Fibromyalgia Tender Points to Diagnosis and Pain Management

Updated on March 16th, 2020
fibromyalgia tender points

Fibromyalgia tender points are the spots of pain located around different areas on the body that hurt when pressed firmly. Tender points are the areas of pain around the joint but not in the joints themselves. Fibromyalgia trigger points are the contraction that radiates pain to muscles, tendons, and joints. In tender points, the pain does not emanate. However, people suffering from fibromyalgia can have trigger point pain as well as tender point pain simultaneously.

Did You Know?

  • Apple cider vinegar balances the PH level of the body and improves blood circulation in your body. It also reduces gastrointestinal issues, headache, etc.
  • Ginger has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties that reduce fibromyalgia symptoms.

What Are the 18 Tender Points?

Neck Tender Point

There are 18 Fibromyalgia(1) tender points that are painful when pressed on.

  • Back of the neck: If you have fibromyalgia, you may have the tender points at the back of the neck. Neck pain can be caused by injuries, arthritis, or sleeping in a wrongful manner.
  • Front of the neck: The front of the neck is one of the trigger points and is located just above the collarbone, on either side of the larynx.
  • Knees: People with fibromyalgia may feel tender inside each knee pads.
  • Elbow: Fibromyalgia patients may also feel tenderness in each elbow. Elbow pain can also be caused by repetitive strain injuries.
  • Hips: People with fibromyalgia may have a tender point near where the buttocks muscles curve to join the thighs.
  • Lower back: Nowadays, lower back pain is very common. Fibromyalgia patients may have the trigger point at the top of the buttocks, right at the bottom of the lower back.
  • Shoulder: Some people may feel tenderness just above the edges between the shoulder and bottom of the neck.
  • Upper back: Tender points are often seen where tendons and muscles meet. The upper back is also a tender point that causes muscles to cramp in the upper back.
  • Chest: People with fibromyalgia may have a tender point just below the collar bone.

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Medication for Fibromyalgia Pain

There are lots of medicines available in the market for reducing fibromyalgia pain. Some medicines ease the pain while some may increase your stamina or improve your sleep.

  • Antidepressant: Antidepressant may increase the serotonin and norepinephrine that help to control pain. The two main drugs for fibromyalgia are duloxetine and fluoxetine.
  • Pain relievers: Aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen may give you relief from pain. But overdose may cause heart strokes and ulcers and many other stomach related problems.
  • Anti-seizure medicine: Gabapentin is very helpful in treating fibromyalgia pain. It reduces the anxiety and stress in your body.

Home Remedies for Fibromyalgia


There is no definitive cure for this disease. Medicines may have some side effects so there are some home remedies for fibromyalgia.

  • Yoga and meditation: Yoga and meditations give you relief from fibromyalgia pain as it relaxes your muscles. So do yoga and meditation for 20-30 daily to control the symptom of fibromyalgia.
  • Exercise: Exercise is the best way to control fibromyalgia pain as it reduces your stress and makes your body fit as well.
  • Acupressure: Acupressure(2) restores the level of vital energy that flows through the energy pathway in the body and changes the level of neurotransmitter in the brain and spinal cord which give you relief from pain.
  • Eat omega 3 fatty acid-rich food: It contains unsaturated fats which decreases inflammation and neuropathic pain. So eat fish as much as you can or you can add fish oil in the meal to control the pain.
  • Massage: Massage therapy helps you to relax your muscles and relieves stress and anxiety in your body.
  • Turmeric: It contains curcumin which reduces the pain of muscles and joints. Take a glass of milk and add half tablespoon of turmeric and drink it you may feel changes in your body.

Treatment for fibromyalgia

  • Getting a diagnosis: First, find the best doctor for the treatment and then start your diagnosis process. Once the diagnosis is done you may feel the changes in the symptoms of fibromyalgia.
  • Complete full course of medicine:  Take your medicines on time and do not lapse the medicine as it may harm your body.
  • Do exercise regularly: As you, all know exercise makes you fit and fine so exercise daily for at least 20-30 min daily to reduce your stress and strain.
  • Eat protein rich food: Take protein rich food as these are bodybuilding foods which make your muscles strong and avoid cramps in your muscles.

Fibromyalgia pain is a very serious problem. People with fibromyalgia always feel restless or powerless throughout the day. It causes laziness in the body and makes your body weak day by day. You always want to sleep after doing certain work. It lowers the stamina and energy level in your body.

Fibromyalgia pain is mostly seen in older people as their body is becoming weak day by day. So it’s better to know about the symptoms of fibromyalgia pain to avoid pain in muscles or joints. If you see any of the symptoms of fibromyalgia then consult your doctor as soon as possible to avoid any kind of serious problem in your life.

So be careful about your health and cure it fast to live a healthy life. If you are facing the problem of fibromyalgia then get it diagnosed quickly and get relief from the pains easily.

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1. Does Massage at Fibromyalgia Pain Points Help You to Get Relief?

There are various massage therapies that will help you to get relief from the fibromyalgia. However, before going for any therapy you should make sure that you have consulted a physician or an expert to get the best possible outcome.

2. Is Treatment at Fibromyalgia Tender Points Expensive?

If you are going for the HBOT or the Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treating fibromyalgia then that can cost your pocket but other therapies are not that expensive and if you are having a healthy life and if you are opting for the alternative treatment then that will not be very expensive.

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