Emu Oil Effects and Benefits for Regular Skincare

Updated on January 13th, 2020
emu oil for skin

Achieving flawless and radiant skin is one of the dreams for all of us. We use various products and home remedies to make our skin look younger, shiner and glowing. Usage and benefits of various kinds of oils and ingredients available in all households are the legacies that have been passed from one generation to the other.

Emu oil has become one of the most widely used skincare remedies in the past few years. due to its magical benefits in skincare, it is also recommended by dermatologists to achieve flawless, younger-looking skin.

Oil therapies are beneficial in various ways to our health and skincare. It also has a lower risk of reactions, even on highly sensitive skin. This is the reason even dermatologists recommend various kinds of emu oil massage and topical application on the face, body and on hair for better results.

What is Emu oil?

It’s important to understand the science behind the magical benefits of emu oil and its usage on the face, scars, head message, and wrinkle-free skin.

Emu is a bird that has origin in Australian and it cannot fly. It slightly looks like an ostrich and its scientific name is Dromaius novaehallandiae(1). Emu has become popularly know for a good source of meat and emu oil.

How is Emu Oil Made?

emu oil
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Emu bird skin contains a good source of fat underneath the topical layer of skin. That fat contains yellow color oil that required to be extracted using medical practices into the production laboratories. It has a high range of availability into the skincare market due to its health benefits to the skin and hair.

Production companies of the emu oil promise good quality and reaction free product with its intense quality of filtration process that removes all the impurity and bacteria that cause skin allergy and redness. It contains a high level of fatty acid as it is a natural extracted fat from the bird skin.

Product units are well certified by the American EMU association to deliver the emu oil into the commercial market. This process adds one more trust factor to the skincare industry to widely circulate the product into the user’s availability areas. The oil purity and refinement process ensures the complete pure product availability for the best results.

Benefits of Emu Oil for Skin

Emu oil has a good amount of Anti-Oxidant compounds and Anti-inflammatory properties (2) which are very important elements to achieve fresh, and glowing skin. It reduces redness and helps the flow of oxygen into the skin.

It also prevents the build of bacteria into the skin, caused by the dirt and direct sunlight. Emu oil is a good source of moisturizing that can help reduce the dryness of the skin because of its good absorbent quality. It totally gets absorbed into the skin after light massage on face with figure tips. It helps to treat the skin damage that can cause cancer to the skin type and also being recommended by the dermatologist for daily skincare routine.

It’s been also suggested to mix the emu oil with other moisturizers that have oil compounds. It helps increasing the moister element of the mixed product to deeply penetrate the skin for smoother and healthier skin.

1. Scars

It has been also suggested by many researchers that the use of emu oil stimulates the process of producing healthy skin cells. While helping the recreation on healthy skin cells it can also be absorbed that emu oil can help in reducing wrinkles from the face and promotes rejuvenating process and heals damage caused by direct sunlight.

It can also help in reducing scars by regular application and message of the oil into the deep tissues of the skin. But, one has to be slightly patient while using it as it magically does disappears the scare but promotes healthy skin cells to grow faster by regular application.

2. Skin

Emu oil can be used in various ways to decrease skin inflammation and redness. It can be also used for treating initial dermatological problems(3) cause on skin along with wounds, seborrhoea dermatitis, and hypopigmentation.

It promotes even skin tones by helping in the reduction of hypopigmentation redness and fights allergic bacteria. Because of deep absorbent quality, it helps in healing small wounds, slight cuts, burns and many more.

3. Skincare

Skin Glow

emu oil is high in Fatty Acid Contains such as omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, these all acid contains are helpful in reducing pain, inflammation, scars, wrinkles, and blemishes by deeply nourishing the skin cells.

It also contains Vitamin A which is an excellent skin tonic because of its antioxidant property. Vitamin A is found in many anti-aging products.

4. Face

Application is very simple and effective that help deep circulation of oxygen and blood flow into the skin. one can take a few drops on emu oil on the fingertips and can simply massage the skin for 3 to 5 min. In case of heavy dryness, it’s been suggested to leave the application overnight to get better results.

5. Hair

No cases have been found that claims the re-grow hair problem with the users. But still, all of our skin reacts differently to whatever product we use and apply to it. One has to take suggestions from the certified dermatologists in case of regular use of the product.

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6. Baldness

It promotes healthy skin cells but there are no proven facts been found behind the prevention of baldness. But it can help in reducing scalp redness and etching problems because of anti-inflammatory substances.

Emu oil application brings different healthy skin benefits to all of us. emu oil can help to promote the rejuvenated, wrinkle-free, glowing, even skin tone. Different kinds of results been seen by the application and use of emu oil in various ways. Still, we do not promise or ensure the right kind of treatment or result in this article. One has to go through own understanding and medical suggestions before using the product in any critical condition.

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