How to Remove Ear Wax with the Help of Hydrogen Peroxide

Updated on November 20th, 2019
Ear Wax

Ear wax is also known as cerumen- it is a protective barrier for the ear. This wax prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the ear. It is yellow and sticky in its appearance. The stickiness prevents any foreign material like insects or dirt from entering as it gets stuck in the outer ear.

Ear wax(1) is required, as the absence of it would cause flakiness, itching, and make you more prone to ear infections. Ear produces ear wax, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but at times if this self-cleaning wax gets accumulated, it can lead to bad odor, ear pain, and partial hearing loss. For quick and natural relief, you must try Hydrogen Peroxide for ear wax.

 How Does Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear Wax Affect?

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an antiseptic that is used to apply on cuts, bruises, and slight burns. It has been used to treat ear infections and clear ear wax as well. Usually, the ear produces enough wax to maintain good ear health, where the ear canal stays protected from dust, water, and infection.

Sometimes, the ear can produce more wax. It becomes a problem when it starts to block the ear canal passage, as it can have a direct impact on the eardrum. You can opt for several things when this happens, but hydrogen peroxide ear wax removal techniques can give you the best results.

Most ear wax removal techniques involve hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient. Hydrogen Peroxide causes the ear wax to come up like bubbles, and this breaks down the ear wax. An important thing to note is that it must be diluted.

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 Methods to Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear Wax

Know more about ear wax removal home remedy hydrogen peroxide(2).

Hydrogen peroxide can be very safe and user-friendly provided you use it the right way. So, if you are using Hydrogen Peroxide to treat your ear wax, follow this process.

What you would need

  • A bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • A clean eyedropper or syringe
  • A small towel

3% of the bottle’s volume is pure hydrogen peroxide; the remaining 97% is water.


  • Lie down with the ear facing upwards.
  • Take around 10 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide solution and pour it gently into your ear canal.
  • There would be popping and whizzing sound as soon as it enters the ear canal. It does fade away in some time.
  • Continue to lie down for five minutes.
  • Place the towel on the ear and sit up. Allow the liquid to drain out.
  • If the solution has done its job, you would see the ear wax come out too.
  • You can repeat this same procedure on the other ear if it is affected.
  • It is essential to repeat this procedure at least twice every day for a few days for the best results.

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 Do’s and Don’ts

Hydrogen peroxide must be used cautiously to avoid any side effects. Our ear is a very delicate organ, and no matter how safe a product is, there are certain dos and don’ts you have to follow.

  • Do not use Hydrogen Peroxide if you have a perforated eardrum.
  • Always do follow every instruction mentioned in the packaging.
  • Ensure to clean the eyedropper after every use.
  • Do not put outside objects like bobby pins, cotton buds in your ear all the time.
  • Do visit a doctor about the problem, if it persists.

Ear wax is formed in the outer third of the ear canal, and away from the eardrum. If it moves towards the eardrum, it was when the process to remove it has failed. If you use external objects like a cotton swab or napkin corners to clean it, it tends to push the ear wax back. Ear wax usually self-cleans and ordinarily outside help is not required for cleaning the wax.

Wax moves out on its own. However, be alert and if you experience symptoms(3) of pain, ear infections, hearing trouble, foul odor, a smelly discharge, in case of which, do rush to a doctor first as it can be solely due to accumulated ear wax.

A doctor can determine the best treatment plan. If you are safe enough with no major ear infection, hydrogen peroxide wax removal techniques are the best. It is hassle-free and beneficial.


1. Can I Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean My Ears?

Yes. You can. It is safe, but the necessary instructions must be followed.

 2. Does Hydrogen Peroxide Dissolve Ear Wax?

Yes. It does. Once you pour Hydrogen Peroxide into your ear, it starts to make fizzy and bubbly sounds.

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