Guided Meditation for Healing – A Miracle of Its Kind!

Updated on December 13th, 2019
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Have you or somebody around you gone through a life-changing medical condition? If so then you might have heard about some miraculous cases where people healed the next to impossible conditions of their’s without the help of medicines or surgery. Are you thinking that if not with medications, how can it be possible? Well, they achieved it with the help of the magical therapy of guided meditation for healing.

Meditation is widespread across the globe with around 18 million people in the US alone who practice meditation amongst the 200-500 million people across the world. Taking guided meditation sessions can not only help people to heal their minor ailments but can also work wonders in cases that require significant healing.

Read on as this read is a one-stop comprehensive guide of all that is necessary for you to learn about guided meditation.

    1. How Does It Work
    2. Benefits
    3. Practice
    4. Expectation
    5. Deep Guided Meditation

Can Guided Meditation Help to Heal the Body?

Meditation Help to Heal
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Various investigations have uncovered the fact that meditation gets thoroughly connected with our brain. And quite evidently, those who practice meditation regularly have a sound and ingenious mind as compared to those who do not have any connection with meditation. Meditation helps produce ‘serotonin,’(1) also known as the happy hormone, which reflects our overall well-being. Some studies have also proved that the body produces dopamine while meditating which is a neurotransmitter that helps create overwhelming feelings of recompense and desire. Therefore, a Guided meditation for self-healing is possibly the best way to take care of our mind, body, and soul, per se.

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How does Guided Meditation work for Healing?

Guided meditation to employ healing doesn’t require you to be a pro in meditating. All you need to do is keep your ears open, listen carefully and soon you will delve into the regenerating waters of your subliminal mind. The subconscious or subliminal mind has the power of controlling more than 37.2 trillion cells(2) that are present in your body and also manages and interfaces each of the 12 bodily systems that keep us alive, including the heart, respiratory system, nervous system, and so on. This is genuinely great and should never get underestimated.

The subconscious mind is a powerhouse which helps in healing and lets a person achieve spiritual bliss. It works 24×7 and keeps all our emotions, feelings and thoughts intact. So, when we talk about guided meditation, we talk about getting in-tune with our subconscious mind and bringing forth those positive thoughts which are there ingrained inside our brain and deviate that positive energy in our overall healing, physical as well as emotional.

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Benefits of Guided Meditation for Healing

Benefits of Guided Meditation
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Meditation helps in deep healing from within along with an overall transformation of the biological cells. Hence, it can provide instant relief from physical pain as well. So, if a person is suffering from a long-term illness, he/she can get hold of inner peace along with a great deal of energy. Here are a few more benefits that one can enjoy with a guided meditation for healing –

  • Removes fear from the mind and relaxes your mind as well as the body as a whole.
  • Provides a lot more energy to your body and helps you remain focussed towards your bodily healing.
  • It trains your mind in restoring wellness and supports your body to combat the illness.
  • It lets your body relax and provides absolute calmness to your mind so that it gets ample time to repair its wound.
  • Delivers a considerable amount of self-awareness and lets the mind wander for the best.
  • It makes the mind positive and helps inculcate positive thoughts which in turn, helps our body to heal, surprisingly!
  • Shows proper direction to the mind and helps it reach the zenith of ultimate peace and happiness, and keeps the mind off from any damaging thoughts.

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How to Practice the Guided Meditation for Healing?

Guided meditation is all about feel-good fitness. It makes you fall in love with yourself and makes you positive, inside out. So, here’s how you can carry out a session of self-guided meditation for healing. Follow these ten steps, and very soon, you will see a change in yourself –

  • First off, create a calm and peaceful environment which is free from any disturbances and distractions. Make sure there isn’t any clutter around. It will help you to focus on your meditation.
  • With the usage of pillows, cushions, mattresses or anything comfortable, relax yourself in a position of your choice. Sit straight keeping your back upright. It will help you to breathe in and out better.
  • Close your eyes and focus on yourself, without any visual distractions.
  • Now, slowly start inhaling and exhaling. Concentrate on your breathing pattern and make sure you do not breathe in or out forcibly.
  • Once you think you are comfortable with everything around, start breathing in hope and breathing out morose.
  • Choose to watch your thinking and think only healthy and positive thoughts.
  • Send love to all parts of your body by inhaling love and exhaling hatred.
  • Inhale gratefulness and exhale jealousy. Choose to be grateful for your body and mind.
  • Breathe out tension and breathe in peace and positivity. Breathe out all your negative thoughts and breathe in healing.
  • Let your body be silent and still and let it share with you how it feels to get healed further. Allow the total feeling of relaxation to spread throughout your body and make peace prevail upon you.

Once you do this right, you will see how your mind and body changes for the good. Good health is a choice, and with the help of this 10-minute self- guided meditation session to impart healing, you can take a step ahead towards loving your body and making it more positive and peaceful.

What to Expect from Guided Meditation for Healing?

Expect from Guided Meditation
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When you take up a guided meditation session for healing session for yourself, you will be overwhelmed with the whole experience. You will have an instructor by your side who will help you with the entire process of meditation. An instructor is someone who is a trained professional in doing this job, so, you can rely on her/him.

The instructor will ask you to relax at first and then carry out the process. He/she may even start with a grounding exercise where you will be asked to imagine your feet growing roots that go deep into the ground.

The instructor will help you gain a vision of light within yourself after making you comfortable. He/she will make you enlightened with his meditation procedures and help you with your breathing processes. You will be asked to close your eyes first and then listen to yourself and eliminate all kinds of negative energy from within.

Once the session is over, the instructor will help you get back to reality by slowly wiggling your toes and refocusing on your breathing pattern. You will have to inhale and exhale deeply for a few times. Your instructor will merely provide you with a vision, a vision to reach a positive sphere of life.

The instructor’s voice and instructions will help you to keep off from other on-going thoughts and distractions. One session of such guided meditation for healing will let your mind relax and gain composure. And once your mind is relaxed, you will inevitably find your physical wounds getting healed faster and better.

Deep Guided Meditation for Healing Script

Given below is a script of guided deep meditation for healing. You can utilize this script to practice this beneficial technique at home.

  • Find a comfortable place for yourself first and relax.
  • Breathe in and out.
  • Breathe out tension from your body and breathe in positivity.
  • Feel a tingling sensation of relaxation at the bottom of your feet and let yourself remain calm and focused.
  • Now begin experiencing that feeling of relaxation going up to the other parts of your body from your feet.
  • Imagine all your body parts getting relaxed one by one.
  • Once the feeling reaches your eyelids, your eyebrows will start feeling heavy, and you will feel a different level of serenity within yourself.
  • Your forehead feels absolutely cool now.
  • And now, your entire body is relaxed, and you feel positive from within.
  • Now all your muscles are relaxed, all tensions have gone from the mind and body, and you are absolutely at peace.
  • Imagine the air you are breathing in and out is all about relaxation and as you inhale and exhale, every corner of the room and everything around you is relaxed.
  • In case you notice any tension, let that relaxation flow to that area and relax your thoughts.
  • Once you are fully relaxed, imagine the part of your body which needs physical healing. It might be a long-term ailment or an injury. Focus on that part and imagine that the problem is now present in your head and not on that body part.
  • Now, imagine that air containing relaxation touches that part of your body and enlightens it. Imagine the pain going out of your body.
  • Steadily, you will feel the darkness surrounding that area getting lighter.
  • Imagine every cell in your body getting healed slowly and getting relaxed. Feel calm from within and make yourself at peace.
  • Inhale and exhale.
  • Breathe in and breathe out.
  • The breathing process is now absolutely normal and not forceful.
  • If you wish to fall asleep now, delve more into relaxation and get rid of all thoughts in your mind.
  • Now, count one, two, three, you will find yourself at your desired state of relaxation.

Quite striking and yet a lot intriguing, guided meditation for healing is undoubtedly something which each one of us should incorporate in our lives. It is something which will make our lives happier and fuller, without the tinges of tension and sorrows. Whether your body needs emotional healing or healing from physical pain or ailment, guided meditation practice for healing is your one-stop solution. Just get hold of a proper guide who is a master in this art, and there will be no looking back for you.

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