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7 Best Natural Ways To Treat An Ear Piercing Infection

7 Best Natural Ways To Treat An Ear Piercing Infection

home remedies for ear piercing infection

Ear piercings look great but they are at times the cause of great concern if they are not done properly bringing forth infections that might get serious if proper treatment is not taken on time.

Most times, an infection in a piercing is caused due to the use of improper tools, using equipment that is not sterilized as well as when the equipment used, have been used by others as well.

Most of the time, the first sign of an infection is the redness around the pierced area as well as some amount of inflammation. Most times, this develops into a discharge or pus formation that is also painful to touch and might also sting or burn for a few days after the piercing has been done.

If the piercing is seen to give off heat when you touch the area, it is also an early indication that an infection is occurring.  The next stage of the infection would include occurrences of persistence fever as well as cold chills and in certain cases also nausea.

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It is highly crucial that an infected piercing is treated at the earliest by a certified practitioner. But there are also certain home remedies that you could follow in order to cure the infection.

1. Keep It Clean

Make sure to wash the piercing with antibacterial soap twice a day and to keep it clean and moisturized at all times. If you notice any crust formation, make sure to clean it with some saline solution.

Also, avoid applying anything that has peroxide or alcohol in it since that might result in drying the skin and in rare cases burning it too.[Home Remedies for Ear Infection]

2. Salt Water

Salt water might sting when you use it on the newly pierced area but it is also good at keeping any kind of bacteria and germs at bay.

3. Warm Compress

If there is any kind of inflammation in the infected area, make sure to apply a warm compress to it. This will help with the reduction of the pain as well as the swelling.

4. Avoid Irritation

Do not keep picking at the piercing or on the infected area and also make sure that there is no kind of friction or rubbing on the area. This will result in irritating the skin more and cause the infection to

5. Avoid Swimming

It is necessary that you avoid going into pools or other kinds of water bodies, as this might increase the infection from the bacteria that might be present in the water.

6. Hypo-Allergenic Jewelry

Make sure that you use jewelry that is hypo-allergenic in nature. It is advisable that if you are going for a piercing, you should wear jewelry that is either made of gold or silver as this will ensure that they do not cause allergic reactions to the raw skin.

Also, make sure to avoid nickel at all cost as it has been known to be the reason for various infections when used as jewelry after piercings.

7. Over-the-Counter Medication

If you find it necessary, you can always opt for an antiseptic cream for the infected area, that will help dry it out as well as help with reducing the infection.

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