5 Foods That Are Bad for Kidneys

Updated on May 26th, 2020
foods bad for kidneys

Kidney is one of the essential organs of the body responsible for filtering the waste of the blood through urine and plays a vital role in the proper and smooth functioning of the body. Changes in your diet can help cure the kidney disorders. You should take a kidney-friendly diet, which means you should avoid foods that are bad for your kidneys. The meal, which is low in potassium, phosphorus, and sodium, helps in improving the condition of your organs.


  • Chronic kidney disease means a damaged kidney, which gets worse with time if not taken proper diet and medication on time.
  • Over 30 million individuals in the U.S. are suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Foods Bad For Kidneys That Should Be Avoided

1. Whole-Wheat Bread

Whole-Wheat Bread

Why Should It Be Avoided?

If you are having kidney problems, then whole-wheat bread should be strictly avoided as it contains more amount of potassium and phosphorous(1), which can create issues for kidney patients.

Suggested Renal Diet?

The person on a renal diet should take bread made from white flour because it contains a low level of potassium and phosphorous as compared to whole-wheat bread. Sodium is present in all kinds of bread, whether white or whole-wheat, so the nutritional label should be checked, and renal patients should use low-level sodium-containing food.

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2. Bananas

Why Should It Be Avoided?

Banana is a fruit that is highly rich in potassium content and is low in sodium. One medium-sized banana provides you 422 mg of potassium if included in a daily diet, and it will be challenging to maintain 2000mg of potassium intake is included as a staple diet.

Suggested Renal Diet?

Potassium intake of a renal patient is limited to 2000mg per day, which can be challenging to maintain if you include banana in your daily diet. Hence banana is a harmful food for the kidney, and instead of it, you should consume kidney-friendly foods such as pineapple in the renal diet.

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3. Dairy

Dairy products

Why Should It Be Avoided?

One cup of milk, i.e., 8 ounces, provides 222mg of phosphorous and 349mg of potassium, which is a very high amount for a patient dealing with the Renal problem, which is responsible for weaker bones. Therefore it comes under the category of harmful foods for the kidney.

Suggested Renal Diet?

If you are on a renal diet instead of cow’s milk, you should opt for unenriched rice milk and almond milk, which contain a low amount of potassium, phosphorus, and protein and fulfills the requirement of milk for your body.

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4. Oranges And Orange Juice

Why Should They Be Avoided?

One large orange provides 333 mg of potassium, which is an extraordinary amount for a person affected with kidney disease(2). Therefore orange and orange juices should be avoided entirely because of the rich potassium content it provides to your body, which may be one of the harmful foods for kidney disease.

Suggested Renal Diet?

You should take an alternative of orange and orange juices in renal diets such as grapes, cranberries, and apples, and their juices are a good option for the person on the renal diet as it contains a low amount of potassium.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoe benefits

Why Should It Be Avoided?

Tomatoes are also highly rich in potassium, which is not suitable for renal patients. Therefore, one should avoid its intake and search for other options. One cup of tomato sauce is responsible for providing 900mg of potassium.

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Suggested Renal Diet?

Instead of consuming tomato sauce, roasted red pepper sauce can be an equally delicious and tasty option for the patient on a renal diet in which you should consume foods with low potassium.

Those who are suffering from any kidney issues should further avoid foods that can cause chronic kidney disease and result in severe kidney problems in the future.

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1. Can Kidney Disorder Or Disease Be Chronic?

Yes, if you are suffering from renal disease, and you are not receiving appropriate medication and diet, it can lead to severe conditions, and it can lead you to dreadful conditions.

2. Can Kidneys Be Transplanted?

There is a treatment available for kidney disease known as dialysis, which helps in filtering waste from the blood. Dialysis cannot completely cure the condition, so the last option is kidney transplant, which can be done depending on the situation of your disease.

3. Can High Blood Pressure Also Be a Cause of Kidney Disorders?

High blood pressure is a dangerous condition for a kidney disorder, which increases pressure on glomeruli, which are tiny blood vessels in the kidney where it cleans the blood, further making it chronic kidney disease.

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