Fibromyalgia Cure with Natural Home Remedies

fibromyalgia cure for natura home remedies

Fibromyalgia is commonly referred to as severe muscle pain that can spread all over in your body. Generally you will experience tiredness and sleep problems symptoms like insomnia along with wide spread muscle pain during fibromyalgia. Complete fibromyalgia cure is not possible with medications. The cure for fibromyalgia is done with simple natural home remedies.

How to cure Fibromyalgia with Natural Home Remedies

Fibromyalgia symptoms can be controlled with the help of natural home remedies. To cure fibromyalgia naturally the following home remedies for muscular dystrophy needs to be included in your daily routine. The most effective remedies are:

  1. Magnesium rich foods

Due to fibromyalgia, magnesium levels are decreased in your body. Magnesium rich foods help in maintaining the balance of magnesium content(1) in your body. Magnesium is present in green leafy vegetables, whole grains, yogurt and dried fruits. Magnesium is also present in flax seeds, cocoa and almonds. A magnesium rich food is one of the common natural cures for fibromyalgia.

  1. Vitamin D

The level of vitamin D decreases in your body due to fibromyalgia. Vitamin D supplements helps in improving your condition during fibromyalgia. According to the research, reduced symptoms of fibromyalgia are seen after taking vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D supplement is an easily available natural cure for fibromyalgia.

  1. Anti-inflammatory nutrient diet

Anti-inflammatory nutrient diet is essential for your body while suffering with fibromyalgia. Inflammation generally leads to muscle and joint pain. Anti-inflammatory antioxidants(2) like quercetin are present in many vegetables that help in reducing inflammation which can lead to fibromyalgia.  Quercetin is present in red onion, broccoli and tomato. Anti-inflammatory diet helps to cure fibromyalgia naturally.

  1. Avoid gluten

Gluten is a protein that is found in most grains like wheat. Except brown rice and quinoa, other grains needs to be avoided as it can increase your muscle pain and fatigue.  Gluten can also lead to different health problems like neurological problems(3) and inflammation. Gluten free diet is one of the best cures for fibromyalgia.

  1. Omega-3 rich diet

Omega-3 rich foods must be included in your daily diet to control fibromyalgia symptoms. The good content of fat is present mostly in cold-water fishes and walnuts that have anti-inflammatory property. Omega-3 fats do not relief your pain completely but, can reduce inflammation and can cure fibromyalgia symptoms.

  1. Lean protein

Lean protein is essential to cure fibromyalgia.  Eating lean protein helps in reducing the carb intake and controls the blood sugar level in your body. Protein rich diet plays an important role in reducing and curing fibromyalgia symptoms.

  1. Warm shower

While suffering with fibromyalgia you will experience severe muscle pain, when you wake up early morning. The severe muscle pain can be lessened with warm showers which help in relaxing your muscles and gives relief with the morning muscle stiffness and pain. According to research staying in warm water for 10 minutes helps in maximum relaxation of muscles.

  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol disturbs your sleep and can make the morning stiffness and muscle pain worse.  Excessive smoking and drinking will have a negative impact on the fibromyalgia symptoms. Excess intake of caffeine and alcohol can make the situation worse and cause problems in fibromyalgia natural cure.

  1. Sleep well

During fibromyalgia you will experience muscle stiffness and severe pain early morning due to lack of proper sleep. Healthy sleeping habits help in reducing the symptoms of fibromyalgia and can be an added advantage in fibromyalgia natural cures.

  1. Self massage

Massage therapy is a common effective therapy used to cure different diseases along with fibromyalgia. Early morning self massage on shoulders, neck, arm and back helps in loosening your muscles and ease stiffness and pain. Self massage is one the best therapies considered as a natural cure for fibromyalgia.

  1. Practice Yoga

According to the research practicing yoga for 2 hours weekly helps in reducing the fibromyalgia symptoms for about 30%. The breathing techniques in yoga(4) help in relaxing your muscles and it also alters pain signals. Including physical stretching exercises like yoga also helps in minimizing morning stiffness. Physical activity like yoga helps in curing fibromyalgia naturally.

  1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture(5) plays a major role in increasing the activity of your brain receptors that control pain signals. Acupuncture therapy reduces the fibromyalgia symptoms to a maximum extent and provides relief from morning stiffness.

  1. Meditation

Meditation helps in curing the body on its own. Meditation plays an important role in promoting the relaxation of your body. Meditation(6) changes the way your brain functions and reduces fibromyalgia symptoms.

  1. Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese physical activity that involves slow movement of the body. It helps in easing fibromyalgia symptoms and can be referred as one of effective natural cures for fibromyalgia. Practicing Tai Chi for 60 minutes twice a week helps in improving your pain, sleep quality and depression.

  1. Weight loss

Obese people experience severe pain due to fibromyalgia and thus it is recommended to lose weight to reduce the symptoms. Obese people are 60-70% at higher risk of developing fibromyalgia. You need to maintain a normal healthy weight to cure fibromyalgia naturally with simple remedies.

  1. Epsom salt

Epsom salt is a good source of magnesium. Taking Epsom salt(7) bath helps your body to absorb magnesium. Epsom salt bath also helps in reducing pain and induce relaxation. Take 2 cups of Epsom salt and add in warm bathwater. Soak in it for about 20 minutes and continue this thrice a week for better results.

  1. Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is a most effective way to reduce and cure fibromyalgia. You need to talk to your therapist and share your thoughts about the pain you are suffering with as it will reduce physical and emotional symptoms caused due to fibromyalgia. According to the recent research cognitive behavioural therapy has a positive effect on your body during the course of disease.

If you observe any fibromyalgia symptoms, then you must consult a doctor and get it diagnosed to avoid complications. After diagnosis of fibromyalgia, you can include the above listed natural remedies in your life style. The above listed natural remedies are considered as an effective fibromyalgia cure.


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