Daith Piercing for Anxiety: Does It Work?

Updated on March 5th, 2020
daith piercing for anxiety

Daith piercing, similar to acupuncture, heals the body by working on specific pressure points. It involves piercing which is done at the inward fold of the ears. Since its inception, Daith piercing for anxiety has received huge prominence as a natural remedy. The pressure is provided to the meridian, which is a ligament present inside the human ear.

The piercing works by triggering the vagus nerve, which travels from the brain to various organs in the body. The nerve is known to be responsible for regulating healthy mental health. It is the same nerve that is used in acupuncture therapy to treat anxiety and depression issues.

What is Daith Piercing?

Daith Piercing

A Daith piercing is a piercing style that is done on the smallest fold of your cartilage in the ear. It is done at the point where the external edge runs along the highest point of your ear connects with your inward ear, which is just over your ear trench.

Since it’s a little, curvy piece of the ligament, it can at times be challenging to penetrate, and once it’s done, changing adornments frequently seems sturdy. Further, it may take from a few weeks to months to heal the infected or pierced area.

Things to Consider Before Getting Daith Piercing For Anxiety

Few things you should be aware of before going for the ear piercing for anxiety(1) such as:

  • Side of piercing- It is an essential thing to decide the side of the ear for Daith piercing. If you want to treat stress, anxiety, and migraine, then you need to choose the side where you feel pain and get the piercing done on that side.
  • Appearance- You have to decide upon your look as it may change your physical appearance a bit.
  • Certified piercing center: Piercing needs to get done from the authorized or licensed shop and by the certified professional only.

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  • In case of an injury, it should be kept dry and should stay away from exercises such as swimming.
  • Avoid any direct contact of wounds with the shampoos, scents, and other cosmetic materials.
  • Change your bedspreads daily for better hygiene.
  • Avoid wearing any accessories, clothes, hats, or combing your hair, thus ensure the things well.
  • Use only light jewelry on the pierced area from around 6-8 months.
  • Don’t remove the jewelry often or better not to remove till your wound heals entirely.
  • Always sanitize your hands before touching the wound for cleaning or warm compression or so.
  • Use the cold compressors for the swelling, which may arise due to the same.
  • Clean the wound with saline solution to avoid any infection.

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After getting your Daith pierced, you need to follow the said instructions to keep away from infections your ear may get through the piercings. Below are some necessary guidelines:

  • You must clean your ear daily and keep it dry.
  • Use a homemade paste made up of turmeric and mustard oil to apply on the wound on a daily basis for natural healing.
  • Press a cotton ball soaked in saltwater against the piercing twice a day.
  • Regularly clean your ear to remove ear wax from accumulating around the wound.

Bottom Line

Daith piercing is one of the most famous bodies stylish modification options available today. As far as migraines and anxiety relief facts are concerned, the experts call the effect the same as the placebo effect.

It is because there is no medical evidence on the same. It was based on the fact that many people who suffer from such issues felt relieved after the piercing.

In the case, if you are inclined to specific health conditions like diabetes, immune system maladies, and hemophilia, then piercing can be dangerous for you. Thus, consult your doctor before.

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1. Is Daith Piercing One Type of Acupuncture?

Acupuncture, which is also known as needle therapy is an old therapy to treat various health issues. Further, it is believed that Daith piercings only work to ease out the anxiety symptoms, because the Daith piercing mechanism used in the same is quite similar to the acupuncture.

2. Does It Matter Which Side the Piercing is on?

The side of piercing also matters if you are explicitly getting an ear piercing for migraines and anxiety. Then make sure that it has to be done on the side on which you are experiencing pain.

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