8 Miraculous Benefits of Epsom Salt for your Feet

Updated on January 23rd, 2020
Epsom Salt for feet

Our feet take care of us so much but we seldom care about them.  Don’t get surprised as many people would surely second this thought! Taking care of your feet is as important as taking care of your face, but many don’t emphasize on foot hygiene as required. But do not worry as we have here to let you know about a magic ingredient that will bury all your worries. Read on as we list here the miraculous benefits of Epsom salt for feet.

About Epsom Salt and Its Miraculous Uses

The wonders of Epsom salt water are not only appealing but astounding as well. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of Epsom salt help in providing a wide array of health benefits to its users. Epsom salt is a compound of magnesium sulfate which assists in releasing toxins from the body and escalating the supply of minerals. It looks just like table salt but differs in its chemical contents.

Many studies and conjectures suggest that Epsom salt detox provide a wide array of health benefits to prevail sound body. Some of these miraculous uses of Epsom salt detox includes advantages like it soothes your skin, regulates blood sugar levels, reduces distress, anxiety, and what not. And one gem amongst this treasure is its benefits for the feet.

Epsom salt for feet helps to soothe your feet and provide required nourishment for its smooth functioning. It aims to detoxify all kinds of impurities and release stress. Removal of harmful toxins from the body that causes pain and inflammatory problems benefit the feet as well.  Supporters claim that the users can solvate Epsom salt in lukewarm water to serve its intent.

Eight Unknown Benefits of Using a soak up of  Epsom Salt for feet

Supporters claim that the miraculous Epsom salt performs various beneficial functions for the whole body which is exceptional. An Epsom salt detox is usually used as a stress buster to tranquilize the brain cells, soothe your skin, remove soreness, itching, etc. Although there is no credible evidence to justify its antifungal and antibacterial advantages, supporters claim that Epsom salt detox is efficacious to mollify the feet of not only athletic persons but also people in general. It is a wonderful way to pamper your feet and provide the needful nourishment to it. The other benefits are listed below:

1. Exfoliates the skin

salt feet

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Epsom salt detox helps to cleanse and exfoliate your dead skin cells and provide required nourishment to your feet. It softens and heals your dry and creviced foot to a great extent.

For this purpose, you can soak up your feet in lukewarm Epsom salt water. To enhance its effect, you can also use a handful of Epsom salt to massage your foot skin. It also reduces stress and relaxes your entire body.

2. Pain Relief

With the assistance of minerals present in Epsom salt, it helps in the elimination of harmful toxins from your body that causes inflammation, irritability, swelling, and pain. If you have sore feet, soak up your feet regularly in Epsom salt water to remove soreness and reduce pain.  It is an active pain relief agent for your foot and helps in relaxing your foot muscles.

3. Aids to remove splinters

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It might be challenging to remove splinters without inserting them further in the skin in general, but Epsom salt bath helps you to draw out splinters without any such tiff. Soaking up your foot in Epsom salt water helps to cure any inflammatory issues in the affected area, softens the split and ease out its removal. It also helps in the reducing pain in the affected area after removing the foot splinter.

4. Fosters foot health

It is imperative to take proper care of your feet to work efficiently and tirelessly during the day. Epsom salt water bath comes as a great alternative to serve this purpose adequately. It helps to keep your feet agile and aerobicized to work through the day and beat the daily challenges competitively.

Epsom salt bath also helps an athletic person to keep their foot healthy and active. People can soak up the contents of Epsom salt to soothe their feet and let go of whatever kind of itching or irritation they usually deal with.

5. Encourages Healthy sleep

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Epsom salt bath helps to foster brain cells that are responsible for engendering sleep and reducing stress. Magnesium as well helps to escalate melatonin, a hormone responsible for instigating sleep. Proper good night’s sleep helps in relaxation of the entire body along with feet. It keeps them healthy, active and hearty to hit the next morning with enthusiasm and energy.

6. Epsom salt for feet removes foot odor

Working tirelessly during the day in your high heels or socks and shoes might not be a great idea to keep your feet happy and hearty. It not only causes foot stiffness but also induces terrible odor. Epsom salt water bath helps in the removal of this slight odor along with reducing stiffness, inflammation, itching, and irritation. It is an astounding way to tranquilize your tired feet.

You can also add lavender essential oil to your solution for better results.

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7. Assists in curing Arthritis

Epsom salt assists in healing the pain caused by arthritis. It helps to relax the joints and release pain from the feet. It is impressive how Epsom salt for feet works in easing out the pain from joints of people who have arthritis.

However, you are highly recommended to move your joints as much as possible after soaking up your feet in Epsom salt water to avoid congestion in your joints.

8. Feet Lubricant

Epsom salt water bath acts as a lubricating agent for your feet. It not only coddles your feet but also keeps them smooth, robust, lively and acrobatic. It is entirely safe and recommendable to take an Epsom salt water bath weekly to distress your feet and keep them healthy.

Mechanism of making Epsom Salt for feet Soak up

epsom salt

A bath of Epsom salt for feet is a fantastic way to aid your foot problems and keep them healthy and hydrated. It is fascinating to know how a bathing solution can do wonders to your feet.

When you add Epsom salt to heated water, the contents of magnesium sulfate melts into it. This solution gets easily absorbed by the body through the skin. It helps in the removal of harmful toxins from the feet and the body and makes a passageway for the magnesium and sulfate to enter your circulatory system. The presence of this amalgam pumps up the amount of magnesium in your feet required for the creation of energy, smooth functioning of muscles and depletion of inflammatory problems (if any) in your feet.

You are recommended to follow the guidelines given below to prepare a detox with Epsom Salt for feet:

  • Pour water into your bathtub or basin with tepid water. The level of water should be adequate to soak up your feet in it so that your feet can relax in the solution.
  • Add half a cup of Epsom salt granules to the lukewarm water. The contents of Epsom salt gets easily dissolve in the warm water.
  • Soak up your feet into the solution for 30-60 minutes to soften your feet, remove soreness, etc. Do this procedure twice a week to achieve the best possible results.
  • For enhancing the effects of your aromatherapy, you can add a few globules of diluted lavender, mint or eucalyptus essential oil to your solution. It helps in removing odor from your foot and impart slight
  • After the bath, do not forget to moisturize your feet thoroughly.

Why moisturize your feet after Epsom salt foot soak up?

moisturize feet

After soaking up your feet in Epsom salt water, if you do not moisturize them, it will dry up your feet and can also cause itching, irritation or slight pain. To avoid this, you must moisturize your feet after taking Epsom salt bath.

If you see any symptoms of redness, soreness or pain post-Epsom salt bath, consult your doctor immediately to negotiate an alternative therapy.

Precaution while using Epsom Salt for Feet

Follow the precautions given below to avoid any mishap:

  • If you are suffering from any particular skin disease or chronic foot problems, then consult your doctor before taking a bath in Epsom salt for feet so as not to worsen the situation.
  • You are advised to not to regularly bathe in Epsom salt water as it might cause adverse effects like foot cracking or irritation. Also, an overdose of magnesium and sulfate in your body can have detrimental effects on your body like redness, increase in blood sugar levels, pain, inflammation, etc.
  • If you have hypersensitive skin, avoid bathing in Epsom salt water to prevent allergic reactions in your body or skin reddening, etc.
  • It requires more profound research to explore and scientifically prove the broad spectrum of benefits of Epsom salt for feet. So, it is suggested to not to depend on Epsom salt for foot problems entirely. You can use it in general to pamper your feet.

Since the vast array of benefits of Epsom salt for feet are not scientifically proven, it is advisable to consult your doctor if you have chronic foot pain, blisters, injuries, etc. It is not wise to use Epsom salt water to cure severe foot problems which require immediate medical treatment.

You can use Epsom salt water bath to pamper your feet in general and provide extra nourishment. It is a great way to soothe your foot skin, cure slight pain, soreness, odor, release stress, etc. Also, it helps you to keep your feet healthy and active which is essential to keep going. Anyway, it is good to coddle your feet every once in a while to keep them happy and aerobicized. It acts as amazing aromatherapy for the smooth functioning of the whole body. Also, Epsom salt stash comes very cheaply and handy so that you can avail it easily from your nearest drugstore.

If you don’t have a stash of Epsom salt at your place already, fetch it today from any drugstore nearby, or you can also place your order online.

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