Can Cocoa Butter Treat Sunburn?

Updated on November 18th, 2019

The important thing about sunburn is it needs immediate treatment. Sunburns are very painful. The Sunrays on the beaches are extremely strong and the UV rays damage your skin. Before you step out to the beach or go out for long hours in the sun, you must apply sunscreen, wear loose fitted clothes, apply an SPF based lip balm.

Everyone gets sunburnt once in their lifetime, but if you are frequently exposing yourself to the Sun without any protection, you will be prone to sunburns. This, in turn, will put you at a high risk of cancer, and other skin diseases.


  • Listed below are a few things about cocoa Butter you would have never heard of –
    • Cocoa butter is also excellent for hair care.
    • Cocoa butter has nothing to do with dairy or butter; it comes from cocoa beans.
    • It helps in controlling cholesterol levels.
    • Cocoa butter is edible as well.
    • The first to use Cocoa was the Olmec Indians of South America. It goes back to as old as 1500 BC.
    • It has a long shelf life of three to five years.
    • The Mayans and Aztecs in ancient times have used Cocoa as currency.

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Why Is Cocoa Butter Effective for Sunburn?

cocoa butter

Cocoa butter for sunburn(1) is beneficial for the following benefits –

  • Cocoa butter is very rich in antioxidants. Being an antioxidant, it fights the free radical damage caused by the sun and keeps the skin healthy and young.
  • Cocoa butter helps to reduce the inflammation caused by the burn and allows the skin to heal. It is anti-inflammatory.
  • Cocoa butter helps to reduce the scar caused by the peeling of the sunburnt skin.
  • Cocoa butter is a storehouse of fatty acids. This acts as an excellent moisturizer for the skin, as it helps to hydrate the skin. This, in turn, keeps the skin soft and supple.
  • It is rich in palmitic, oleic and stearic acids that help to nourish the skin.
  • It soothes down and cools your skin.

Methods to Use Cocoa Butter for Sunburn

Always use the purest version of cocoa butter for the best results.

1. Cocoa Butter Massage:

Take a bit of cocoa butter and slightly rub it in your palms. Apply this to the area which has been affected by the sun. This speeds up the process of healing.

Use this regularly as many times as needed until your skin gets better.

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2. Cocoa Butter Mixed with Vitamin E:

Take 2 tbsp of Cocoa butter(2) and slightly melt it. Extract the oil from a Vitamin E capsule and add to the melted cocoa butter. Apply it to the sunburnt area as a lotion.

Use this lotion twice daily to utilize the maximum benefits of cocoa buttercream for sunburn.

3. Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera Gel:

Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera Gel

We now know the ”good” cocoa butter does to the skin after a sunburn. Combining it with Aloe Vera adds more to its benefits.

Aloe Vera works as a moisturizer and is anti-bacterial. It cools down the skin, and that is a primary requirement after the skin gets burnt due to the sun.

Take 2 tbsp of Cocoa butter and use a double boiler to melt it. Add some aloe vera gel to it and pour it in an airtight bottle. Apply this as a moisturizer after a sunburn. This does the job of first aid on burnt skin.

4. Vitamin E and Coconut Oil:

Use a double boiler to melt Cocoa Butter and coconut oil.  Depending upon the area of the sunburn, take an appropriate quantity of the two ingredients.

Mix both of them in a clean bowl and apply directly or use a cotton ball to dab on the sunburnt skin. You can also add other essential oils, but always ensure to check if you are allergic to them.

5. Cocoa Butter and Cucumber Juice:

Peel of a cucumber and grate it to extract its juice. You can also use a blender to extract the juice. Take melted Cocoa Butter and mix it with cucumber juice. Apply it to the affected area.

Cucumber hydrates the skin because of its water content. It cools down the burnt skin and helps to prevent the peeling of the skin.

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6. Cocoa Butter and Other Ingredients:

Things you will need – 3 tbsp olive oil mixed with Calendula, 1 tsp coconut oil,1 tsp coconut butter,1 tp shea butter, three drops aloe vera gel,15 drops of lavender oil,1 tbsp of grated beeswax.

Method – First melt the butter, beeswax and oil using a double boiler. Keep the flame low and stir occasionally. As it liquifies, remove it from the heating source. Add the lavender oil and allow it cool. Add the aloe Vera gel. Store in a container. Apply as a cream regularly.


  • The first and foremost thing to do is seek medical attention in case of a severe sunburn.
  • Try to opt for natural products than chemically loaded creams.
  • Cocoa butter for sunburn gives you optimum results, but you must ensure you are not allergic to Cocoa Butter.
  • You must take the necessary steps to avoid a sunburn in the first place. The most important thing to do is to apply sunscreen.
  • If you experience an aggravation of symptoms, stop using it and rush to a doctor.

Enjoy the summers by protecting yourself with a simple natural ingredient using cocoa butter for sunburn. It heals your burns and protects the layers of the skin. Unlike “over the counter” ointments, this is 100 % natural and does not cause any damage to the skin. Use Cocoa butter for sunburn treatment, and you will seek other options to treat a sunburn.


1. Can I use Cocoa butter for sunburn as a sunscreen?

Although it does work as a sunscreen being a protective layer on your skin, it is more effective for sunburn.

2. How expensive Is using cocoa butter for sunburn?

It isn’t expensive at all. Readily available in most cosmetic or departmental stores, it comes at a very nominal price. However, it is best to use a natural form of cocoa butter than the one mixed with chemicals.

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