Carrots for Diabetes: Myth Busted!

Updated on November 22nd, 2019
Carrots for Diabetes

Carrots are a need in almost every household, on a daily basis. It’s amazing how carrots fit into a variety of dishes. They are full of nutrients and have lots of health benefits. They have a naturally sweet taste and that is why diabetics are advised to stay away from it. However, does it hold any truth?

According to the Glycemic index, a popular tool used mostly by diabetologists. This GI tool compares the glucose value of any food to that of pure glucose. The more the glucose content value, the less it should be consumed.

The value for pure glucose is set at 100. The GI for carrot is 41, which gives it a thumbs up for diabetics to eat it. So eating a carrot for diabetes isn’t a bad choice after all!

Benefits of Carrots for Diabetes

Benefits of Carrots

Nutrient Value: Carrots have amazing nutrient contents, which is suitable for people with high glucose levels. They are perfectly loaded with fiber, carbohydrates(1), vitamin A and vitamin K which makes it a perfect choice for diabetics.

Additionally, they also contain just the right amount of calories your body needs. Alternatively, it is noticed that eating raw carrot also increases your daily intake of potassium and minerals.

  • Taste: It tastes naturally sweet, and that is why can be safely eaten by diabetics to satisfy their sweet cravings up to some levels.
  • Can be eaten raw or cooked: Eating raw carrot is just as safe as is eating it cooked. Both benefit accordingly.
  • Easy to include in any dishes: Carrots for diabetes is a great deal as it can be used in a lot of dishes. As a complimentary dish or the hero of the dish, carrots never fail to satisfy the taste buds.

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How to Use Carrots for Diabetes

carrot juice

The most easy and basic way to start using carrots for diabetes in your diet is by making a juice which has ingredients that help control the blood glucose levels. Here’s get carrot juice recipe(2) for diabetes patients. It is sweet, loaded with nutrients and rejuvenating.


  1. Take freshly cut pieces of carrot and green apple in a mixer juicer.
  2. Add a couple of small ginger sticks and some cinnamon to it.
  3. Pour some water to reduce the juice thickening, and squeeze some lemon into it.
  4. Grind these ingredients until you achieve a medium-thick consistency of a juice. You may add extra water if you feel that it is too thick for your taste.
  5. Your delicious smoothie is ready!

Talking about diabetes and the regulations related to maintaining it, there are a lot of myths surfaced around it.

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These myths keep increasing with this disease, like an epidemic. Just like the myth related to carrots for diabetes, some very common myths are listed below.

  1.  People with diabetes can’t have sugar: Wrong. There is no food item that is completely needed to be avoided by diabetics. It is advised to eat everything in appropriate amounts, to maintain a balance in the body.
  2. Diabetics need to follow an extremely low-carb diet: Wrong. As mentioned above, all nutrients are needed by the body, in proper amounts.
  3. Diabetics can’t eat fruits that are “too sweet”: Wrong. Though some fruits are sweeter than others, it doesn’t mean that they should be avoided. The amount of carbs eaten at a time is more relevant than the source from which they are obtained. Fruit can be eaten as long as it contains less than 15 grams of carbs.

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1. Is Carrot Good for Diabetes?

Ans. Yes. Avoiding carrots because they taste sweet, is a myth. Carrots are immensely helpful in controlling blood sugar levels as they contain a lot of fiber in them. So carrots for diabetes is a safe choice.

2. How Many Carrots Can I Eat at a Time?

Ans. A carrot on an average contains 4 grams of carbs, but it is low on the Glycemic load value. So, it would raise your sugar but not shoot it up instantly. About 15 grams of carbohydrates at a time is safe to consume for diabetics.

Carrots are essentially helpful in diabetes. They are easy to include them in your regular diet, are cheap and are available almost throughout the year.

A food item like that must be taken advantage of by all diabetics out there. Carrots for diabetes are a healthy dietary supplement. All in all, diabetes is a disease which is not to be taken for granted.

Proper care and maintenance of diet, health, and weight should be taken. Instead of avoiding food items or ingredients off, all kinds of food must be eaten in small, adequate amounts to achieve the best results.

Every advice given related to diabetes maintenance should be studied and not blindly followed. Foods that are beneficial must be eaten more, like a carrot for diabetes.

Remember, when all the right things, best for your body are practiced, your body won’t fail you.

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