Tips & Home Remedies to Treat Fire Ant Bites

Updated on February 3rd, 2020
Home remedies for Fire ant bites

Fire ant bites(1) can be quite painful and can put you in a lot of distress. The bite causes itching and can be extremely difficult to deal with. A few seconds later you also have to deal with the swelling over the area where you were bitten; this is because of the action of the histamine, and it can irritate. If you are ever bitten by a fire ant then here are the best home remedies for you.

Home Remedies for Fire Ant Bites

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is enriched with antibacterial properties that help in fighting against the bacteria on the skin especially if you have peeled the skin off by excessive scratching. Apply vinegar on the skin surface immediately. It also helps in controlling the itching so you wouldn’t have to scratch the surface and peel off your skin. Apple cider vinegar is considered to be the best home remedies for fire ant bites treatment.

2. Teabags

Again one of the treatments for fire ants that has antibacterial properties due to its tannic acid. Wet the tea bags and then chill them. Later put the bags on the place where you have been bitten by fire ants.

It works well and helps in avoiding swelling and itching of the skin. Along with controlling the itching sensation, pressing a cold tea bag on the area helps in reducing the biting pain. It also helps in preventing scars.

3. Ice

Putting an ice cube on the fire ant’s bite is considered one of the quickest ways of protecting the swelling of the skin. The histamine’s action is what makes our skin surface swell up when the fire ant bites. So ice makes sure that the histamines don’t reach the skin surface.

Just take a cube of ice and directly press it on the skin surface where you are bitten by the fire ant. Ice cube is considered the best anti-histamine and it also numbs the pain as well as itching.

4. Toothpaste

Toothpaste for the treatment of fire ant’s bite primarily acts as a cooling agent on the skin because generally, all toothpaste has menthol, peppermint, or cloves. Applying toothpaste to the bitten area will help in numbing the pain as well as itching.

When a mask of toothpaste is used on the skin surface, it prevents the histamine action, hence prevents swelling up of the skin.  Toothpaste that has peppermint as its ingredients especially helps in soothing the surface of the skin which is why it is most preferred.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil(2), when diluted with a little water, can be an effective home remedy for fire ants bites. This is an excellent remedy especially if you are in severe pain or dealing with swelling as well as itching.

Applying diluted tea tree oil can help in this situation of distress and helps you in not scratching the surface and creating more damage. Tree tea oil is powerful so make sure that you dilute it before applying it to the skin otherwise the skin may burn.

Apart from proving a calming sensation, it also protects the skin from bacteria and germs, thus, prevent secondary infection on the skin.

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6. Aspirin

Aspirin tablets have inflammatory properties and are treated when the bite is severe. Crush one aspirin tablet make a paste. Apply it to the bite and let the paste rest overnight. This will help in reducing the pain, swelling, and itching of the skin.

7. Salt

Applying salt to the bitten fire ant area is another way of protecting the skin from infections, swelling, itching. By safeguarding the itching sensation, it prevents you from scratching the skin surface. Take some salt and make a paste using water and gently rub on the skin by applying a thick coat of it to prevent swelling and itch on the skin surface.

8. Calamine

Calamine is one of the popular remedies used for providing a soothing sensation to the skin. It also prevents swelling and skin itching on the skin caused by the bite of fire ants and other insects.

Apply a generous amount of calamine lotion on the bitten surface and leave it until you feel relaxed and comfortable.

9. Alcohol

This a great home remedy for the pain and itching caused by fire ant bite as it contains astringent effect.

Use a cotton ball soaked with alcohol, vodka, or mouthwash and put it on the surface where you are bitten. Keep applying a fresh coat of alcohol until you feel relieved and there is no more pain.

10. Soap Bar

When you are bitten by a fire ant, apply soap on that surface as soon as possible. Gently press and rub bar soap on the bitten surface. This will help in making a protective layer on the surface and hence protect from bacteria from infecting the skin surface.

Bottom Line

These were some effective home remedies for fire ant bites treatment. If you don’t get relief even after trying these remedies; then you should consider going to a doctor.


1. How Long Do Fire Ant Bites Last?

Fire ant bite symptoms include swelling, itchiness, redness and, pain. These bites when becoming pus-filled blisters may last up to 3 to 8 days. And, the scab at the bite site lasts up to 3 to 10 days.

2. What Helps Ant Bites Heal Faster?

Applying cold compresses to reduce swelling – 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. Using a hydrocortisone cream on the skin to relieve itching. Take an antihistamine to manage minor, localized allergic reactions and itching

3. Does Witch Hazel Help Fire Ant Bites?

Witch hazel contains tannins, which act as astringents when applied to the skin. Since astringents can cleanse skin irritants, reduce inflammation and have anti-bacterial benefits, they’re great to apply to insect bites. Witch hazel is found in grocery stores and pharmacies. Pour some on a cotton ball and pat on bites

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