Organization, 59,000 people died from rabies worldwide. Rabies cases are reported in more than 150 countries and it is a vaccine-preventable viral disease. It is a fatal disease if left untreated.  Domestic and wild animals act as a carrier for the rabies virus. Mostly domestic animals like dogs are known to spread the infections to humans.

Rabies virus generally affects the central nervous system and causes inflammation to the brain. Animals like domestic dogs, cats and rabbit can transfer the virus to humans through bite or scratches. Wild animals like skunks, raccoons, and bats also carry this virus and can spread it to humans. A cure for rabies in humans is available through vaccination and natural home remedies.

Risk Factors for Rabies:

Common Risk Factors

The number of rabies-related deaths in the United States has steadily declined since the 1970s and this is due to the widespread animal vaccines that have been administered to people who are on high risk or may have been exposed to rabies.

According to a study(1) conducted by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, of the 4,910 animal rabies cases reported in the U.S breakdowns the risk factors as below:

Bats 33.5 percent
Raccoons 28.6 percent
Skunks 21.0 percent
Foxes 6.4 percent
Cats 5.2 percent
Cattle 1.4 percent
Dogs 1.2 percent

You Are on Higher Risk of Developing Rabies When:

the bites occur in a geographical location where rabies is still prevalent

the animal is ill or displays unusual behavior the animal’s saliva comes in contact with your wounds or mucous membrane. In some cases, it was noticed that rabies could be caused by a scratch from an infected animal

There also have been reports of rabies being transmitted by infected saliva that has entered the air, mostly seen in bat caves. However, this is seen only in rare cases.

A bizarre fact here is that it’s possible for human-to-human rabies transmission to happen when one bites another. However, this theory was never put to test, for obvious reasons.

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How to Cure Rabies in Humans Naturally

The basic home remedies you can use for rabies treatment in humans  are:

1. Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is present in many fruits and vegetables. Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C as it boosts your immune system and helps you in fighting against infection. Guava, kiwi, cauliflower, and oranges are rich in vitamin C which can help in rabies cure.

2. Vitamin B Supplements

Vitamin B supplements help in producing antibodies that will fight against the infections. Consuming foods rich in vitamin B supplements is preferable than consuming artificial supplements. Vegetables and fruits like cabbage, tomatoes, raspberries, celery, watermelon, spinach, and pineapple contain a rich source of vitamin B. Vitamin B rich diet can be used to cure rabies.

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3. Lavender

Lavender compress is used in the wound healing process after the dog bite. Apart from lavender, there are many herbs that can be used as a compress or applied directly on the wound as an effectual cure for rabies.

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4. Walnut

It is believed that walnuts help in relieving allergy and neutralize the poison of a rabid dog. Take salt, walnut, and onion in equal quantity and grind it. And add honey to the mixture and dress the wound with the mixture as a first-aid therapy till you consult the doctor.

5. Garlic

The compound called allicin present in garlic has medicinal properties. It also has a natural antibiotic property that helps in treating the wound caused by a rabid dog. The wound healing property of garlic helps in relieving the pain after a dog bite. Garlic is essentially used as a rabies cure for humans.

6. Chinese Herb

A Chinese herb called skullcap(2) is generally used to treat the dog bite wounds. Skullcap herb has healing property. Skullcap was very famous among the general public in the early 20th century for treating the mental disorders caused by the rabies virus. Skullcap herb is an ancient old remedy used for rabies treatment.

7. Echinacea tea

Echinacea tea has a healing property. Drinking Echinacea tea helps in speeding up the wound healing process caused by an infected dog bite. Echinacea tea is also known to boost the immune system thus, plays an essential role in rabies treatment in humans.

8. Cumin seeds

how to cure rabies in humans naturally

Cumin seeds are generally used for the healing purpose of many different diseases. Take 2 teaspoons of cumin seeds and grind it with 20 black peppercorns. Add this mixture to water to form a paste. Apply this paste on the wound to speed up the healing process.


1. Is There a Cure for Rabies?

Yes, a person can be cured after a rabid dog bite with vaccination and natural home remedies that will speed up the healing process.

2. How to cure Rabies in Humans?

Rabies can be cured with vaccination and natural home remedies.3. How to Cure Rabies at Home?Rabies can be cured at home by using the following home remedies like Cumin seeds, walnuts and vitamin-rich diet.

4. How to Cure Rabies Without the Vaccine?

Rabies can be cured without vaccination with natural remedies like vitamin-C and vitamin-B rich diet.

5. How to Prevent Rabies?

You need to follow these general preventive measures to control rabies:

  • Vaccinating pets regularly can also help in preventing rabies infection.
  • Avoid contact with wild animals that are suspected to carry the rabies virus.
  • Prevent the entry of bats in living spaces to avoid the spread of infection
  • Don’t let the pet roam outside with stray animals as they can transfer the virus to healthy pets.
  • Report stray animals to animal control or local authority.
  • Take rabies vaccine before traveling to countries that are closely working with animals or handling rabies virus.
  • Keep the small pets away from predators. Rabbits and guinea pigs must be kept inside in protected cages away from infected wild and domestic animals as these small pets cannot be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Take your pets for regular health checkups to avoid the risk of chronic infectious diseases.
The treatments listed in this article are available for purchase online.

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