Does Ear Piercing Really Help You Lose Weight

ear piercing for weight loss

Piercing has been gaining popularity over other methods for weight loss in recent times. For, unlike other methods, piercing is relatively more straightforward and involves fewer complexities. However, ear piercing for weight loss can be more painful than an ordinary piercing. Also referred to as ear stapling helps in reducing hunger pangs, aids loss of appetite, and eventually leads to loss of weight.

The inspiration for ear stapling has been derived from the traditional technique of auricular acupuncture. In this procedure, needles are inserted at various points in the ear in order to boost overall health and reduce cravings. Furthermore, the technique has been used on cigarette and heroin addicts to help with their addiction.

In addition to kicking off the addiction, the technique has also successfully helped the addicts to drop some extra kilos. There have been several small studies conducted to link ear stapling with weight loss. One such study was conducted in Korea and was published in 2013. The study began with 91 participants who were to receive acupuncture either on the outer side of the ear at 5 different points or only at 1 point.

It was an 8-week long study and 24 participants opted out of the study before its completion. Therefore, the results of participants who stuck around for 8 weeks were analyzed. It was noticed that participants who had received acupuncture at 5 points, saw a drop in their body mass index by 6.1 percent. While the participants with acupuncture at only 1 point had lowered their BMI by 5.7 percent (1).

Did You Know?

  1. In Ayurveda, it is believed that nose piercings can effectively reduce the pain experienced by women during their menstrual cycle.
  2. It is widely believed that the nerves that connect the brain have to pass from the ear lobes. Hence, as soon as the child reaches the age of 3 or 4, his ears are pierced to boost the development of his brain.

What is Ear Piercing and What are its Effects?

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Ear stapling is the procedure that involves the insertion of small stainless-steel devices placed into the inner cartilage of the ear. The insertion is made at various points with a focus on various health benefits such as weight loss(2), bringing down the stress levels, kicking off addiction, and stress relief.

The piercing shows its effects by applying pressure on certain points of the ear. This pressure is translated into a message for the brain. Consequently, it starts giving you a feeling of fullness and eventually kills your hunger pangs and cravings for tobacco, sugar, and alcohol. Pressure on certain points also works as a stress reliever and a remedy for headaches.

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Interesting Facts about Ear Piercing

  1. Ear piercing has been a common practice. But, piercings on other parts of the body have also gained some popularity in recent times. However, despite the popularity, the number of people who have piercings in other places other than the ears is only 7%.
  2. Going without earrings can close the piercing. The healing process can take up to 6 months. During this time, not wearing earrings for more than 24 hours can close the piercing. If you have got cartilage piercing, keeping your earrings all the time is the only way you can stop the piercing from closing.

What is the Duration of the Effect?

Generally, the effect of ear piercing is seen to last for 2 to 4 months on average. However, this can vary from individual to individual. In most cases, reapplication is not needed since the body gets habituated to the balance and healthy habits in the first application.

On average, a reduction of 3 to 4 pounds a week is recorded in women as a result of the piercing. Whereas in men, the number climbs up to 5 pounds a week. People who follow a healthy diet and workout regularly have seen additional benefits in their weight loss process.

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How Does Ear Piercing for Weight Loss Work?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear has micro-systems and consists of pressure points. Once needles are inserted into these points, it soon starts curbing the appetite. Also, the metabolism receives a boost and problems such as overeating and binge eating are eliminated. Furthermore, the digestion is fastened, helping the body gain its nutrients as quickly as possible.

Ear piercing also releases endorphins into the body which soothes the nerves and helps you avoid stress-eating.  Endorphins help in lowering stress, anxiety(2), and frustration levels. The hormones and the digestive system benefit from the endorphins too. As a result, you shed those extra kilos and have a balanced hormone system.

How to Improve the Effects of Ear Piercing for Weight Loss?

Before the needle is inserted into the ear lobe, various points on the ear at stimulated. Then, a magnet or a bead is attached to these points which leads to improved results when the needles are finally inserted. If the patient feels an urge to eat during the process, he asked to press the magnet to kill his appetite.

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Once the process is over, the efficiency of ear piercing for weight loss can only be improved by eating a good diet and following a healthy lifestyle. Some breathing techniques and herbal remedies can also expedite the weight loss process.

Daith piercing for weight loss has been seen as an effective remedy to fight weight problems and in some cases, it has shown unbelievable results too , this piercing occurs on the innermost cartilage and helps in efficiently dealing with weight loss.  It can be your short-cut to shedding those extra kilos and reach your ideal weight quickly. Combine it with a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime and you will see results in no time.

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1. Can piercing your tragus paralyze you?

There is no chance that there is an opportunity for your body to be paralyzed due to a tragus piercing. The tragus piercing occurs on the tragus of the outer ear, hence it is to be noted that there aren’t any nerves on the surface that if damaged could cause paralysis.

2. Are tragus piercing for weight loss dangerous?

They aren’t super risky, however, they do tend to pose certain complications one when goes about with the procedure, as tragus is hard cartilage, if you were to contract an infection, it would be much harder to ward it off, than the other piercings. Also, there is a chance of hypertrophic scarring around your piercing, leaving a permanent mark that makes it hard to treat.


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