Ear Reflexology: Benefits by Stimulating Its Points

Updated on January 2nd, 2020
Ear Reflexology

Ear reflexology or the auricular massage is a traditional Chinese way of performing acupressure. The history of reflexology(1) is of more than 5000 years. Even the early wall paintings of China and Egypt depict the various benefits of the method and show its applications too.

The pressing of pressure points tends to stimulate the energy flow across the body. It is the flow that generates the body’s power to self-heal. Today, with the help of many types of research and clinical approaches, it gets clear that there are no doubts over the effectivity of reflexology. Apart from the limbs, reflexology is very useful for ears too.

Ear Reflexology can be traced back to Chinese medical work undertaken 5000 years ago. The Chinese use it as a diagnostic and healing treatment(2) by stimulating points on the ear that are believed to correspond to different parts of the body.

Pioneering work by the Chinese over the last 40 years has led to the World Health Organization (WHO) authorizing the standardization of the points on the ear (1990). They defined 91 auricular points.


    1. Process
    2. Ear Zones
    3. DIY
    4. Precautions

What is Ear Reflexology?

Ear Massage

According to the World Health Organization, certain auricular points function the reflexology for the ear. There are 91 such points on our ear which show the effectivity. The basic technique of ear reflexology(3) is – As per Dr. Helena Huang, our ear connects through various parts of our body. The connections share an endless energy flow and bloodstream within the meridians. At first, the identification of the points takes place.

Since the technique holds back an ancient history of many years, some proofs are there which prove the effectiveness of the procedure.

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How Does the Process of Ear Reflexology Work?

Following up the technique of reflexology, an attachment of seed and plaster takes place for the patient to work on it between the treatment sessions. The Chinese tend to believe that reflexology works by stimulating the Central Nervous System of the body. Unlike the traditional reflexology, each ear represents a whole body, that’s why during treatment work takes place only on one ear.

Benefits of Ear Reflexology

There are different areas where ear reflexology impacts and provide numerous benefits(4). The most significant advantage of using this method is to get instant relief from troubling pain by just using some ear pressure points. For the removal of infections, balancing of hormones, and decreasing the blood pressure, ear reflexology sounds perfectly advantageous. Generally, the procedure works upon problems related to legs and hands.

It can find out a diagnosis and confirm, which results from the imbalances between the hand reflex points, as well as the leg reflex points. You will undoubtedly get amazed by the effectivity or usefulness of this deal. The other benefits of this method are –

  • It provides stimulation to the endorphins or happy mood hormones.
  • It gives relaxation from stress and tension.
  • Stimulation of senses takes place enhancing the immune system.
  • It provides relaxation senses to the aching parts through the massaging practice.

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Ear Zones and Their Stimulation

There are 10 zones in total in our ear as per the ear reflexology and all those specific zones cater to a lot of roles and benefits along with the different ways of stimulation on these points. The ten regions in which the ears have partition zones are –

  • The Ear Lobe
  • Cavum Concha
  • Cymba Concha
  • Triangular Fossa
  • Helix
  • Scaphoid Fossa
  • Anti-Helix
  • Anti-Tragus
  • Tragus
  • Back of the Ear

To follow the ear massage, these are the steps that need attention –

  • Whole Ear Massage –

massage for ear

Rub your hands a little to get the warmth. Cover your ears with your hands and hold them for around 15 seconds still. Now remove the hands and rub them together again. Bent each of your ears and cover them each with your hands. Hold the position for 15 seconds at least.

  • Ear Lobe Massage

To begin with, the massage of the Ear lobe, try to pinch your ear lobe at first and then pull it from the inside towards the outside with the help of your thumb and index finger for around 3 to 5 minutes. Practicing it provides significant benefit in dealing with headaches, eye problems, dizziness, and the common cold. If you feel inflammation in your ear lobe, then stop going further with the message.

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  • Cavum Concha Massage

Place your index fingers on both of your ears and rotate them 100 times in the clockwise direction. Practice this step 3 times a day. It focuses on the lungs and heart of the body.

  • Cymba Concha Massage

It has the corresponding relation between the stomach, the intestines, bladder, liver, and kidney. Rub both the back and front parts of your ears with the help of your index finger for 100 times. Repeat these three times a day.

  • Triangular Fossa Massage

It corresponds with the prostate, impotence, uterus, and insomnia. Press this region of your ear and rotate 100 circles. Repeat the procedure three times a day.

  • Helix and Scaphoid Fossa Massage

It has the function of improvising hearing and vision, reduces frequent urination, and impotence. Rubbing this portion reduces diarrhea, headache, and lumbosacral pain. Grab this portion along with the helix and massage with the help of your thumb and forefinger, until the ear gets warm.

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  • Anti-Helix Massage

Place your thumb above the anti-tragus and with the help of your forefinger, rub the portion for up to 30 times. It deals with the functioning of the trunk or torso of the body.

  • Anti-Tragus Massage

Rubbing Anti-Tragus can help you out in increasing the metabolic function of your body. It also helps in enhancing the capacity of the cardiovascular system and cerebral cortex. It deals with the head and heart.

  • Tragus Massage

Pinch the Tragus and bent it forward. Pull the part up and down for up to 30 times. It helps in treating cough, cold, and running nose. It can also address other problems, such as – dizziness, asthma, chest palpitations, and laryngitis.

  • Back Ear Massage

Back Ear Massage

Rub the back of your ear and massage it with the help of your thumb for around 10 to 30 times. Pinch the anti-tragus part and pull it with the help of your thumb and index finger. Do this procedure for up to 30 times.

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Reflexology at Home – DIY

Here is the step by step process of practicing ear reflexology for DIY –

  1. Look over the Ear reflexology chart, to get an idea about all the zones and ear pressure points present there. Check your problems and focus on the aspects regarding them.
  2. Select a quiet place for massage and sit on a chair comfortably.
  3. Do not let your hair interfere with the reflexology. Tie your hair at the back of your head if they are too long.
  4. Start focusing on the ear lobes of both the ears at first. Press them and then gently bent them downwards. Do not try hard to pull them, as it will hurt, and you might feel the ache.
  5. Now focus on the outer edge of your ears and move them upwards. Repeat this process up to several times.
  6. Try to identify the sensitive areas on your ear. Press the sensitive areas and pay more attention to them.
  7. Rub the areas of the ear by moving your ears from the right edge to the end present downwards. Apply pressure on the outside areas and press each point. Repeat this process for up to five times to get better results.
  8. Repeat the same process on the other ear.
  9. Gently rub the internal cracks of your ear, as it covers many reflex points.

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Here are the necessary precautions and safety measures that you need to keep in mind before performing the reflexology –

  • Perform reflexology on yourself, only if you are healthy enough to do it. Consult your doctor about your conditions before you proceed.
  • Discuss the symptoms regarding your conditions first with a doctor.
  • Do not perform reflexology if you have – any infection, Thrombophlebitis, cellulite in your hands and feet, high-risk pregnancy or deep vein thrombosis.
  • Reflexology is only responsible for treating the problems and not curing it completely.

Ear Reflexology is a traditional method and has very few or no side effects if you are performing it by taking care of the precautions. Many people consume its benefits by just playing the step by step procedure at home too. The massage helps in enhancing various functions of the body.

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