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Updated on December 5th, 2019

ADHD is not an exotic mental disorder. It is prevalent in children and adolescents. When diagnosed by the DSM- IV criteria, the affected rate is 5-7%, and the percentage of affected children is 1-2% when diagnosed via the ICD- 10 criteria.In the year 2015, around 51.1 million people were found to be affected by ADHD globally.

Today, CBD Oil is known to be one of the most reliable treatments for this ailment. It is easily available in the market. Studies have shown that CBD Oil for ADHD is useful for curing the disorder. Regular use of CBD oil will be beneficial for curing ADHD.

Causes of ADHD:

  1. Nicotine
  2. Low birth weight
  3. Problems in nutrition like food additives
  4. Exposure to drugs
  5. Exposure to lead paint
  6. Consumption of alcohol by during pregnancy

Symptoms of ADHD

The symptoms of hyperactivity-impulsive ADHD are:

  1. Inability to sit still
  2. Fidgeting or squirming when seated
  3. Leaving seat in inappropriate situations
  4. Blurting out answers impatiently
  5. Extreme levels of impatience when waiting for their turn

The symptoms of inattentive ADHD are:

  1. Failing to pay attention to details
  2. Facing trouble in organizing tasks and activities
  3. Losing necessary things
  4. Troubles in holding attention on tasks
  5. Forgetting daily activities and requirements

CBD Oil for ADHD

Today the whole world is on a movement for shifting from chemical addictions to natural habits. Starting from food to medications, the world is showing an inclination towards the natural and organically prepared things. The things are no different when it comes to taking medications regularly for a disorder like ADHD. Here, CBD Oil comes to play.

The CBD Oil comes from the Cannabis sativa(1) plant commonly known as marijuana or cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is known for making people feel intoxicated. It is a reason why people usually avoid using CBD oil. The CBD Oil for ADHD is not psychoactive and does not cause any sensations of being high. CBD Oil is a blessing to humankind. It not only helps to treat ADHD but also has many other health benefits. Some of the exceptional health benefits of CBD oil are:

  1. It prevents cancer
  2. It contributes to curing acne
  3. CBD eases the depression trauma
  4. CBD enhances the neuroprotective capabilities
  5. It acts as an excellent pain reliever
  6. It helps in preventing addiction
  7. CBD has various hidden heart benefits
  8. It helps to reduce anxiety

Why CBD Oil for ADHD?

CBD Oil for ADHD

The general methods used to treat ADHD today are mostly chemical methods. These chemical methods may cause some unwanted side effects. Some of the side effects caused by the chemical medications are a severe headache, stomach ache, insomnia, stunted growth, decreased appetite, dry mouth, mood changes, irritation, nausea, heart problems and so on.

In comparison to the chemical methods, CBD Oil for ADHD is a safer treatment as it is a natural remedy. CBD is known to have a calming effect on the mood. Studies have shown that CBD Oil boosts the endocannabinoid system of the body and thus maintains mood regulation. It also helps improving appetite and skin health conditions.

Even though CBD Oil may cause some side effects, it is better than the chemical medications for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(2). The side effects of CBD oil are not very severe and can be cured easily.

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How to use CBD Oil for ADHD?

CBD oils are available for consumption in two types:

  1. Consuming the purest form of CBD oil in which the THC chemical is removed
  2. Consuming CBD oil with the THC compound. By using this effective combination, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of both the chemical compounds.

For the patients affected by ADHD, using CBD with THC is not recommended. It is so as it may increase the troubles of ADHD. Using CBD with the TCH compound may exacerbate some of the significant symptoms like difficulty in concentrating and impatience. It may also have some long-term side effects on the patient’s body.

The CBD Oil must be consumed in the right amounts which are decided by the following factors:

  1. Age
  2. Body type
  3. Type of ADHD (hyperactive-impulsive or inattentive or both)

Ingesting CBD Oil is regarded as the best way to address the symptoms of ADHD. There are various ways in which you can consume CBD Oil orally, such as: –

  • Put a few drops of the CBD Oil under your tongue with a dropper.
  • Consume CBD Oil capsules that are available with organic pharmacies.
  • Add a few drops of the CBD Oil to green tea and then drinking it slowly.
  • Add a few drops of CBD Oil to a vaporizer and inhale the vapours for immediate effect.

After you know your dosage, more than half of your task is done. Head towards the organic medical store and get the CBD Oil for ADHD prescribed for you. Follow the instructions of dosage provided by the health care professional and make sure you strictly follow those. Use the oil regularly for useful and desired results.

Dos and Don’ts

The fact that CBD Oil is organic and is naturally prepared does not come with the guarantee that it can be used without any prescription and any side effects. A health care expert must be consulted before the CBD Oil can be used for curing ADHD.

The CBD Oil works inside the body and is thus consumed. Since it has to be consumed, consulting a health care expert before using it very important. Your health care expert will help you determine if CBD Oil is suitable for your body.


Like every other natural remedy, the CBD Oil for ADHD also comes with a set of precautions which must be taken care of before the oil is consumed. Here are some of those precautions:

  1. The body may be allergic to the CBD Oil. Make sure you consult a health care expert for determining your allergen information so that CBD Oil may not be allergic for you.
  2. Never consume the CBD Oil in improper amounts. If it is consumed in excess or fewer amounts, it can be harmful to the body. It would also increase the troubles of ADHD.
  3. Make sure you inform your health care professional if you are under any other type of medication other than the ADHD medications. The CBL oil dosage is decided to take into consideration all such factors.
  4. Use CBD Oil regularly. Make sure that you do not miss a dosage. Irregularity in its use will neither give you the desired results nor make the affected patient’s condition nay better.
  5. Dilute the CBD Oil if the health care expert recommends doing so. Make sure you dilute the oil as per the prescribed amounts. The dilution ratio plays an essential role in the oil’s effectiveness.
  6. Pregnant women, teenagers, and kids must be taken special care when affected by ADHD. They must consult the health care expert before taking any medication. It is so as their body is less immune as compared to the adults and a little change may affect their body hugely.

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Other Home Remedies for ADHD

Cure ADHD with Home Remedies

In addition to using CBD Oil for ADHD, you can also use the following remedies: –

  1. Try and incorporate Yoga into your daily routine. Practice light yoga exercises for half an hour every day for improvement in the condition. Yoga helps with improving concentration and focus and also helps in easy breathing
  2. If you or the other person who is suffering from ADHD is suffering from an allergy, try to avoid the allergen as much as possible. Also, do make sure that you have you always carry your anti-allergens on you.
  3. Avoid using food-coloring or preservatives while cooking food at home. Try using natural replacements.

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Precautions for ADHD:

  1. Avoid eating food coloring and preservatives. It is present in almost all food items that are prepared in the restaurants and street food stalls. So, try to avoid outside junk food.
  2. Avoid potential allergens. There are many food items through which the microbes that trigger ADHD may enter your body. Try to avoid these foods as much as possible.

ADHD is a severe disorder that requires proper care and management on your part. Medications are only known to control the symptoms and do not provide any effective cure for ADHD. By using CBD Oil for ADHD, you can effectively control its symptom and get rid of the root cause of the ailment. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is essential to ensure that your body has a natural resistance against such conditions.

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